How Non-Working Mothers Can Add Value to Their Lives? Things Mothers Should Do

A mother goes through different phases in her life. From being an independent working professional, she leaves her job suddenly and is home bound for first two months when she gives birth to a baby. Those two months are quite tough. She goes through hormonal changes, emotional upheaval and taking care of a baby for the first time. However much she has determined to begin the job after the job, she is in two minds as to how to leave the baby and go. While some mothers do not have any other option, others change their mind and decide to be at home with the kid and concentrate on upbringing. After two-three years, she decides to begin schooling for the kid and focus on her career again. But what’s this? Industry is not that welcoming as it seemed to be. After trying for six months to a year, she decides to become a pre-school teacher or resume studies. Some even opt for trying their hands on entrepreneurship.

This is not my story as I have been writing all through the trying times. But I have come across many such new-age mothers who are not able to live their dream of balancing work and family together. What to do when your kid leaves for school? What to do when your kid grows up and leaves for studies to a different city or a country? Here are some ideas that will help you cope up with the situation and how to add value to your personality.

Your Hobbies Should Never Take a Pause

I have seen many a times that ladies forget their hobbies or simply stop them, when they find that they are pregnant. Yes, you are pregnant, that’s a great thing. But it does not mean that you should stop being yourself. Keep yourselves occupied by indulging in a hobby. So, when at a later stage, nothing seems to work, your hobby would keep you company. Even when the baby arrives, take some time out for your hobby. When the baby grows up and leaves for school, you can turn your hobby into a profession or team it up with some other work as well.

Try to Earn Something, Even If the Amount is Minimal

Yes, your husband is quite supportive and has been earning well. However, you need to stay independent and that will make you a confident woman. Confidence is quite important for mothers as they are role models for their kids. Search for work-from-home or go out and work to earn something. This will motivate you and even contribute to your personality. You can be a teacher, you can make something at home and sell, or you can be a consultant or a full-time working professional. Do not be available for your kid 24×7. Let your kid know that you have a life beyond home and family as well.

Learn A New thing, Skill Or A Course

Now that you are free, you can learn something new. Find out something that you always wanted to do. Or try out something new. Overcome your fears and drive on a new road. You can learn swimming, driving, singing, playing instruments, dance, pottery, drawing or anything and everything. Be a kid again and try your hands on things that you were not able to do as a kid. You would love this and your family would also gain something out of your new learnt skills.

Make New Friends, Start Fresh Conversations

By this, I do not mean that go on a hunting spree for new friends and leave the ones that you already have. I mean to say that you need to open up to strangers and talk to them. Connect with other mothers and learn how they spend their time. Visit places that you were not able to with your kids. Keep a tab on the exhibitions, trade shows and events that are happening in your locality and city. Even if it means travelling a lot, do that. Take public transport for long routes. It helps you ponder, contemplate and observe people and places better.

Prepare An Event Calendar

You might think that there is no use of event calendar as you do not have much to do. However, the moment you make a calendar, you would be tempted to fill that up. You would scout for opportunities that can sizzle up your calendar. If your kids are younger, make space for some play dates for them. If your kids are teenagers, schedule some family meetings where your kids could meet the extended family.

Plan Get-Together With Groups

You might have a friend from school, a friend who stays in the same apartment as you, a friend from your kid’s school and so on and so forth. Invite different friends over to your place. Even if it is just two of you, plan something interesting. For instance, you can keep a theme wherein both of you wear similar clothes and prepare similar dishes for potluck. Play fun games and involve your kids too if they are willing to.

Watch Interesting Content

With the influx of Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, lots of interesting content is available to watch. Start watching a web-series that matches your interest or watch short movies that have been appreciated around the globe. To make it different and slightly tough, try to watch movies in other languages without subtitles. This way, you can understand the emotions and appreciate cinematography as well.

Work Out to Stay Fit

Irrespective what your scale says, no matter whether you are thin or fat, it is necessary that you work out to stay fit and healthy. Working out not only keeps you physically fit but keeps you mentally alert as well. Those who work out regularly do not suffer from depression, anxiety or blues frequently. Find out a workout buddy and get going, girl.

Work Out Your Mind As Well

You might not be aware that your mind too requires exercise. For these, you need to play mind games. Learn to solve Sudoku, kakuro, Hittori, crossword, brain puzzles, etc. Mind Games are very helpful to keep you alert and sharp. People who play mind games do not suffer from memory issues as well. If you are not aware of mind games, get a basic book for beginners from a book store near you. It is better that you play such games in a book or newspaper, basically offline, rather than online.

Go On Trips Alone Or With Friends

Yes, trips are a fun thing to do. When you explore places other than your city, you learn about different cultures, nature and environment. Above all, you learn about surviving in different settings. Ask your friends to accompany you, find out groups on Facebook that plan such trips, plan something out with your family or just take a solo trip. When you plan to take a solo trip, keep your safety in mind.

Start Reading A Book

Whether or not you are a voracious reader, you can always start reading a book. Books transport you to a different world altogether. Depending upon the book, you will learn about something – be it emotions, skills, survival or the inspiration to live your life to the fullest. Choose your books carefully. You can check the Google reviews and ratings before beginning a book.

Begin A Club Or An Initiative

Depending upon your hobby, you can start a reading club, storytelling club, sports club or anything that seems good to you. It doesn’t matter how many members your club has. What matters is that you meet regularly and make your initiative a success. If you want to do something for the society, begin a charitable initiative wherein you teach deprived kids, take senior citizens to a picnic or something like that. You can even do something for the environment – a green initiative wherein you ask people to ban the use of poly bags.

Above All This

No matter whatever be your day like, every day you need to:

  1. Laugh a lot
  2. Eat good food
  3. Stretch and Exercise
  4. Read the newspaper
  5. Meet a friend
  6. Compliment a stranger
  7. Compliment your own self

There are no set formula to live life well. When you find others doing something good, instead of being jealous or feeling insecurity, ask them if you can join them. Just because you are a mother now, it does not mean that you do not have a life of your own. Keep yourselves busy. Live your life to the fullest. Learn how to balance motherhood, family and your interests. Happiness to you!

Lose Belly Fat Fast With These 10 Super Simple Everyday Lifestyle Changes

Lose Belly Fat Fast With These 10 Super Simple Everyday Lifestyle Changes

Lose Belly Fat Fast With These 10 Super Simple Everyday Lifestyle Changes

While Neena blamed pregnancy for the belly fat, there are many other factors that are all the more responsible. And some of these factors are related to a disorderly lifestyle. While this post is meant for all the people who have a belly that they think can accommodate a football, women and especially moms may find frequent mentions in examples.

So, what is your ‘normal’ day like? Are you of those types who tread their weight-loss path carefully or of that kind who just yaks about losing weight but does not want to do much? If you are of the second type, this post might be quite useful to you.

While trying to lose weight, especially that stubborn fat around the belly, we tend to overlook our lifestyle. Often, we make mistakes that are hard to realize. Herein you will find easy to forego mistakes that will make your belly fat vanish gradually. So, put on your seatbelts and get ready to know about Super Simple Lifestyle Changes that will make you get rid of excess belly fat in some days.

1. Fiber, Fiber, and Fiber it is

You might be dieting and controlling portions, however, one thing that becomes a barrier in losing fat is not enough of fiber in your food. Stock up on fiber and you will notice a difference. The role of fiber is to absorb all the water that you drink. This makes you feel fuller for a longer period. Make a chart of fiber-rich foods. Ensure that you consume these foods on a regular basis. Do not skip on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to get rid of your muffin top.

2. Bidding goodbye to Stress Can Really Help

If you are stressed about your weight just like Neena (mentioned in the example) is, then you might not be able to lose pounds at all. If you are wondering why then stress has been termed as one of the reasons of protruding bellies in the modern age. There are a set of people who tend to eat more when they are stressed. This is because stress increases their appetite and the food consumed finds its way to the belly. And sadly, the bigger your waist, the higher are the chances of stress-related binging. The easiest way out of this trap is to never let stress settle down in your mind. Indulge in hobbies, exercise regularly and stay happy.

3. The More Protein in Your Diet, the Better You Are

“Protein, Protein in my diet, make me the thinnest of all”! If only, the protein had ears. But it certainly has the capability to make you lose some pounds. Protein in your diet can actually make you feel fuller for a longer period. This curbs untimely hunger pangs and prevents you from snacking. Further, protein-rich diets reduce your appetite as well, which is again a win-win situation. That is the reason that gym-goers are asked to stock protein. This is because protein not only reduces belly fat but also increases your metabolism (quite important, eh). On top of that, protein does not make your body lose the muscle mass as well. Wait, I am not done yet. Make sure that the protein you chose is of higher quality like nuts, dairy, whey protein, etc.

4. Are You Aware of the Monster ‘Trans Fat’

Before you leap to keep that packet of your favorite chips in your supermarket trolley, I want to tell you something. You need to learn to read the nutrition labels on packaged foods. Trans Fat is one of the biggest monsters that have been draining the effects of all the exercise that you have been doing for your beloved tummy. Further, you might even end up with heart ailments and inflammation by consuming foods laden with Trans Fat. Replace Trans Fat with monounsaturated fat and chance are that you might fit in your old denim. Psst! Trans Fat have another name as well – partially hydrogenated fats, so that you know what to look for on packets.

5. Sugar, Sugar in My coffee, Please Let Me Be

If you want my advice, then stick a sticky note on your sugar container that exclaims ‘NO’ in capital letters. Sugar might be one of the reasons that your belly is not buzzing even after tons of sweat that you lose through exercise. This is because sugar that you consume pleases your tongue and teases your belly. Even after ‘notice to vacate’ by your tummy, the sugar refuses to leave it. So better beware of consuming sugar next time, especially the processed ones. Also, make sure that you are not consuming sugar by any other name like fructose, maltose, etc. on packaged foods. Read the post – Super simple ways to cut sugar from your diet.

6. What?! Alcohol Leads to Weight Gain?

Yes, it certainly does. I hope you are not one of those who is replacing meals with alcohol just so that they can lose weight. Alcohol has a favorite corner of your body. It tends to settle down in your belly for good, just like a permanent tenant. No wonders that you were blaming your gym instructor for not helping you lose some inches around your waist.

7. One, Two, Three, Four, it’s Time to Hit the Floor

I agree that this post was meant to make you lose fat the easier way. But, I do not think that exercising is tough. It is quite easy and interesting if you chose the right workout at home. Play your favorite numbers and get ready to burn out the fat. One of the interesting cardio workouts is aerobics and it will support your ‘burn belly fat’ mission for sure.

8. Chew, Chew, Chew your Food

Even after consuming a high-protein diet and exercising regularly, if your belly fat does not want to give you a farewell, then chances are that the food that you are consuming is not being chewed properly. Chewing every morsel slowly and gradually lets you enjoy the food. People who eat faster gain weight quickly. Also, when you eat mindfully, then you tend to feel fuller for a longer period as well. Read the post – Why chewing food properly is important for good health?

9. Let People Nickname You ‘Sleeping Beauty’

For this, you need to sleep more. And by more, I do not mean that you spend the greater part of your day dozing off. I just mean that sleep, weight, and stress are cousins. If you are stressed, you will not enjoy a good night’s sleep and resultantly, you will invite a bigger belly to be part of your life. Undisturbed sleep at regular intervals can help you lose some inches around your waist, claims some researchers.

10. Drink this and Enter into Bliss

And the bliss that I am talking about is fitting into that old waistcoat of yours. Three things that you need to drink regularly to get rid of excess abdominal fat – Water, Green Tea, and Apple Cider Vinegar. A glass of water regularly, a cup of green tea and a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar might change the way you look at your belly. Water keeps you hydrated and even prevents mindless snacking. Sometimes, what your body needs is water but your taste buds need a packet of wafers. So, listen to your body and keep drinking water. However, you should not drink fruit juices and sugary drinks to replenish the need for hydration in your body. They tend to make you gain weight. There are chances that you will smile every time you see the flatter version of your own self when you follow this advice.

What More Can You Do!

Try fasting. There are several types of fasting that people observe to lose the belly fat. You can fast for 12 – 16 hours daily. The other way round is to begin eating and finish it off at the same time regularly. Take, for example, you have breakfast at 8 in the morning then have your dinner at 8 in the night. You can try sleeping only after 2-3 hours of your last meal – this helps too. Further, you need to keep a track of everything that you eat and drink, meaning you maintain a food journal. This prevents cheating as well.

This Needs to Be Done All Together

You need to follow all the above points to get rid of abdominal fat. If you just diet and do not plan to exercise, then it will not help. If you drink water and also fruit juices, then chances are that your belly fat might want to stay with you for a longer period. Hence, change your entire lifestyle to bid farewell to your belly fat and not welcome it again. Happy bellying!

Big Skincare Mistakes to Avoid – Before, During and After Workout

Post Workout Skincare Mistakes

“Heyya, Gurl!!! You have lost much yaa!!!” announced Siva.

“Thank you, but my skin is facing many problems and I think it is somehow related to my workout sessions” replied a worried Reya.

While one of the benefits of workout is a beaming skin, it might even lead to problems. This is because in a bid to lose weight, we avoid taking care of our skin and the result is the breakout. Do not worry; I will not be explaining some rocket science in this post. Just a few tweaks here and there in your routine will ensure that you and your skin both look fabulous.

Pre-Workout Skincare Mistakes

You are all pepped up to burn a lot of calories today. You wear the right outfit and carry a sipper, homemade energy bars, a mandatory towel and everything required in your gym bag. However, you are forgetting something – your skincare routine. What should all mistakes you avoid before working out for maintaining a healthy skin?

Applying Make-up

Today, you will be hitting work straight from the gym. So, you apply some make-up to save time later. However, you are making a Big Mistake here. Make-up and workout are not the best buddies. Plus, you do not need to look your best at the gym. Before you begin the workout, make sure to remove all the makeup including foundation. During the workout, skin sweats a lot and make-up products block the pores on your skin. And as a result, your skin is not able to breathe.

Not Cleaning Your Face

You need to wash your face mandatorily before hitting the workout. In your daily routine, your skin attracts pollutants, dust, grime, etc. from all around the environment. When you do not clean your face before working out, these pollutants happily get married to the sweat you lose. And I am sure that you will not approve of such an alliance. Hence, make sure that your skin starts breathing way before you begin a workout session.

Forgetting Sunscreen

If your gym is at a distant and you will need to travel for the same then make sunscreen your travel buddy. Apply a light sunscreen before heading out to the gym as it will protect your skin from blemishes and tanning. Here you need to make sure that your sunscreen lotion is light and allows your skin to breathe.

Spraying Antiperspirant

This is another enemy of your skin during a workout. Many people use antiperspirant or roll-on or even spray to avoid embarrassment at the gym. However, all these products are laden with harmful chemicals that might ruin your skin in your bid to save humiliation during the workout. Your body releases toxins through the medium of sweat while you exercise. However, these antiperspirant products do not allow your body to perspire and the toxins remain trapped beneath your skin. This might result in skin problems of different kinds. However, I know you want to feel good even for your own self during workout sessions. For this, instead of synthetic ingredients, opt for simple and organic fragrances or even essential oils.

Opting for a Wrong Hairdo

You cannot keep them open nor you can hold them tight – your hair needs to be taken care of before a workout session. I am able to focus on workout only when I make a tight high bun. However, hair experts are against this. It might result in problems while doing floor exercises. There are some who prefer keeping their hair open for a workout. However, hanging hair on your face can cause skin problems later. Go for a simple ponytail or even a braid. This helps keep your hair from falling on the face and even bacterial infections at bay. You can even opt for bandanas or snag-free hair control bands.

Skincare Mistakes During Workout

Skincare Mistakes During Workout

It is easy to prevent committing mistakes before heading for a workout session. However, it is difficult to avoid those that you commit during a workout. This is because we get so lost in our sessions that we do not realize our wrong habits. And the biggest mistake is wiping off the sweat the wrong way. Sweat lost during a workout should be deposited in a safe place rather than the sleeves of your gym outfit.

Touching Your Face Frequently

It’s quite alluring to touch the face during the workout. Quite engrossed to lose some sweat, we do it unknowingly. However, this might be a mistake that you are committing. Wiping those little drops of sweat using your hands is a big no-no. You cannot do that. Yes, it is understandable that sweating makes you itch. But, use a towel for that. Your hands will not make any difference. Plus, your hands are dirty too after touching those machines. The dirt on your hands gets mixed up with sweat on your face and creates havoc.

Using a Wrong Towel

Yes, you need to use a towel to wipe off that sweat. However, choose a towel carefully. Using a wrong towel might be harsh on your skin or even result in problems. Also, keep a face towel separate from that of the body. Further, do not rub towel vigorously on your skin. Just pat dry the sweat. This is because workout opens up the pores on your skin and rubbing them might result in a breakout. Choose an antimicrobial and antibacterial towel. It needs to be soft and gentle on your skin. Further, the towel needs to be extra absorbent. Always go for cotton fabric or a microfiber one. Make sure that towels are washed daily. Use a fresh towel every time.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Staying hydrated is mandatory during a workout session. It benefits not only your body but also your skin in several ways. You lose sweat during exercise and this lost water needs to be replenished to keep your skin glowing. You will not fall prey to skin problems if you stay hydrated throughout the session.

Post Workout Skincare Mistakes

Post Workout Skincare Mistakes

The workout comes to an end. You smile and feel good about losing so many calories in a single session. However, are you not worried about your sweaty skin now? These mistakes mentioned below might land your skin in trouble. Stay away from them.

Not Washing Your Face

HA! What! Who does not wash his face post a workout? Fool or what? But guys, this is true. Many folks skip washing their face altogether or delay the process. And there are some who do wash their face but do not know how to wash it properly. You need to wash your face immediately post exercise. Hence, make sure that you chose a good face wash and not soap for washing your face. The face-wash needs to moisturize your skin and balance the pH levels. It should not be very harsh or not gentle either. If your gym does not have a wash area, carry facial wipes with you to clean your face after a workout.

Using High-end Products

Right after the workout, your skin is quite sensitive. This is due to loss of sweat and also because of open pores. Hence, it is required that you do not apply strong products on your face afterward. You can use such product when you hit the bed at night, however. Treat your skin gently post workout.

Exfoliating Your Skin

Your skin is already tired after a workout. Exercises that you did were not done by your body alone but your humble skin supported your bones and muscles throughout the session. Hence, do not be harsh on your skin after working out. Your skin is quite vulnerable post a workout and it might break out in irritation if you exfoliate. If you desire, scrub your skin before a workout to prevent clogging of pores during your sweaty workout sessions. Always choose natural exfoliators for your skin. They are not only gentle but helps remove dead skin without any problems.

Shampooing After Every Session

So you washed them again today given that they were sweaty and messy. Washing hair post workout is pretty enticing but guys, stay away from this allure. The more you shampoo the more you lose the natural oils present in your scalp and hair. Make use of dry shampoo if you may. It helps in absorbing the sweat together with dirt. It even helps maintain the natural oils. You can even opt for cleansing conditioners available these days. They do not only clean but also balance oils.

Are you ready for the workout? Yes.

Is your skin ready for the workout? Now, it definitely is.

Exercising is very good for your health. Whether you are thin, fat or malnourished, right exercise will definitely make you feel better. However, if you do not care for your skin at the time of exercise, you might be damaging it gradually. Hence, make sure that you consult a skin expert if you are facing any skin problems lately because of the workout. Happy and healthy skin to you!

5 Simple Ways to Build Strong Bones in Kids – Importance of Bone Health in Early Years

5 Simple Ways to Build Strong Bones in Kids

5 Simple Ways to Build Strong Bones in Kids

Kim’s two years old recently fell down from a chair. To her surprise and dismay, her daughter suffered a fracture due to this. Kim thought that the fall was not that drastic that one suffers from a fracture. However, the doctor made her realize that the fracture was the result of not just the fall but also her fragile bones. The doctor then advised her to build better bones of her toddler so that she does not fall trap to bone ailments like osteoporosis later in life.

As parents, we are always worried about the health of our kids. We wish that our kids never fall ill. In fact, a single scratch on their wrists while playing can move us. As kids, our diet used to be quite healthy because of many reasons. However, in this age of exposure to junk food, we want to make sure that our kids’ diet is wholesome – all this for a healthy body and even strong bones. I had read an article on the internet – the habits that we inculcate in our kids at an early age last for their entire life. The best time to build strong and healthy bones of our kids is NOW – their childhood. Strong bones are a result of good food and exercise. However, they are influenced by genetics as well.

Fast Fact: Most of the bone density is built during the phase of childhood and teenage.

You might be aware that our hair and skin are tissues and they constantly grow and shed down. Just like them, even bones are living tissues. Bones, too, are built on a constant basis. They broke down and build up regularly. But, childhood and teenage are the phases when most of the bone density has been built. The process is at its peak when a person nears twenty years of age. After this, the cycle of bone development slows down considerably. And as a person ages, bones get weaker. Hence, it is necessary that as parents you concentrate on building bones of your children.

5 Most Important Steps for Bone Building in Kids

1. Calcium is Important, Dairy is Not

When you think of bones, the first word that pops into your mind is calcium. It is important that your kid gets a healthy dose of calcium on an everyday basis as the body loses calcium daily. It is necessary that levels of calcium are replenished to ensure strong bones. For many parents in Asia and abroad, Calcium equivalents milk. While to some extent this holds true, I do not support milk completely. In fact, I am not dependent on milk for calcium needs of my toddler. Apart from dairy products, calcium is present in beans, some of the nuts and even leafy green vegetables. Nowadays, calcium is also present in fortified products like orange juice and some cereals.

Good sources of calcium for your kid are greens. With so many choices of green leafy veggies available, you will never run out of options for your baby. So, you can begin with mustard greens and continue with broccoli, collards, turnip greens, Brussels sprouts, kale and so on and so forth. The reason greens are suggested for calcium replenishment is these are loaded with calcium that is highly absorbable. Plus, they even make up for other nutrients required for your kids’ health. The downside is that the calcium per serving in these is low but calcium per calorie is quite high – meaning, the calcium these contain is absorbed quite quickly.

Even beans are brimming with calcium. Include chickpeas in your kid’s diet. The beauty of beans is that they are available in so many forms – flour, roasted, baked, etc. Calcium from beans too is easily absorbable. Tofu is quite good for bone health in early years. With a variety of options for calcium enriched food, your kids will not get bored of the same type. To ensure that your kid is getting a calcium-rich diet, list down his dietary habits and meals. Find out whether the amount of calcium that your toddler gets from the present diet is enough. You can then consult your pediatrician if need be.

Fast Fact: Bones are composed of 50% solid matter while the rest 50% is water.

2. Do Not Skip Vitamin D

The easily available source of Vitamin D is sunlight. It is free and within your reach. The best thing about this source is that it is to be absorbed by the skin, without any hassles. Vitamin D is quite important for bone health. The role of this vitamin is to control the use of calcium in the body. Deficiency of Vitamin D in kids can lead to several bone-related ailments like Rickets. In case if there is no sunlight available in the area where you live, you can take Vitamin D supplements on the advice of your health provider. Nowadays, you can even find Vitamin D fortified food products in the supermarkets. Take for instance, breakfast cereals, yogurt, soy beverages, margarine, orange juice, etc.

A note of caution though – too much of Vitamin D can lead to problems as well. Hence, it is advisable to get in touch with your healthcare provider for guidance.

3. Important Nutrients

When one thinks of bone health, the first two things that come to mind are Calcium and Vitamin D, in the same order. However, the lesser known nutrients that are essential for strong bones are Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium as well. They are present in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods and can be easily consumed.

Include foods like Kale, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens, Swiss chard, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsley, Soy products, beans and others to fill up on Vitamin K. It is necessary for strengthening bones by making up for required protein.

Vitamin C is readily available in citrus fruits like lemon and orange, guava, red pepper, kiwi, strawberry, tomato, black currant, papaya, etc. It is responsible for the formation of collagen and normal bone development.

Magnesium is responsible for regulating parathyroid hormone that prevents the breakdown of bone in several ways. Stock up on spinach, dark chocolate, almonds, Swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, beans, green leafy veggies to make sure that level of magnesium is balanced in your body.

If you desire to pump up potassium in your body, then the good sources are avocado, sweet potato, dried apricot, coconut water, banana, pomegranate, and others. Potassium maintains the bone mineral density in kids. It even helps in neutralizing the acids in the body that lead to loss of calcium.

Fast Fact: A human body is born with 300 bones but eventually ends up with 206. This is because bones fuse together as a person grows.

4. Role of Exercise

Exercise is quite important for good bone health. It does not only make muscles stronger and help reduce weight but also helps in keeping the bone stronger and prevents bone-related issues. The more you exercise, the better are your bones. Expose your kids to the world of sports. Include at least one hour of physical activity in your kids’ schedule. Put their bones to work in order to improve the bone density. Kids can do simple weight-bearing exercises like jumping ropes, running, stair climbing, skiing, jumping and others. Read more about How to Inculcate Exercise Habits in Your Kids and its Benefits.

5. Things to Avoid

While you may be just concentrating on building the bone health of your kids, you also need to take caution regarding the loss of bone. A fact is that bones form and breakdown on a regular basis as a part of a process. In order to improve the health of bones in your children, you also need to prevent the loss of calcium and other minerals. Healthcare experts suggest limiting excessive salt, avoiding smoking, evading caffeinated drinks, etc. can prevent bone loss in early years. Increasing levels of salt in the body can seep the levels of calcium present in the bones.

Fast Fact: It takes 12 weeks on an average for a broken bone to heal completely.

As a parent, if you prevent this loss of calcium, you will not need to up the intake of calcium enriched foods to a great extent. If your kid prefers eating ready-to-eat snacks like wafers, chips, canned goods, etc. you need to take caution. These are high in both salt and sodium, bad for the bone health of your kid. Also, limit the caffeine in your kid’s diet. You might not be aware that your kid is consuming high levels of caffeine, unknowingly. Nowadays, along with coffee, beverages like soda and energy drinks contain a high level of caffeine. Caffeine leads to loss of calcium from the body. Make sure your kid makes water his first choice for quenching thirst.

Parents, at the present time, concentrate more on increasing the overall weight of their kids. However, instead of focusing on the result, you need to make sure that the diet of your children is balanced. Include all kinds of nutrients and foods in their diet. Ensure that their eating habits are regular and healthy. All this will automatically result in good bone health and normal development of your kids. In the growing years of your children, instill good eating habits and physical activities to ensure a healthy life throughout. Happy and Healthy parenting to you!

How to Inculcate Exercise Habits in Your Kids and its Benefits

Inculcate Exercise Habits in Your Kids

Inculcate Exercise Habits in Your Kids
What!? Kids need exercise? Why do they need some? They are already so active. In fact, I make my kid rest by handing over a video game to him.

I definitely do not think that you are such a mother. But, you will not believe when I say that I have come across some of them. Such moms think that exercise is redundant for kids as they are active all the time. The present age is that of gadgets. It is hard to direct the attention of kids towards games and sports. Television, tablet, play station and such things are always on the mind of the kids. How difficult it is to make the kids focus on one thing for a longer period! This has led to the problem of obesity in many kids.

Benefits of Exercises for Kids

It is your onus as a parent to expose your kids to exercising. Exercising helps your kids to get in control of their bodies. Exercise is not just to shed some calories but it is something that helps sync your mind and body. And by exercise I do not just mean that the kids perform crunches, squats and the like. Kids need to participate in organised physical activities. It can either be sports, yoga or even physical training. Kids who are physically active have stronger muscles. They are physically fit and are protected from certain lifestyle ailments like diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Strengthens Immunity

Kids who are active in exercises and sports have a strong immunity as opposed to their counterparts who are not involved in such activities. When kids are exposed to all kinds of weather through regular outdoor activities, they are less prone to cold, cough and different allergies. Their bodies learn to fight off ailments.

Makes Muscle Stronger

Many kids are more prone to injuries. They are injured at a faster rate than others. This is because their muscles are weak and are not able to face the grievance. If such kids take active participation in sports, then their muscles become stronger eventually. This is because organised sports require them to lift their own weight and even partake in muscle strengthening exercises. As a result, the muscles function properly.

Prevents Obesity

Kids who play video games and are more involved in sedentary activities face a higher risk of obesity. When kids are involved in sports, yoga, group exercises, aerobic activities, fast-paced dancing and the like, they do not face the risk of obesity. This is because their entire body gets worked out in such activities. Body fat gets dissolved through physical training and children are less likely to become overweight. Such kids are also protected from the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Improves Energy Levels

The more you work out, the better you feel. And eventually, you are more energetic. When kids move out and get going on a regular basis, their energy levels improve and they do not feel tired while participating in high intensity activities.

Averts Heart Ailments

When the bodies move, the heart and lungs benefit. Aerobic activities and organised sports reduce the levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood. This way, the heart functions better and the kids do not face the risk of high blood pressure or heart ailments.

Fortifies Bones

The bones of the kids are quite weak as compared to the adults. Hence, it is required that kids are given optimum food and exercise in order to make their bones strong. If your kids are involved in sports and weight bearing exercises, their bones benefit for long term.

Exercise Helps Foster Emotional Well-Being

Through exercise and physical activities, kids become independent and their self-esteem receives a boost. They do not shy away and take command of their behavior. Some kids face depression and anxiety issues for unknown reasons. If such kids get involved in physical activities, they feel better and anxiety issues subside gradually. Kids can learn to focus better when they partake in organised sports. This is because high intensity activities release endorphin in their body and they feel good because of this. If your kid is prone to sudden mood swings, then exercise on a regular level is something that can cure this habit. Studies prove that sports and training can calm down kids and improve their behavior as well.

How to Begin Exercise Habits in Your Kids

If you think that your kid will never ever exercise, then you are wrong here. In order to grab the attention of the kids, you need to make exercise fun for them. Begin with few minutes of dancing session on fast music tracks. When your kid starts loving dancing, choreograph the steps by including exercise in them. For instance, jumping jacks, twisting and such exercises are quite interesting. Do not overdo one form or either your kids will get bored out of exercise or they might get tired early.

If your kid is not fond of dancing, you can direct him to sports. Choose basketball, football, cricket or any sport he or she is interested in. If you know someone who can formally train your kids, then get your kids enrolled in it. If possible, make sure that the exercise sessions are regular and your kid is having fun.

How to Continue

Kids get bored of anything easily. In order to keep their interest levels high, keep changing the form of exercise. For instance, you can get them trained in yoga for first month and enroll them into aerobics in the next month. This way they do not only learn something but stay physically active as well. You can even take a break from formal training for your kids in between. Kids do not get bored and even do not get anxious of learning yet another skill.

Get Going with Fun Exercises for Your Toddlers

It is quite tough to involve toddlers into something related to exercise, right. However, I think that they will like fun activities that make them physically active as well. Toddlers are quick learners. If they like music, then nothing is better than this. Movements to peppy music numbers will get toddlers going. If you know kids in the same age group as your toddler, invite them to such activities. They will love to dance and this will even count as your workout. Kids who are shy and do not get actively involve respond to music in a positive manner. If possible, make a playlist of songs that the kids love. When kids dance in group, they love such songs and even have fun.

Toddlers even love activities that involve ball. While catch and throw does not involve much exercise, teach your toddlers how to kick the ball and take it to a particular destination. This will make their entire body work out. Toddlers are quick to learn. When I perform yoga, my toddler follows my step. She has even learnt a couple of asanas as well. You can gather some of the friends of your baby and involve them in physical activities. Together with other mommies, we play hide and seek with the toddlers. Oranges and lemon too is great fun. We race together and even jump. Another great activity is crawling. Make some tents and ask your toddlers to crawl under them. When the kids finish playing, I ask them to aim the toys into the basket. This not only tidies up the room but also keeps the kids engaged for some time.

Exercises for Older Kids

While organised exercises and physical training is not required for toddlers, it is necessary for older kids. There is so much energy in kids that it needs to be re-directed in activities that are crucial for their body. As mentioned earlier, sports and physical training is quite good for older kids. Even aerobic activity is good as it makes the heart pump. One hour of sports or aerobic activity is necessary for kids. Let them take the steps instead of elevator. Make them walk towards the mall rather than hire transport. You can organize hikes on a weekend. Hikes are a good way to explore things and even learn a few traits. If your kids do not get time on a daily basis, make sure that they do something on alternate days or at least thrice a week. Running, swimming or dancing too are fun as exercise.

As the kids get older, involve them in activities that work up their muscles like push-ups, climbing rocks or even trees, tug-of-war, gymnastics and the likes. They can play group sports like hockey, basketball, volleyball, football as well. Concentrate on strengthening their muscles.

Things to Keep in Mind

Supplement your kids’ diet depending upon the activities they are involved in. While it is not necessary to increase their diet, however, they should have meals that give them required energy. Take advice from their sports teacher or coaches on the type of food that should be given. Also, do not push the kids beyond a limit. Let them listen to their bodies while performing exercises. If they feel tired, let them rest and then resume, if they are ready.

Let Your Kids Grow through Exercise

I love the scenery where kids are playing on the merry-go-round, participating in race or playing hide and seek. The sound of their laughter while playing resonate my ears and I feel good. However bad my mood is, such a scene makes me happy. It is necessary for healthy future of kids that parents say no to screen time and yes to outdoor activities for kids.

Children become fit through exercise. They stay healthy and hearty when involved in exercises and activities that require high energy. And in the end, active kids are happy kids.

6 No-Brainer Exercises That You Can Do at Home

6 No Brainer Exercises That You Can Do at Home

I am a lazy person like you when it comes to exercises. I have a thousand and one excuses to postpone weight-loss and the primary one is catch up on sleep. And hence, I searched for some exercises that I can do even when I wake up late in the morning. Here are some of them. However, consistency is the key with these exercises.

1. Walking in Place

Wear your walking shoes and just start walking, wait, at the very place you are standing. You do not need to go out, choose a route, and come back tired, etc. For this, you just need to wear your shoes and walk at the same place. It is known as walking in place or marching in place. Try this, it is possible. You will love it.

It is as effective as regular walking and I like it because it gets me going. You can sneak in this exercise during commercial breaks, while keeping a watch over boiling milk and even when you are talking on phone. Easy and simple, isn’t this?

2. Stationary Jogging

This particular exercise requires you to run or jog at one place. Remember that you wear shoes while doing stationary jogging. It helps improve cardiovascular health. With this, I am not worried about monsoon.

Whatever the weather be, exercising is a must. Stationary jogging helps to lose weight by burning calories. When you are pressed for time, this is the best form of exercise. Among other benefits, it helps build strength and prevents cardiovascular diseases as well.

3. Jumping

You are right, jumping is indeed an exercise. You will love it, because it does not require any practice or investment. Just start jumping, whenever you feel like. However, you should first warm up before starting jumping. Initially, start jumping gently. Once you are comfortable, start regular jumping. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and arms locked on your sides. Start jumping now. Alternatively, you can do jumping jacks – just change the position of your hands. In jumping jacks, your hands should be at your shoulders.

4. Aerobics Stepper

You need equipment for this, but nothing more than that. You can either look for a plank or a step bench that is 4 to 12 inches high or else invest in aerobics stepper. I did not find it too costly and bought one. I began with stepping up and down the aerobics, just like we do on stairs. It was fun. Then, I hunted for some more exercises using step aerobics. Put on some good music and get on with stepping.

You will be surprised to know the benefits of step aerobics. It is a low-impact exercise that burns huge calories in minimum time. If you want to strengthen your butt and surrounding areas, this is perfect. It is hassle-free and does not require going out anywhere to workout.

5. Hula Hoops

I have talked about hula hooping earlier in my posts. Hula hooping burns calories without even you realizing it. You will be surprised to know that hula hooping is a complete body workout. You just need to invest in a hula hoops for this exercise.

It is also possible choose between weighted or simple hula hoops. Whenever you wake up late or return late from office, hoop for some minutes. It burns 50 calories in 8 minutes, interesting, isn’t it?

6. Skipping Ropes

Yes, skipping rope is an exercise, just like hula hoops is. Invest in good quality ropes for this. It is a good cardio exercise and burns more than 1000 calories per hour. Further, it is a full body workout and concentrates on strengthening your thighs and calf muscles. You can do skipping both ways – barefoot or wearing shoes. There are several types of exercises you can perform skipping – double jump, cross jump, etc. Find the one that suits you and start skipping!


This is interesting, right. So, next time, when you give an excuse for not exercising, think about these exercises. These do not accept any kind of excuses. In conclusion, Just get up from your place and start doing them.

You can even do this while you are in kitchen and waiting for the water to boil. If you have some free time on your hand, these could be done at workplace as well. Take your kids to play area and while they play, do these exercises. You can even involve kids and make exercise fun.

How to Stay Healthy and Happy This Festive Season

Stay Healthy and Happy This Festive Season

Yipppeee! Finally, I will be out of this cage and fly far away! I am no bird and the cage that I am talking about is not real. Its festival time and I will get a break from the monotonous life.

Like every festive season, we will be travelling to my in-laws place. It’s an annual trip and I have started making preparations already. In fact, I am trying to look slim and fit since past 6 months. I eat mindlessly first and then, when the festive season approaches, I try to lose weight.

During the festive season, I skip healthy eating rules. And post the season, I am on my mission lose-weight again. So, you see, this is a vicious cycle.

However, as I have been busy writing healthy articles this time, I have vowed that I will not give in to unhealthy delicious temptations my mother-in-law throws at me. For the uninitiated, she is the star chef of our family. While my co-sister loves frying food, my mom-in-law prepares sweets in bulk (as if the entire nation is going to visit us for festivities).

How to Stay Healthy In This Festive Season

I have been pondering and strategizing as to how to cheat on diet during family get-togethers. I am planning to return with the same weight as I am going with. For this, these are the things that can be done.

Wake up Early

I have noticed that when I begin my day early, I have a lot more control on my diet. When I am up before anyone else, I get a lot of time to spend on my own self. There is no one to deter me from my exercise or healthy breakfast routine. I do not have to rush to help others in their routine. So, it is just me and my sweet little morning.

Do Not Skip Exercise

Every festive season, I avow to exercise daily. However, the extra workload that comes with festivities bogs me and my body down, in the morning. You will be surprised to know that festivals are quite harmful for the weight if not kept a tap on.

Firstly, you eat a different diet than the usual one. Secondly, you are not able to exercise. A week of festivities is like gathering a month of calories. So, this time, I am not going to do my usual exercise during festive week. I have planned a festive exercise routine, instead. I will skip exercising inside the house. Alternatively, I will take a walk on the street.

The city wears a different look during festivities. While walking, I can see the new look and even shed calories the interesting way. If you are not a morning person, gather up some of the kids in the evening and play a sport with them. The family will be happy that you are taking care of the kids but actually, it will be a secret workout.

Drink Like a Fish

No, I am not talking about alcohol. Being a teetotaler, I do not even recommend this. Here the drink is water. There are many reasons you should be drinking extra water during festive times. Water keeps you hydrated. It even helps you in staying away from mindless eating.

If you are planning to eat out at restaurants, then water satisfies your thirst and keeps you from overeating. As water helps boost metabolism, you automatically and effortlessly burn calories. What more! Even the toxins get evacuated from your body with water. It keeps your skin healthy, prevents breakouts and even ups your energy levels. Please pass me a glass of water.

Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

You have taken a break from work, but not from sleep, right. Even during the festive season, do not miss out on sleep. Catch up on your sleep that you might have missed while overworking for festive break. While the ideal duration for sleep is eight hours, you can adjust the hours according to your needs.

You might be surprised to know that sleep offers many more benefits apart from rest. It helps boost your metabolism to burn calories. Experts opine that people who sleep well make better decisions about food throughout the day. It prevents cravings as well.

Nutrition and Diet

Yes, I very well agree that dieting and festive season do not make good friends. However, you can plan your festive season meals beforehand in a smart way. For instance, if you plan to eat pasta, stuff the dish with veggies. Have some soup and salads before you head out for dinner. Prepare nutritious desserts like fruits and yogurt.

Eating healthy is quite important to maintain weight. Start your day with a hearty breakfast. I have noticed that when I have a filling nutrition rich breakfast, I do not crave for fried food or sweets.

Ingredients and Proportion

This festive season, I even plan to prepare sweets using whole wheat flour instead of refined variety. I am also going to keep peanuts, roasted chickpeas, yogurt and seeds handy. This will prevent me from munching attractive yet unhealthy foods.

Another important thing is proportion. Do not fill yourself up to the brim. Instead, keep checking on satiation while eating. When you feel you are ‘somewhat’ full, stop. Further, do not make the mistake of skipping meals. This would imbalance your diet. Chewing properly is another important factor. While enjoying with friends and family, we often eat mindlessly without chewing. Chewing is the important part of staying healthy.

Do Not Feel Guilty

This is my major mistake. I relish sweet knowingly and then, feel guilty. My husband scolds me for this. He says that either I should not eat or I should not feel guilty. Nowadays, I do cheat on my diet but I fully enjoy that cheat diet. However, I do not overindulge. After eating, I do a little exercise. If possible, I detoxify with a cup of green tea or some warm water with lemon and honey. This helps a lot, physically and psychologically as well.

It is upon you what to choose this festival – taste or extra weight. While the taste is temporary, the weight will make you wait to fit into that little black dress of yours. I will suggest making smart choices when it comes to food to survive the festival without putting pounds. I think this festive season will be both healthy and happy for me, if I stick to these rules.

How to Stay Happy In This Festive Season

While managing weight is somewhat easy, happiness is quite subjective. Whenever the festive season approaches, there is something that bogs me down. Though the ambiance is creative and lovely, there are bouts of sadness at times. The feeling does not last but tears roll down my cheeks at least once. I did some research and got to know some tips on how to stay happy during the festivities.

Get to Know the Reason

The first step is to find the reason of your sadness. At times, people are just sad because they like being sad. You need to get out of this. I feel sad because I am loaded with emotions. I am not able to realize whether to be sad or happy. Some people are sad as they are not able to meet their loved ones during festivities. In the age of internet, it is easy to catch up with them. Dress up, start a video call and there you are, enjoying together with your family and friends.

Do Not Push Yourself

Every family celebrates the festival in their own way. When we watch others doing a different thing, we try to inculcate it in our celebration. However, emulating others and trying to include everything becomes too much during the festival season. Do not push yourself to perfect the festivities. Celebrate it in your own way. Do not judge yourself.

It is okay if you are not able to cook a perfect dish or do not get time to look your best. Festivals are all about celebrating happiness and blessings rather than the things that you do not have or are not able to do. Make sure that you celebrate a simple festival this year. It will help you enjoy it the way it should be.

Take a Break

Although the festive season is a break from the regular monotonous life, yet you need a break from the preparations too. If you go on preparing for the prayers and decorations, you will not get to enjoy the celebrations. This is because you will be tired on the day of the festival. Instead, take a break. Soak in the ambiance of the festival and let the happiness in. Take a walk on the street, watch the decorations and smile while you do this. If you like clicking pictures then take a camera along with you and enjoy the festive environment.

Personal Care

Just looking good is not enough, you should feel good too. Before and during the festivities, take care of your health. Eat well and take ample rest. Make sure you wash your face before hitting the bed. If possible, do light exercises. All this will ensure that you and your skin stay healthy throughout the festive season that you were waiting for since a long time.

Smell Good

Fragrance plays a key role in lighting up your mood. Gather your favourite fragrances and make your home smell good. You, too, should wear your favourite fragrances throughout the day, even if you are at home. You and your family will indeed feel special. It will set in the festival mood even before the celebrations begin.

And Finally…

Time flies. In a matter of few days, the festive season will come to an end. You will not even realize it and it will be gone. Make the most of it by staying in the prime of your health. Make new friends, invite people to your home and celebrate it together. Happy and Healthy festivities to you!

How Running During Pregnancy Can Benefit Both You and Your Baby

How Running During Pregnancy Can Benefit Both You and Your Baby

When the aunties in the apartments where we stayed came to know about my pregnancy, they kept an eye on me. As it was my first baby and I didn’t have parents around, they wanted to make sure that everything was going right. I was advised to walk so as not to gain more weight by my doctor, as I was already quite plump. In order to keep myself in shape, I kept walking on a faster pace. Once, one of the aunties was watching me. She stopped me and asked me to walk slowly. I was amused but thought that she might be right. However, nowadays, the age-old beliefs of not running during pregnancy are being busted by experts. Running and all kinds of physical exercises are a must during pregnancy.

Before you jump to wear your sports shoes for running, it is advisable to get in touch with your obstetrician to make sure that you’re in good health and your pregnancy is uncomplicated to prevent any problems later on. So here are some benefits of running during pregnancy.

Have a Good Day

Running during pregnancy will help you have a good day. At times, pregnancy makes you feel low. When you run, endorphins are secreted by your brain. This keeps you in good mood and even minimizes the chances of postpartum depression.

Heart of the Baby

Running not only strengthens your cardiovascular system but also that of the baby. It ups your levels of energy. It being a good cardio exercise, running even improves the blood flow in your body and regulates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Keep Your Weight in Check

By running, you get to stay active. This is necessary especially if you have a sedentary job and you plan to work till 3rd trimester. Running keeps your weight in check and also that of the baby. The best part is that it will not affect the normal body weight of the baby.

Physical Problems

Running prevents the chances of gestational diabetes. It prevents problems of lower back pain in expecting mothers. If you are worried about pregnancy problems like nausea and fatigue, then running would help you. It even keeps constipation at bay.

Prevents Labour Problems

Pregnant women who run can minimize the problems generally faced during labour and childbirth. The fitter you are during pregnancy the better is the delivery and postpartum phase. Experts suggest that pregnant runners might even prevent the chances of c-section delivery.

Promotes Sound Sleep

When you exercise and stay active during the day, it will prevent sleep related problems that pregnancy causes in some women. Further, a good sleep will ensure that you wake-up happy and have a great day.

What to Wear and Carry

  • Wear the right gear for running –loose-fitting and breathable tees and elastic pants.
  • Protect your skin by using sunblock creams and even hats.
  • Wear the right shoes that give your ankles support and cushioning.
  • Wear a good bra that gives good support and absorbs sweat.
  • Stay safe. Carry your phone with you.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Drink sufficient water before running and also while you run and post that.
  • Keep yourself in balance as your belly is expanding.
  • Choose the right route for running. Avoid uneven trails.
  • Do not opt for remote areas for running.
  • Do support your belly as is growing. Opt for belly support bands.

When to Avoid Running

  • Listen to your body and other cues.
  • If running is not possible, take a fast walk, especially during third trimester.
  • Never run till you are breathless.
  • Do not ignore pain in the joints or ligaments.
  • Stop when you start feeling exhausted.
  • Do not run if muscles feel sore and weak.
  • Check your heartbeats for signs.
  • Do not run in case of vaginal bleeding.

Take Care

Women who have a complicated pregnancy should avoid running. In such cases, advice of obstetrician is necessary. Every pregnant woman requires a specialized regimen for exercise. It is not possible to emulate other pregnant women as the body, shape, season, stamina and other things might be different. Do not begin a completely new exercise during pregnancy without asking the doctor. If everything is going well, then happy running to you!

10 Ways for Mothers on How to Take Out Time for Exercise

10 Ways for Mothers on How to Take Out Time for Exercise

Day 1

“Today, I have to rush kiddo to school as the bus isn’t going to come. Tomorrow, I will definitely do it.”

Day 2

“Oh! I slept late at night because of the project. There’s nothing going to come up tomorrow.”

Day 3

“Early morning breakfast with fellow mommies to discuss dance class schedule, so tomorrow it is.”

And day 4 and day 5 and so on…

If you are scratching your head, what is this all about, then let me give you a lowdown. This is a calendar full of excuses for not working out, especially for mothers. And this happened with me too.

Immediately after birth of my baby, I had decided to begin workout. Instead, I thought of catching up on some sleep. As she grew up, her schedule became all the more demanding with weaning, erratic sleeping schedules, potty training and what not. I had decided that once she starts going to school, I will have much time on hand for my workout. Instead of that, I became busier with her school projects and the related things.

I realized that it is difficult for working mommies to fit exercise in their schedules. Hence, I have come up with some tricks that helped me find some time for the most important thing for my body and soul – exercise.

1. Do not Postpone

While earlier I was a morning person, after the birth of my little one, I have transformed into ‘one of those’ who hit the snooze button at least thrice. When I wake up late, my workout goes for a toss. Because, it is not ‘that’ important. If you are like me, then do not postpone your exercise for later in the day. I used to do it earlier, but workout never gets fit in the schedule. Here’s there’s no trick except for waking up early. I found it difficult for a couple of days, but then got used to it. Working out makes me feel better than an hour of sleep does. Try it, momma!

2. Analyze Your Schedule

I did this once and wrote everything I did in a day, on a paper, along with time that it took. I realized that nearly an hour of mine is wasted in checking social media updates. While this is important to stay updated, but some of this time could be invested in workout. Likewise, I took out some time from bathing and sleeping as well. This I did for a week. After a week, I did not feel the need to analyze my time. I had already stopped wasting time and became more productive. However, after a month, this activity needs to be repeated for complete focus.

3. Decide the Type of Exercise

Once I woke up early and started stretching. I began yoga but felt a little sleepy. Then, I started doing some stepping exercises. Soon, I got bored of them too. I opened the door to take a walk outside but it started raining, so I returned. Does this happen to you as well? When you know several types of exercises, then it is difficult to work out, unless and until you decide it beforehand. Just like you pre-decide how you will prepare a recipe, decide on how you will begin the 30-minute schedule and what all you will practice.

4. Workout in the PJs

Believe me, at times, I chuck workout just because I am too lazy to change into the gym outfit. When I wasted 2-3 sessions because of this reason, I started exercising in my PJs. I do not give much time to thinking what to wear. Instead of that, I wear what I feel like and start running. At times, if I know that my morning schedule is going to be busy, then I sleep in the workout clothes. This really helps.

5. Sweat it Out with Kids

Earlier, my yoga was interrupted by my little one. She used to sit on my back and interrupt the flow. I chucked exercising in her presence. However, an idea struck me later. There are some exercises that will not only help me lose some calories but will also interest my kiddo, thinking it’s a game. What I do is plan something different every day. So, once both of us did hula hoops. Then, another day, we did some running together. There are so many exercises that could be done along with kids. For instance, skipping, jumping, chasing, playing ball, etc. I even enjoy doing monkey bars and slides along with them. Yes, it helps burn calories.

6. Sneak in the Exercise

Instead of giving excuses, you need to sneak in some exercise while spending some time with kids. My daughter loves to talk to me. What I do is while she narrates her stories, I do some stretches. While cooking food, I hold on to the platform, and do sit-ups. When she watches TV, I do stationary jogging. There is no harm in breaking up the exercise routine. Once you start approaching exercise this way, it will be fun and interesting for you.

7. Place is Not Important

I realized that I do not need a gym or enrollment in aerobic classes to burn calories. This is because I had one or the other reason to skip sessions. Instead, I decided on a designated place at home to exercise. While going to sleep, I spread the exercise mat and clear up the living room for workout. This way, when I wake up in the morning, I just hit the mat from the bed and do some stretching. In office, I sneak up to the conference room during lunch hours and do some stationary jogging. This helps me to stay active throughout the day.

8. Make Exercise Buddies

Once I was discussing my busy schedule with a fellow mommy. She was of the same opinion that it is difficult to exercise with kids. To fit in workout in our schedules, we set goals for ourselves. We used to discuss it every day in the playground. This helped me a lot. The competitive spirit in me wanted to do more number of Suryanamaskarsthan she did. This fizzled out in some days. But luckily, I had the pleasure of a good neighbour staying on our floor. While our kids played, we exercised. This was fun too.

9. Skip the Guilt

Not all days are equals. While one day I manage to walk 5 miles, other days managing even a mile seems to be difficult. Balancing kids and workout isn’t an easy thing. However, thinking about the lost time is simply wasting energy. When my kiddo needs my attention, I spend some time with her instead of thinking about workout. Concentrating on the present is what is required. It is okay to skip workout on some days if you are spending quality time with family.

10. Be an Inspiration to the Family

You are one awesome mom that I know. Your baby looks up to you. If you eat and live healthy, he or she would too. Yes, I understand that managing time is a hard task, but nobody told you that life is going to be easy after a baby. Live your life and do not just waste it in planning. Be an inspiration to your kids by managing time well and living a healthy life.


Work out, not for the sake of losing weight but to stay fit. Everything else follows. Concentrate on building strength. Initially it is difficult to take out time for workout as it is the easiest thing to chuck. However, make a habit to include it in one form or the other. I am sure that you will never repent the time you invested in exercise.

How to Burn Calories the Fun Way, Without Doing Any Exercise

Burn Calories Fun Way

No, the article is not about reducing your waist size through diets or medicines or for that matter, some sort of treatment. We are talking about interesting and fun ways that you could burn calories, without you even realizing it. This seems to be exciting, isn’t it? Read along.


Does your television have music channels? It’s time to put them to good use. Switch on the channel that has some peppy dance numbers being played. Lift yourself up from the sofa and start moving. An hour or so of dancing works like cardio, burning more than 400 calories. It gives you ample exercise. Isn’t this cool!

Also Read: How Dancing Helps You Emotionally


Walk, walk and walk more. If you don’t like dancing or other related activities, try walking. It is quite easy, does not require any equipment and burns more than 150 calories if done straight for an hour. Take your friends along. What I did was, checked out the new neighborhood through walking. I loved exploring the area and the narrow lanes, which did not have much space for a vehicle to move. By a month or so, I knew the area thoroughly. To avoid boredom and for security purpose too, keep changing the routes.


Burn Calories the Fun Way
If you want to reduce weight at a quicker pace, opt for hiking over walking. Search for hilly terrains that will give you routes that are inclined. Choose good sporty shoes for this. If there are no hiking areas nearby, tour such areas on weekend. Ask your friends to accompany you. You can even plan a picnic kind of thing.

Window Shopping

I like window shopping for several reasons. Firstly, it keeps me updated about the new introductions. Secondly, it gives me good exercise and thirdly, I do not have to shell out a single penny for it. If you desire to burn calories quicker, go to one of those pretty garment stores. Try different types of tees and pants to reduce fat. It is a good exercise. However, visiting that fast food restaurant post walking around the aisles is a big no-no.

Playing with Kids

Ever thought why kids are so active? They keep on moving around the place, irrespective of the time. The more you stay active, the more energetic you are. If you think that it is easy playing with the kids, try it once. Play hide and seek or indulge in some role playing. You will be out of breath in some time. For burning calories faster, ask them to run and you try to chase them. You will enjoy this fun exercising session.


If you think that this would be just once a year, then here’s an idea. Do not wait for spring to arrive for doing this fun exercise. Wear your gloves and begin it. This exercise is quite easy and can be performed every weekend. I love it for dual benefits. Not only I lose calories, but also get a sparkling clean home.

Jumping Jacks

You are waiting for the elevator and it’s stuck on some floor. Do not think much. Start jumping, especially if you are leaving for home. Jumping jacks is quite a good exercise and performing just 10 jumps burn 100 calories. Wow!!! You can try this thing.

Treasure Hunting

I ask my friend to hide my pen in the office during our lunch time. I hop from one cubicle to other to find it. The process of hunting the pen post lunch gives me post-lunch exercise. It works out my mind too. Nowadays, both me and my friend hide each other’s stuff and enjoy this treasure hunting game.


If you are free on this weekend, then plan a trip to a forest. An hour or so of forest trip will give you good exercise. Try to climb on trees, balance yourself on that old log; pick those yellow leaves and other such activities. It is not only fun, but you will also come to know a thing or two about the forest.


You do this all day long. However, have you realized that you do not stand much at office? You might have not. Sedentary job make you amass calories. Make a point to stand often, not just for work but for fun. Stand up, stretch and sit down again. Do this frequently. If your colleagues are amused, tell them the reason of the same. Involve them in this activity so that all of you can time your stand-ups.


You bump into a long lost friend on social media. Both of you decide to meet for coffee. Is this not a chewed-up idea? Why not meet up for a sporty activity instead? Plan a trip to the park, take a Frisbee along, talk about whereabouts and catch up on long lost time. What say?

Video Games

No, I am not kidding. Playing virtual video games like tennis or the like that make you move are actually very good. They are not as good as playing actual tennis, but you can have fun and even burn calories.


Have you ever tried sitting on a see-saw? I did just yesterday and I started panting. This simple looking plaything gives your legs good amount of exercise. If the kids around you are okay with this, then try swinging, sliding, monkey bars and other such activities. You will not only enjoy with the kids but even burn calories.

Musical Instrument

Take up coaching for playing violin. You might not be aware that playing violin is a sort of exercise. It helps burn calories. This way, you would learn to play an instrument and even lose some weight. What say?

Does this Sound Interesting?

There are so many activities around you that will not only give you some time with your loved ones but also the required amount of exercise. I am not being violent but it’s like killing two birds with a single stone. Exercising alone is quite boring. However, these fun activities require involving other people, which make burning calories a fun time. Are you game for a game?