10 Powerful Things that You Can Think to Stay Happy All the Time

10 Powerful Things that You Can Think to Stay Happy All the Time

Miya is working from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening from the past seven years. She is a workaholic. As soon as she returns home, her laptop invites her to work more. She is into her late 20s, lives alone and is looking forward to getting married. She goes out with friends to stay happy at times but she thinks there is something amiss in her life.

In spite of having all the elements of a good life, many people are not happy these days. Money, success, power, etc. does not guarantee contentment, which is quite necessary. To live a good life, one needs to prepare the mind that it is living a good life. Is it possible? It actually is. Let’s see how.

How to Stay Happy All the Time?

Miya, mentioned above, is living a bookish life. She is not introspecting. Her mind is occupied with just work. In stark contrast, if she fills her mind with good things, she will not find anything amiss in her life. There are good times and then there is a small patch of bad times in everyone’s life. However, due to their nature, unpleasant events and situations consume a greater part of our thoughts rather than the good ones. Avow to think about the good phases of your life frequently and you will feel a lot better. Here are the top 10 good things that you can think about and it will help you stay happy all the time in your daily life.

1. Food

Food is a fodder not only for the tummy but also for the soul. Believe it or not, good food results in good memories. So, whenever you are not feeling well or your mind is tricking you in not feeling well, think about the times you savoured your favourite food. Think about the ingredients, spices or the presentation of the food and you will notice that you are smiling.

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2. People

And she smiled at you. She is an unknown face that you met in a crowded place when you were tensed over the bickering you had with the hawker. You were slightly depressed but she smiled at you. Remember such faces and think about the pleasant gifts of smile that you exchanged with people around you.

3. Achievements

Winning the last tender should not be your only achievement. Your life is more than just office work. Play a game of ‘hide and seek’ with the kids. And make sure to play like they actually do. Try to win and celebrate the victory. Think about such feats in life and you will actually feel good.

4. Embarrassing Moments

You are not like what you used to be 5 years back. There might be some things that you did wrong. But now, that you have grown up, you are a professional in it. The mistakes that you committed embarrassed you at that time, but you laugh on those very mistakes now. Such things will definitely make you smile.

5. Books or Shows

Think about the good books that you read or your favourite shows of the past. If possible, try to remember the lines from the book or dialogue from the shows. This will definitely occupy your mind and you will start feeling happy in no time.

6. Help

Remember the time when you helped an old lady cross the road or when you bought a toffee for the kid on the street. When you think about the good acts that you did, you start feeling good even in the present.

7. Get-Togethers

Every get-together fills your mind with good memories. Try to remember the one that you had with your family members, friends, colleagues or your neighbours. The food you had, the activities you did or the conversations you had will make you feel good.

8. Childhood

Read the slam book that you had asked your friends to fill or the t-shirt that your loved ones signed on the day of your convocation. You will feel good and thank the heavens that you got to live such a pleasant time in your life.

9. Blessings

They say that counting your blessings make you feel good. This seems to be a chewed-up saying. But, believe me, it actually works. Count all the good things that you were blessed with. You are lucky in so many ways that the person you compare yourself with is not.

10. Joys

Thinking about happiness will make you happy. Happiness needs to be cultivated; it is like a fine art that you need to learn. When you think about good things regularly, you will get a habit of the same.

The best time to think about good things is early in the morning or while going to bed. These are the times you should stay happy so that you have a good day and following that, a good sleep.

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