11 Lifestyle Changes to Live a Long, Healthy and Disciplined Lifestyle

Lifestyle Changes to Live a Long, Healthy and Beautiful Lif

“I am 40 now”, pondered Ananta unintentionally, at her 40th birthday. The number 40 was getting on to her. The birthday cake that her family got her could not have accommodated so many candles and a double-digit candle was made use of. She started thinking about whether she should be content with her style of living or need she adjust her lifestyle agreeing to her growing age. She wished to live longer and enjoy every day to the fullest.

“So far, so good” – many of us live by this thought, these days. We are not aware what our health has in store for us and what challenges are we going to face in the coming times. It is difficult to predict illness and ailments but it is easy to prevent them by following a good lifestyle. A disciplined lifestyle lets you enjoy the present without worrying about the future. This automatically increases your lifespan and keeps you healthy for a longer period.

And when I talk about prolonging life, you need not wait till 40 years of age like Ananta (mentioned above). You should begin now, whether you are just 18 or well beyond 50. Let’s go through some of the changes that are easy to incorporate and go a long way in maintaining you. Well, most of these are related to a good and balanced diet, so be prepared.

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1. Eat for Your Brain

As you age, the sharpness of your brain diminishes, without you realizing it. Have you ever realized that you forget more at some points in time? It could be because of several reasons besides aging (even stress). However, feeding your brain in the right manner helps a lot. Keep your brain sharp by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, say kidney beans, tomatoes, dark chocolate, etc. Antioxidants not only keep your brain sharp but also make your skin look young and beautiful. These delay aging in different ways. Further, make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins and phytochemicals as well. When your diet is proper, your brain will remain young and sharp.

2. Let Spices Do the Needful

Please forego the notion that bland food will help you stay healthy. In fact, spices help your health in innumerable ways that you might not even have imagined. They aid weight loss, increase nutrients in your diet, and even make your food flavorsome. Every spice has a specific role to play in terms of offering good health. For instance, Oregano is full of antioxidants and turmeric prevents joint pain. While rosemary boosts your memory, sage promotes good digestion. There are a variety of spices waiting for you to make them your companions in the journey of a long and healthy life.

3. Focus on the Veggies

Yes, I can understand that meat entices you every time you desire to include some veggies in your diet. However, if you are willing to live long, then it is time to replace meat for better options like beans, tofu, legumes, and others. Doing this will also help you keep inflammation and other ailments at bay. Include more fiber in your diet, add a variety of vitamins and minerals to weigh less, and stay away from several diseases.

4. Watch your Weight

Age shows up on your skin and health gradually. It even slows down the metabolism of your body. Hence, it is required that you control portions of your diet to keep obesity at bay. Exercising is one of the ways to do that. You should eat a variety of meals but stay away from overeating or wrong choices. Watch the calories that you intake depending on your lifestyle. When it comes to choice, make sure you choose a nutrient-rich diet over plain calories. It will not only keep your weight in check but also keep ailments at bay.

5. Forgo Adding Extra Sugar

Sugar is not that sweet as it is termed to be. It sometimes becomes a slow poison deemed to ruin your health. Sugar is not only linked to increased weight but also to several diseases. For a healthy and long life, keep away from processed sugars, sugary drinks, and even fruit juices. Replace sugar with healthier options like honey and jaggery. However, even the latter should be consumed in moderation. While buying stuff in superstores, learn to read the labels at the back of the packet and avoid mistakes.

6. Exercise Your Mind and Your Body

exercise mind body

Whether you are someone knocking the doors of youth or an elderly watching the sunset of life, exercise is something that will help you make your life beautiful. All that you eat will not benefit your body if you do not support it with regular exercise. Begin with simple exercises like walking amid nature before the sun rises, yoga, swimming, or even some kind of outdoor sports. All these are good for your body. No, playing chess in the garden does not count as outdoor sports. When you indulge in physical exercise, your heart stays healthy and your skin glows because of the exit of all the toxins.

7. Give Televisions Some Rest

Television is a modern-day menace that has been turning zombies out of everyone. You should keep a safe distance from all kinds of technology if you wish to stay young and healthy. Television and gadgets have been promoting a sedentary lifestyle. Prolonged watching ruins the health of people. Instead of letting television decide how you spend your free time, it is time you hold the reins and switch off the idiot box. When you are active, your body stays healthy and your mind remains young.

8. Keep Yourselves Busy

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and even that of aging. You feel old and tired if you have nothing to do. Take part in activities that you like. Indulge in all those hobbies that you were not able to follow all this while. You can even find out some new hobbies that pep up your mind. When you are busy with interesting and meaningful things, aging takes a backseat, and health and beauty become your travel-buddies.

9. Smoking Hides Your Real Age

But in a negative way. The more you smoke the aged you will look. Quit smoking and notice the difference in your levels of energy and even your skin. Smoking invites aging and should be quit for increasing the lifespan. Cigarettes and tobacco have such components that harm the structure and appearance of your skin. Tobacco even takes a toll on the functioning of your body. Instead of tobacco chewing and smoking, adopt healthy habits that will not only reduce stress but also keep you active for long hours.

10. Sleep More to Do More

It is necessary that you regularly sleep for at least seven hours. It helps your body rejuvenate and catch up with a new day in a better way. What more! It gives your skin a lift and keeps you looking younger. When you sleep, both your mind and body get ample rest. Plus, the better you sleep the able is your body to take good and right decisions, especially related to health.

11. Add More Colours to Your Platter

We eat the same food most of the time. While this is easy and trouble-free, it is necessary that you eat a colorful platter every day. You can add colors to your diet by including colorful fruits and vegetables, say pumpkin, beetroot, cucumber, carrot, tomato. These veggies are so bright that they make you feel good about what you eat. Every color in your food offers a different health benefit. Also, a colorful diet prevents us from mindless eating and from stuffing our bodies with empty calories. People around the world have been eating a colorful diet to boost their vitamins and minerals intake. It also helps them looking younger and staying healthier.


No one can defy age, unless and until he or she has been granted the boon of magical chants. However, what you can do is make healthy choices and include a workout in your daily program. When you listen to your body, you are given the gift of a healthy body and mind for a longer period. I am sure you will definitely do that for a younger and happier you!


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