How to Burn Calories the Fun Way, Without Doing Any Exercise

Burn Calories Fun Way

No, the article is not about reducing your waist size through diets or medicines or for that matter, some sort of treatment. We are talking about interesting and fun ways that you could burn calories, without you even realizing it. This seems to be exciting, isn’t it? Read along.


Does your television have music channels? It’s time to put them to good use. Switch on the channel that has some peppy dance numbers being played. Lift yourself up from the sofa and start moving. An hour or so of dancing works like cardio, burning more than 400 calories. It gives you ample exercise. Isn’t this cool!

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Walk, walk and walk more. If you don’t like dancing or other related activities, try walking. It is quite easy, does not require any equipment and burns more than 150 calories if done straight for an hour. Take your friends along. What I did was, checked out the new neighbourhood through walking. I loved exploring the area and the narrow lanes, which did not have much space for a vehicle to move. By a month or so, I knew the area thoroughly. To avoid boredom and for security purpose too, keep changing the routes.


Burn Calories the Fun Way
If you want to reduce weight at a quicker pace, opt for hiking over walking. Search for hilly terrains that will give you routes that are inclined. Choose good sporty shoes for this. If there are no hiking areas nearby, tour such areas on weekend. Ask your friends to accompany you. You can even plan a picnic kind of thing.

Window Shopping

I like window shopping for several reasons. Firstly, it keeps me updated about the new introductions. Secondly, it gives me good exercise and thirdly, I do not have to shell out a single penny for it. If you desire to burn calories quicker, go to one of those pretty garment stores. Try different types of tees and pants to reduce fat. It is a good exercise. However, visiting that fast food restaurant post walking around the aisles is a big no-no.

Playing with Kids

Ever thought why kids are so active? They keep on moving around the place, irrespective of the time. The more you stay active, the more energetic you are. If you think that it is easy playing with the kids, try it once. Play hide and seek or indulge in some role-playing. You will be out of breath in some time. For burning calories faster, ask them to run and you try to chase them. You will enjoy this fun exercising session.


If you think that this would be just once a year, then here’s an idea. Do not wait for spring to arrive for doing this fun exercise. Wear your gloves and begin it. This exercise is quite easy and can be performed every weekend. I love it for dual benefits. Not only I lose calories but also get a sparkling clean home.

Jumping Jacks

You are waiting for the elevator and it’s stuck on some floor. Do not think much. Start jumping, especially if you are leaving for home. Jumping jacks is quite a good exercise and performing just 10 jumps burn 100 calories. Wow!!! You can try this thing.

Treasure Hunting

I ask my friend to hide my pen in the office during our lunchtime. I hop from one cubicle to others to find it. The process of hunting the pen post-lunch gives me post-lunch exercise. It works out my mind too. Nowadays, both I and my friend hide each other’s stuff and enjoy this treasure hunting game.


If you are free this weekend, then plan a trip to a forest. An hour or so of forest trip will give you a good exercise. Try to climb on trees, balance yourself on that old log; pick those yellow leaves and other such activities. It is not only fun, but you will also come to know a thing or two about the forest.


You do this all day long. However, have you realized that you do not stand much at the office? You might have not. Sedentary job makes you amass calories. Make a point to stand often, not just for work but for fun. Stand up, stretch and sit down again. Do this frequently. If your colleagues are amused, tell them the reason for the same. Involve them in this activity so that all of you can time your stand-ups.


You bump into a long lost friend on social media. Both of you decide to meet for coffee. Is this not a chewed-up idea? Why not meet up for a sporty activity instead? Plan a trip to the park, take a Frisbee along, talk about whereabouts and catch up on long lost time. What say?

Video Games

No, I am not kidding. Playing virtual video games like tennis or the like that make you move is actually very good. They are not as good as playing actual tennis, but you can have fun and even burn calories.


Have you ever tried sitting on a see-saw? I did just yesterday and I started panting. This simple looking plaything gives your legs a good amount of exercise. If the kids around you are okay with this, then try swinging, sliding, monkey bars and other such activities. You will not only enjoy with the kids but even burn calories.

Musical Instrument

Take up coaching for playing the violin. You might not be aware that playing the violin is a sort of exercise. It helps burn calories. This way, you would learn to play an instrument and even lose some weight. What say?

Does this Sound Interesting?

There are so many activities around you that will not only give you some time with your loved ones but also the required amount of exercise. I am not being violent but it’s like killing two birds with a single stone. Exercising alone is quite boring. However, these fun activities require involving other people, which make burning calories a fun time. Are you game for a game?


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