Big Skincare Mistakes to Avoid – Before, During and After Workout

Post Workout Skincare Mistakes

“Heyya, Gurl!!! You have lost much yaa!!!” announced Siva.

“Thank you, but my skin is facing many problems and I think it is somehow related to my workout sessions” replied a worried Reya.

While one of the benefits of workout is a beaming skin, it might even lead to problems. This is because in a bid to lose weight, we avoid taking care of our skin and the result is the breakout. Do not worry; I will not be explaining some rocket science in this post. Just a few tweaks here and there in your routine will ensure that you and your skin both look fabulous.

Pre-Workout Skincare Mistakes

You are all pepped up to burn a lot of calories today. You wear the right outfit and carry a sipper, homemade energy bars, a mandatory towel and everything required in your gym bag. However, you are forgetting something – your skincare routine. What should all mistakes you avoid before working out for maintaining a healthy skin?

Applying Make-up

Today, you will be hitting work straight from the gym. So, you apply some make-up to save time later. However, you are making a Big Mistake here. Make-up and workout are not the best buddies. Plus, you do not need to look your best at the gym. Before you begin the workout, make sure to remove all the makeup including foundation. During the workout, skin sweats a lot and make-up products block the pores on your skin. And as a result, your skin is not able to breathe.

Not Cleaning Your Face

You need to wash your face mandatorily before hitting the workout. In your daily routine, your skin attracts pollutants, dust, grime, etc. from all around the environment. When you do not clean your face before working out, these pollutants happily get married to the sweat you lose. And I am sure that you will not approve of such an alliance. Hence, make sure that your skin starts breathing way before you begin a workout session.

Forgetting Sunscreen

If your gym is at a distant and you will need to travel for the same then make sunscreen your travel buddy. Apply a light sunscreen before heading out to the gym as it will protect your skin from blemishes and tanning. Here you need to make sure that your sunscreen lotion is light and allows your skin to breathe.

Spraying Antiperspirant

This is another enemy of your skin during a workout. Many people use antiperspirant or roll-on or even spray to avoid embarrassment at the gym. However, all these products are laden with harmful chemicals that might ruin your skin in your bid to save humiliation during the workout. Your body releases toxins through the medium of sweat while you exercise. However, these antiperspirant products do not allow your body to perspire and the toxins remain trapped beneath your skin. This might result in skin problems of different kinds. However, I know you want to feel good even for your self during workout sessions. For this, instead of synthetic ingredients, opt for simple and organic fragrances or even essential oils.

Opting for a Wrong Hairdo

You cannot keep them open nor you can hold them tight – your hair needs to be taken care of before a workout session. I can focus on workout only when I make a tight high bun. However, hair experts are against this. It might result in problems while doing floor exercises. Some prefer keeping their hair open for a workout. However, hanging hair on your face can cause skin problems later. Go for a simple ponytail or even a braid. This helps keep your hair from falling on the face and even bacterial infections at bay. You can even opt for bandanas or snag-free hair control bands.

Skincare Mistakes During Workout

Skincare Mistakes During Workout

It is easy to prevent committing mistakes before heading for a workout session. However, it is difficult to avoid those that you commit during a workout. This is because we get so lost in our sessions that we do not realize our wrong habits. And the biggest mistake is wiping off the sweat the wrong way. Sweat lost during a workout should be deposited in a safe place rather than the sleeves of your gym outfit.

Touching Your Face Frequently

It’s quite alluring to touch the face during the workout. Quite engrossed to lose some sweat, we do it unknowingly. However, this might be a mistake that you are committing. Wiping those little drops of sweat using your hands is a big no-no. You cannot do that. Yes, it is understandable that sweating makes you itch. But, use a towel for that. Your hands will not make any difference. Plus, your hands are dirty too after touching those machines. The dirt on your hands gets mixed up with sweat on your face and creates havoc.

Using a Wrong Towel

Yes, you need to use a towel to wipe off that sweat. However, choose a towel carefully. Using a wrong towel might be harsh on your skin or even result in problems. Also, keep a face towel separate from that of the body. Further, do not rub the towel vigorously on your skin. Just pat dry the sweat. This is because workout opens up the pores on your skin and rubbing them might result in a breakout. Choose an antimicrobial and antibacterial towel. It needs to be soft and gentle on your skin. Further, the towel needs to be extra absorbent. Always go for cotton fabric or a microfiber one. Make sure that towels are washed daily. Use a fresh towel every time.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Staying hydrated is mandatory during a workout session. It benefits not only your body but also your skin in several ways. You lose sweat during exercise and this lost water needs to be replenished to keep your skin glowing. You will not fall prey to skin problems if you stay hydrated throughout the session.

Post Workout Skincare Mistakes

The workout comes to an end. You smile and feel good about losing so many calories in a single session. However, are you not worried about your sweaty skin now? These mistakes mentioned below might land your skin in trouble. Stay away from them.

Not Washing Your Face

HA! What! Who does not wash his face post a workout? Fool or what? But guys, this is true. Many folks skip washing their face altogether or delay the process. And some do wash their face but do not know how to wash it properly. You need to wash your face immediately post-exercise. Hence, make sure that you chose a good face wash and not soap for washing your face. The face-wash needs to moisturize your skin and balance the pH levels. It should not be very harsh or not gentle either. If your gym does not have a wash area, carry facial wipes with you to clean your face after a workout.

Using High-end Products

Right after the workout, your skin is quite sensitive. This is due to loss of sweat and also because of open pores. Hence, it is required that you do not apply strong products on your face afterwards. You can use such a product when you hit the bed at night, however. Treat your skin gently post-workout.

Exfoliating Your Skin

Your skin is already tired after a workout. Exercises that you did were not done by your body alone but your humble skin supported your bones and muscles throughout the session. Hence, do not be harsh on your skin after working out. Your skin is quite vulnerable to post a workout and it might break out in irritation if you exfoliate. If you desire, scrub your skin before a workout to prevent clogging of pores during your sweaty workout sessions. Always choose natural exfoliators for your skin. They are not only gentle but helps remove dead skin without any problems.

Shampooing After Every Session

So you washed them again today given that they were sweaty and messy. Washing hair post-workout is pretty enticing but guys, stay away from this allure. The more you shampoo the more you lose the natural oils present in your scalp and hair. Make use of dry shampoo if you may. It helps in absorbing the sweat together with the dirt. It even helps maintain the natural oils. You can even opt for cleansing conditioners available these days. They do not only clean but also balance oils.

Are you ready for the workout? Yes.

Is your skin ready for the workout? Now, it definitely is.

Exercising is very good for your health. Whether you are thin, fat, or malnourished, the right exercise will definitely make you feel better. However, if you do not care for your skin at the time of exercise, you might be damaging it gradually. Hence, make sure that you consult a skin expert if you are facing any skin problems lately because of the workout. Happy and healthy skin to you!


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