9 Benefits of Working Out in the Mornings and How to Achieve it

Benefits of Working Out in the Mornings

I generally wake up early in the morning to work out. I even like to finish the chores early so that I can spend some time with my kiddo. However, it is not easy to wake up early in the morning if the baby does not like to hit the bed early. I decided that I shall work out in the evening before preparing dinner. The first day was good and so was the second. On the third day, the baby had to poop. Nope, I thought, assessing that this won’t work. How about going for a late-night walk, was my second chance on burning some calories. But the baby wanted to accompany me for the walks. Nothing seemed to work out. And once again, I decided to work out in the morning itself. Is this your story too? If you too have decided to work out in the morning, then here are some benefits of doing so.

1. Time Management

Experts believe that it is easy to accomplish goals in the morning rather than during other times of the day. In order to see whether it works, I followed a morning routine once. Believe it or not, all the tasks including work-out were completed in half the time. Further, when one task like the workout is off the list, you feel better throughout the day. I did not have to think that ‘oh, I even have to work-out, now’. This troubles me more than anything else. I even tend to skip workouts often if I schedule them later in the day, owing to other ‘important’ tasks and also because I do not have much energy left thereafter.

2. Scheduled Routine

When I get up early in the morning, especially for exercising, I just do that. This is because there is practically nothing to do at that time. Not many people are awake, so no chance of social media. There is no newspaper yet, so not wasting time reading headlines. I am left with nothing but exercise. So, I just start exercising to kill the time. With no distractions in the mornings, I concentrate simply on working out for my benefit. Later in the day, I even get to schedule outings with my friends or play with my kiddo or even try a new healthy recipe. Since I started working out in the mornings, I have become consistent in training too.

3. Hormonal Benefits

Early in the morning, you have the advantage of elevated levels of hormones that are important for building muscles. You can put them to good use rather than wasting them by catching up on sleep. These hormones lower down as the day progresses. Further, morning workouts even help in boosting metabolism. You can easily burn more calories in the morning, rather than during the day. Boosted metabolism helps burn calories even after you exercise. How about taking benefit of the same throughout the day by working out early in the morning!

4. Great Beginnings

Good moods and great beginnings are a couple of the results of morning workouts. When you burn calories in the morning, you get your share of endorphins absolutely free of cost. Endorphins make you feel good throughout the day. I don’t understand the science of endorphins, yet I feel good when I exercise in the morning. This is because I feel great about burning calories that I amassed by eating a piece of birthday cake. Exercising even enhances productivity and you get to accomplish more during the day.

5. Good Choice of Food

You might find it funny but I have a strange habit. I tend to eat useless stuff like cookies and fried food when I miss a workout. However, I make a good choice of breakfast when I work out in the morning. Simply, because I do not want to waste all the efforts I invested in exercising. Even experts believe that people who exercise in the morning make healthy and positive food choices throughout the day. This keeps such people energized and also feeling fresh.

6. Deep Sleep

Yeah, you might like to sleep instead of exercising in the morning. However, missing sleep in the morning for exercising sets a good sleep routine. You get the benefit of deep sleep at night. This is because exercising helps stimulate the body. When you schedule workouts in the evening, it is difficult to sleep nicely at night as your body is still making adjustments when you hit the bed. Further, morning exercises are said to increase the duration of sleep.

7. Lasting Results

When you begin exercising in the morning, you are more likely to stick to it. This is because gradually your body clock adjusts to this routine and makes you stick to it. Generally, those who exercise in the morning are more consistent compared to others. When you are consistent, you even get good results for the same. Even your skin benefits from early morning workouts.

8. Enhanced Energy

When you are up and about right away in the morning, the rest of the day too is going to be energetic for you. Morning exercise even helps in enhancing concentration and improving focus. Your mind gets clear of all the toxic thoughts and you invite positive energy. It gets ready to accept the challenges that you might face during the day. Experts believe that morning exercise is as good as a cup of coffee to get going.

9. Inspire Others

When I wake up early in the morning, my friends and family are surprised. While some feel weird, others feel that they have found it better for themselves. To keep them inspired, I do not skip waking up early in the morning. I have become all the more disciplined. The best part is that I have got used to this routine. My kiddo too wakes up early and has developed better eating and sleeping habits. My friends have been complimenting me on my glowing skin, lifestyle, and some inch loss as well. Life could not get better than this, what say?

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How to Develop the Habit of Waking up Early

It is extremely tough to wake up early in the morning and the tougher thing is to exercise thereafter. However, I had to do this to fit into that little black dress I had invested in. So, I developed some habits to make early morning workouts a reality.

Alarm Clock

I set up just two alarms. One for 5.30 am and another for 6 am. There are two benefits to this. one, I get to sleep half an hour more and second, I have to get up at 6 or else, I will have to miss even breakfast. While sleeping, I place the alarm near the window in the next room. To stop the alarm, I have to get up and even cross the light from the window. This wakes me up. Further, I make a point never to snooze the alarm off. This has helped me a lot.

Keep Distractions Away

Once the alarm is switched off, keep the cellphone away in a cupboard. You will not be tempted to check the latest updates. Drink a glass of water and start stretching yourself. Keep moving your body. If you want to grab something to eat, have a banana or yogurt.

Warming up

Warming up the body is quite necessary to stick to the routine the next morning. It makes your body flexible and tries to make you achieve more. Further, chances of sudden cramps or muscle-pull are minimized.

Setting Time Limits

Begin with exercising for at least 20 minutes on day 1. Increase this to 30-45 minutes when you are adjusted to the routine. If you exercise for an hour on the first day itself, then the chances of missing it for a couple of days are increased.

Stay Hydrated

Although mornings are less humid, you need to stay hydrated before, after, and even during the workout. It helps you stay hydrated and even enhances your energy to workout. However, do not opt for sports drinks as they are high on sugar.

I Love Work-out Mornings

Working out in the morning is the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. I open the windows the moment I get up from the bed. I love the way the darkness goes away, giving way to the morning light. Morning walks are equally good on pleasant weather days. I made many friends during my morning walks. There are so many amazing things waiting to happen in the early mornings. I believe that heaven comes down at night to sleep on earth. It wraps up the belongings to bid a goodbye to us, early in the morning. Nothing is stopping you from experiencing an early beautiful morning. Get going. Happy and healthy mornings to you!


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