6 Ways How Forgiveness Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

How Forgiveness Could Lower Your Stress

It all began with one person. You hated her for some reason. However, you never realized that your hatred for one person will turn into a list. For years, you have been adding people to your hatred list. While you even remove a couple of persons, but the rate of adding is higher than that of removing. In this age of communication and technology, it is easy to start hating people quickly. The reasons for this could be over-communication too. You can reach out to the person easily and this creates more instances of miscommunication. However, are you aware that hatred in your heart is causing YOU more harm than the person that you hate?

Forgiveness does not refer to stop plotting revenge against the person. Forgiveness means removing all kinds of hatred and anger that you have stored in your heart. You need not think about the person at all. Forget all the acts that the person committed. In fact, forgiveness means moving on in life. This will free up some space in your mind and that will actually lower down the stress. That’s not all. Read on to find many benefits of forgiving a person and how it affects your health in a positive manner.

1. Lowers Stress

The first benefit of forgiving is the lower amount of stress. As it is, there is so much going on with your life – at work and personal fronts. If you give a part of your mind even to hatred, then you are constantly burdened. With forgiveness, you will realize that there are new things to think about. It even lowers cortisol. When you no longer think about the person for negative reasons, there is no stress, either consciously or unconsciously.

2. Blood Pressure

Giving a part of your heart to hatred even makes your blood pressure fluctuate. The past grievances make you angry every time you think about them. This increases your blood pressure as a result. When you let go of the anger, the heart rate slows down and blood pressure too comes down. The entire system in the body benefits from this.

3. A Healthy Heart

A person who holds grudges against people has a higher heart rate than those who do not mind much and forgives easily. That is proven research conducted on people. You are giving your heart much work to do when you have a long list of hated persons in your life. Your heart is constantly working. As opposed to this, when you forgive, your heart is calm and relaxed.

4. Reduced Chronic Pain

Hatred results in pain. While you must be aware of emotional pain, it even results in physical pain. People who are suffering from chronic pain should do a reality check. They should think of the grievances they are harboring. They might not be able to heal the pain because of the anger against someone. Once forgiveness is undertaken consciously, the pain will start healing on its own.

5. Depression and Anxiety

Depression is often a result of hatred and pain. When you think about a person too much and do not get the equal amount of fondness from other person, it leads to hatred. As opposed to this, when you learn forgiving, you learn to stay happy. Same goes for anxiety. At times, we hate ourselves for one reason or the other. When you forgive yourself, you feel good.

6. A Happier You

You Will Be Surprised to Know How Forgiveness Could Lower Your Stress

Every time you hate a person, you give some time of your life to the hatred. This way, many months of your life are consumed by hatred. Instead of this, invest your time in love and compassion. And you will find that you feel happier and lighter. This will automatically add years to your life. Studies prove that people forgive easily live longer than those who not.

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Cultivate the Habit of Forgiveness

Forgiveness will not come easily. A person, who has invested many years of life in just hating people, will find it all the more difficult. It is difficult to realize hatred for someone in the first place. Meditation is one of the best ways. Analyze your thoughts, remove the bad ones, and let go of all anger that you have stored in your heart. This will gradually benefit you. Let not your mind burden itself with negative thoughts about others. You will have to cultivate the habit of forgiveness. Whenever someone irritates you or does not match your morals or values, stop and think about him or her. Then, forgive the person and let go of all the thoughts. When you stop hating new people, you will slowly remove hatred related to old ones as well. It’s time that you stay happy!


  1. Forgiving, is necessary not for the person whom we hate for some reason but it is important to us. Infact it gives a free feeling to mind and heart. Yes ofcourse initially it looks like harder, but life becomes more easy for us specially for our mental health. Good article, urvashi tulsiyan.


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