How to Gain Weight Naturally with Good Food and Right Exercise

How to Gain Weight Naturally

Enough said on how to lose weight. Not everyone wants to. There are people like you who desire to put on some weight. Yes, you look good now but the addition of some pounds will be better. No, I will certainly not advise those medicines or protein powders to you.

In fact, I will take you to your kitchen and make you eat foods that you will like. It will even help you gain weight naturally. Further, I will suggest some exercises that are equally good for putting on weight.

So, are you ready to know how to gain weight naturally with good food and right exercise? Before you move on, a note to read. You might find similar foods in weight gain and weight loss diet. This is because a single food is not responsible either to make you gain weight or lose it. It is the combination of several foods that will help you alter your waist size.

Potato – Something That Can Be Added to So Many Recipes!

Whether you hate it or love it but it is impossible to ignore this brown, round, vegetable. If you are interested in putting on some pounds, then make sure that your diet comprises at least 40% carbohydrates. Mr Potato is quite popular among the carbohydrate clan.

What more! It is also well known for the amino acids it has. To make the most of this veggie, make sure that you consume it with its skin. Sweet potato, the cousin of potato, is equally healthy. Being higher in calories and other essential nutrients, sweet potato should be a part of your weight gain diet.

Milk – The Wholesome Winsome Drink

Brimming with carbohydrates, proteins, calories, fats and many other nutrients, whole milk is a winner when it comes to weight gain. Just like carbohydrates, protein helps in building new muscles. What is better than milk as a source of natural protein!

Oatmeal – Here’s a Healthy Deal

You might be scratching your head. But it’s true. Oatmeal does help in weight gain as it does to lose some. This is because oatmeal comprises calories. If you cook a cup of oatmeal in water, it will have a mere 165 calories while cooking it with milk will boost the calorie count to approx. 300.

To gain weight, add some butter and brown sugar to the mix and you are ready to consume oatmeal that will shoot up the calories in your body and help you gain some weight. Oatmeal is dense in nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and even fibre. Having oatmeal for breakfast will also help you increase the muscle mass in your body.

Butter – It is Always Better with Butter

Being chubby and plump, my parents kept me away from this delicious dairy product since childhood. Butter does help in gaining weight, folks. Rich in fats, butter is brimming with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K2. Make butter a part of your regular diet to gain healthy weight.

However, practice some moderation in case of butter as saturated fats present in it can weaken your heart through clogged arteries. If you have butter in the limit, it will help in raising the levels of good cholesterol in your system.

Banana – Good for Minions And You as Well

It does not mean that weight watchers should stay away from banana. Banana is packed with nutrients. As it is high in calories, banana is often recommended by experts as a part of a weight-gain diet. High in carbohydrates, banana is said to give a boost of energy. It is quite easy to digest.

Begin your mornings with a banana milkshake, banana smoothie or team up this fruit with oatmeal. Banana is not only high in calories but also has adequate fat, potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fibres, sugar, protein, magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 as well. Consuming this yellow fruit will even help in boosting immunity, a much-required thing to gain weight.

Yoghurt – Food with No if and No But

If you are not fond of milk, try yoghurt for loading up your body with nutrition. It helps you to gain weight and even building muscles. There are so many recipes that can be made using yoghurt. Packed with protein, yoghurt even contains calories, fat and sugar as well.

The best thing about yoghurt is that it can be teamed up with fruits, veggies, sugar, salt and so many foods. Sometimes I feel it is much better an option to milk. To get the best out of yoghurt, make smoothies using fruits or veggies. Begin your morning with a health boost. You can even prepare Greek yoghurt by keeping yoghurt in a strainer for a couple of hours. Greek yoghurt being dense contains more protein as compared to regular yoghurt. It is one of the important foods in bodybuilding diets.

Cheese – Melt with Ease

If you are not living under a rock, you might be very well aware that cheese helps gain weight! If you consume this product regularly, it will help you put on some pounds and make you fit in that old denim pant of yours as well (which probably is a size bigger). Cheese gives you a boost of calcium being a dairy product. It is also high in protein, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and zinc as well. Protein helps in building muscles for weight gain. The best part about cheese is that it is easy to consume it. Add a cube of your favourite cheese (yes, there are many varieties available) to soups, sandwich, pasta or come what may in front of your eyes (I strictly meant food).

Nuts – Are a Must

High in calories, nuts have long been advised for gaining weight. Good source of protein, dietary fibres, B group vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, Vitamin E, magnesium, phytochemicals and many other nutrients, nuts are a must for your weight gain diet. There are so many varieties to choose from when it comes to nuts. Opt for peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and others. Keep a jar filled with mixed nuts on your office desk. You can munch on them whenever you feel like. If you can lay your hands on seeds, then make sure to add pumpkin seeds or flax seeds or even sunflower seeds to this mix.

Rice – Aah, This Sounds Nice

All the rice lovers reading the article, you would be happy to know that this food will help you gain some pounds. Rice is high in carbohydrates and offers you calories as well. Pair the rice with protein-rich foods to get more out of this food. The best thing about rice is that it is easy to prepare and digest as well. It can be had at any time, even when you are in a rush.

Dried Fruits – Something that is Good

There are dry fruits and then there are dried fruits. There is a difference between the two. Dry fruits are is a specific variation of fruits that are ready to consume; for instance, cashew nuts, almonds and others. However, dried fruits refer to fruits that are dried up using special procedures. Dried fruits are high in calories as well as antioxidants. They even are a good source of micronutrients. There are so many varieties of dried fruit available these days. Drying the fruits shoots up the sugar present in them. Hence, they are not recommended for weight loss but they are ideal for weight-gain diets. It is quite simple and easy to store these dried versions and even eat them at any time. Being high in fibres, vitamins, minerals, dried fruits can be teamed up with protein-rich foods. If you are fond of yoghurt, then dried fruits go well with it as well.

Oil– Now, You are Talking

I am not, but so many of us are fond of oil. If you like oil, load up your food with healthy oils to get some pounds on you. This is because oils are high in fats. And fats have a bad reputation for making people gain weight. With so many edible oils available, it is difficult to make a choice. On top of that, taste matters too. You can read the nutrition information on the back of the pack of the oils. Choose the one that gives you the most benefits. Some of the better options are canola oil, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and even flaxseed oil. Oil is also high in calories. Some variants even help in lowering the cholesterol in the blood while helping you gain healthy weight. Some ways to load up your food with healthy oils add them to the dressings of salad or pasta or even mix them up with boiled or steamed veggies.

Whole Grain Bread – That’s Well Said

Carbohydrates will help you gain weight in a healthy way. A very good source of carbohydrates is bread – the whole grain ones. Combine the bread with other foods that help you gain weight and you will have a healthy meal for sure – like cheese and potato. Whole-grain bread even contains protein and calories. Nowadays, even seeded bread is available in the stores. You can have them for your meals as they add on to the nutrients of the bread.

Avocado – Just Go, Go, Go

More than the health benefits of this wonderful fruit, it is the beauty benefits that have gained popularity. However, avocado can help you gain weight with the gamut of nutrients it possesses. You probably might not know that avocados are high in fat, in spite of hailing from the family of fruits. Almost 80% of this fruit is fat and the rest is dietary fibre, copper, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folate, potassium and others. And the interesting part of the avocado is that it goes equally well with salads as with toasts.


That you need to eat to put on weight is well known. But will be working out won’t reduce some kilos? All the hard work of eating will go down the drain. However, you might be surprised to know that exercise will actually help you extract the most out of the weight gain foods that you will consume. Exercising the right way will help you put on some pounds. Just like some foods help in increasing weight and even losing it as well, the same is true for even exercise. Some of the very well-known exercises that help in putting on weight are squats, walking lunges, push-ups, tricep dips, crunches, brisk walking, pull-ups and even running.

To conclude, balancing food and diet is the key to progress – then be it putting on weight or losing it. Happy health to you!


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