How to Boost Positive Energy in Your Home – Benefits of Positivity and High Vibes at Home


“It’s not how BIG the house is, it’s how HAPPY the home is”

Have you ever had an instant connection to a place, even if you have entered it for the first time – be it your friend’s house, a restaurant or even a school? On the contrary, did you ever feel sad on entering a place – like there is something that is repelling you?

Amayra is a working professional and a mother of a toddler. During house hunting, she hopped from one property to another. Her husband was tired making her ‘say yes’ to a single one. Even she was disappointed that she was not able to decide a place – for reasons unknown. Her husband was adamant to purchase a resale flat. However, she did not agree as there was something that made her sad while entering it. As her husband was not ready for a ‘no’ from her, she started making enquiries in the neighborhood about the specific home. After several conversations with people living around, she came to know that the property was a disputed one. Two brothers were fighting over the ownership. She enlightened her husband regarding this and even he agreed not to purchase the property. Her husband asked her the reason for not liking the property earlier. Amayra replied that she did not get positive vibes while standing at the door of the property.

Vibrations of a place affect you – be it your home or even office. Vibes are not related to spirituality directly. They are something that you emanate – the place that you live or work have. Even if a person prays day and night, there might be something negative that you feel while you are around him. On the contrary, even an atheist can give you positive vibes and a feeling of joy when you are around him. At times, you do not feel like living in your own house – this might be due to the reason that something is amiss, something is not right or some kind of energy is being blocked in your home.

Health, happiness, and prosperity knock on your door when the vibrations are positive. Home is a place where you want to feel safe, secure and happy. When a home has positive energy, you automatically feel good. The good news is that you need not make major changes in your home for creating positive vibes. Just some arrangement and placement works well to make your home a positive place – a happy one. Welcome your friends and family to a place that ups their energy and soothes their soul. Here are some things that you can do to make your home a positive haven – a heaven, indeed.

Smudge Your Home

Whenever you feel bogged down by the energy in your home or you are not feeling right in some way, smudging is the best way to clear your home of all the negative vibes that might have crept in. You might not have heard of smudging earlier. If you think it might be complicated, then it is not. To smudge your home means to cleanse the energy and aura of the same by lighting incense cones. Incense cones are different from incense sticks. While incense sticks emanate mild smoke, incense cones fill your home with smoke. Unlike incense sticks that are quite fragrant, incense cones may or may not release the fragrance. You can find incense cones or even herbal plants or herbs for smudging online and offline.

You can smudge your home at any time – there is no specific time for smudging. I generally prefer smudging it in the evening. I feel quite depressed in the evening – I have evening blues. Lighting incense cones make me feel good and energetic. If you are not able to bear the smoke – carefully smudge your home when you are going out. The emanated smoke will subside by the time you return. It is recommended to smudge your new home, when someone recovers from illness, when you feel negative inside, after a heated argument, when a guest giving negative vibes leaves your home or even daily. Smudging on a routine basis clears up negative energy regularly.

While smudging, make sure that your entire home gets filled with smoke. You can place cones in different corners or take the cone to every room. However, you need to be very careful while going around furnishings to evade risks of fire.

Benefit from Greenery

I remember my father-in-law telling me to have a holy basil plant in the home. He said that energy released from holy basil is pure and even medicinal. Holy basil has the power of purifying the home. I was amazed to know this about basil. Similarly, there are many plants that infuse your home with positive energy. However, you should take caution with plants that might even cause conflicts in your home. Experts suggest that one should not grow plants like the cactus in the home as it has thorns. The same thing goes for Aloe Vera. When in confusion, opt for flowering plants. It feels good when blooming flowers are present in your home.

Nature has the power to heal any kind of wound or energy. Greens uplift the environment and even make you feel empowered. Choose live plants instead of engineered ones. Health experts too recommend tending to plants to stay away from blues. Do remember to water the plants on regular intervals. Take care of them and do not let them die.

Play Good Music

There is nothing that music cannot do – it can make you laugh, make you remember something and even make you jump with joy. With so many forms of music around the world, you can choose your favourite and let it play in the background. Soothing music heals the soul of your home. Even when you are not feeling well, you can perk up your mood by listening to your favourite number. Whenever you are filled with anger, play on some music to let your anger subside and not cause you any harm. Good music fills your home with positive energy. It diffuses all the negative energy and makes everyone present in the home happy.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is something that traps the positive energy present in your home. Clutter has the power to produce negative energy if it is not cleared up on regular intervals. If your home is unorganized for some reasons, make sure that you take out some time to arrange it. Personally, whenever I clear the clutter, I feel good and energetic. I am so bubbly that I feel like cooking a new dish or doing something refreshing. At times, I even get new projects to work on and also, my pending payments get cleared. Yes, the credit definitely goes to an organized home.

No, I am not asking you to leave all the important work and start clearing the utensils again and keep your home spick and span, even if you are not feeling well. I am just asking you to organize it so that the movement of energy is eased. When the house is organized, you do not waste time in hunting for things. Discard all the clothes that you do not wear and things that are not in use. Donate them to the needy and make space for new things. In fact, one of my friends told me that whenever she purchases something new, she ensures that an unused thing is donated to make space for the new one. Interesting, isn’t it! Clean not only the clutter but also the cleaners in your home. Clean up the mop, brooms, vacuum cleaner too. Fix their position and make sure to place them there.

Let the Sunshine Come in

Is your home naturally ventilated? Does sunshine knocks on the doors or windows of your home? If yes, then nothing is better than this. Open up the windows in the morning. Natural sunshine and blowing wind purify your home. While this action will generate positive vibes in your household, it is even good for removing unpleasant odor, bacteria, virus or negative energy. Sunshine and cross ventilation removes trapped energy and blocked toxins in your home. It even charges you. People who are not feeling well or suffer from anxiety notice a positive difference in their health as well. Not only this, you and your family members will feel happy together.

Revel in the Magic of Essential Oils

Scents play a magical role in our lives. Why do shopping malls always smell good? Because the owners keep the energy of the place charged up by doing this. Good smell coaxes us to indulge and spend well in stores. Just like lighting incense sticks and cones, you can even make the most of the power of essential oils. Earlier, there were specific earthen lamps that were used to infuse the home with the fragrance.

Now, you can find a variety of essential oil diffusers on the market. Choose the fragrance that lifts you up and gets going. The scent of the oils spreads in the air and creates a magical ambiance in the house. When it leaves your place, it takes all the negative energy with it as well. It even helps in emptying your home of toxins, smells, and bacteria that have been keeping you down. Every fragrance has a specific importance. You need to choose wisely to make sure that it gives your home ample benefits. While peppermint clears the stress away, myrrh helps in purifying the ambiance. Rose infuses your home with high positive vibes while frankincense and cedar wood remove negative energy. Basil and cypress are for protection, lavender is for calming, juniper is for good health and Palo Santo is for initiating good luck.

Harness the Power of Colors

Does a specific color always bring a smile on your face? There is a reason for the same. Colours have been given the power of generating good vibrations and charging up the energy of the space they are present in. When you get your home painted, choose the colours wisely. While living room should be of specific colour, the bedroom should be subtly colored as it will help you sleep soundly. Choose vibrant colors for particular walls and combine them with light colours to create a balance in your home. For instance, orange denotes energy, green stands for growth, red is for excitement, yellow is for joy, blue is for serenity while purple is for creativity and luxury.

Go Herbal, Say No to Toxins

Clear up your place with toxic chemicals present in your household – in paints, cleaners and the like. Discard things and products that are beyond the expiry date. All these things trap the positive energy in your home. Uplift and charge your home with all things fresh and herbal. Instead of opting for expensive chemical-laden beauty and cosmetics, opt for homemade or herbal products that benefit you and your skin as well. Choose products that are organic and not tested on animals. This way, you will do your bit towards the environment. The nature, in turn, thanks you and fills your home with positive vibrations.

Light Lamps

Lighting lamps or candles on a regular basis charge up your home in more ways than one. It invites positive energy and light. It even makes you happy and enlightens the ambiance. All the corners of your home should receive sufficient light. Create good vibrations and set the mood rolling by lighting candles every evening. You can even create candles on your own by DIY method. Mix the candles with essential oils and your home will smell good when you light such candles. Stay away from toxins and chemical laden candles to keep negative energy away from your home.

Leave Worries Outside

When you enter the door of your home after returning from work every evening, make it a point to leave all the worries and tensions outside before entering. The secret to a positively charged home is doing everything consciously. When you cook food for your loved ones, do not knead the dough unconsciously. Charge the dough with positive energy by mumbling lovely songs or uttering “This dough will make my family healthy”. This way your family will be happy and healthy and the ambiance of your home will be positive and energetic.

Pray or Meditate / Chanting Mantras

Create a sacred place in your home where you can be by yourself and pray or meditate. Praying or uttering sacred chants or mantras has a positive effect on the ambiance of your home. It feels really good. There are several mantras available online that can be played in the morning or any time or even 24 x7 in your home. Mantras generate powerful vibrations – that enable you to achieve the impossible. Praying or meditating helps in driving away negative energy out of the home and charging up your home with positive one. This benefits the entire family with good health, happiness, renewed focus, and closeness.

Say No to Gadgets

Recently, there has been a trend in families – of not having a television in the living room. People do not even charge their mobile phones in open. Electronic gadgets are only making lives more miserable. Keeping them stacked away in a corner keeps your home charged up. The radiations emanating from gadgets are not good for your health or even the health of your home. Make sure that your phones are used only at the time of their need. This will certainly have a positive effect on the health and happiness of your family.

Charge Your Home with Happiness

Make your home an address of celebrations. Invite friends and family who usher happiness and positive vibes in your household. Celebrate life with your closed ones. Adorn the walls of your home with happy memories in the form of pictures clicked while travelling, of events and occasions and things that make you happy. All this has a positive effect on your home. Have a nameplate outside your door, so that the opportunities know which door to knock. Let the wind-chimes create positive sounds in your home. If something has broken down or has cracked (for instance, artifact or crockery), get rid of such things as soon as possible.

Light up your mood and usher good luck in your home by keeping these things in your mind. While you cannot see increasing positive energy in your home, you can certainly experience it. Positive energy makes you feel good and keeps your mood charged while negative energy is the forerunner of all things bad. Let your family revel in the power of positivity while you take small steps to make your home a haven of good luck. Happy Healing!

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