6 Benefits of Using Hula Hoops for Exercise and Burning Fat

Learn the Correct Way to Use Hula Hoops and How Hula Hoops Help to Burn Fat

“Aunty please, once more!”

Requested the kids in the garden. We were playing with the Hula Hoops. I could complete a few rounds easily. This excited the kids and they desired to see the ring go round and round. Later, post-dinner, I felt tired and exhausted. I realized that this may be due to the hula hoops. I researched it on the internet and found that indeed Hula Hoops is a sort of workout. You will be surprised to know that these interesting playthings exercise your core. If done on a regular basis, it even helps in sculpting the area around the waist and strengthening the muscles of the stomach. In addition, fat in these areas is burnt, which is quite difficult.

Research proves that Hula Hoops works on almost 30 muscles in the body. Further, it is considered to be a complete body workout. This is interesting, isn’t it? For this, you need to find out the correct way to use the Hula Hoops. There are many types of exercises that can be done using this colorful ring. Invest in the one that is specifically meant for the purpose of the exercise. Let’s have look at the benefits of Hula Hoops exercise as a routine.

1. Burn Calories Faster

The interesting part of hooping (the act of using hula hoops) is that people can burn more than 400 calories every hour. In addition, if you make use of your arms and legs together for hooping, you can burn as many as 600 calories every hour. I can understand it will be quite boring to hoop for straight 60 minutes. I will make it easy for you to comprehend. Consider that you hoop for just 8 minutes. It will help you burn 50 calories. It is like a cardiovascular workout. Do not reach out for the hula hoops stacked on the plinth yet. First, read about other benefits of hooping.

2. Strengthens the Spine

If you notice that when you hoop then your spine is also involved along with your waist. You move forward and backward, which moves your weight too. This is a specific movement very beneficial to the spine. On regular practice, your spine will get trained to perform different motions. Breaking out of the routine, the spine gets increased flexibility, more than that it is used to. A flexible spine means a flexible you. This ultimately prevents frequent back injuries. Also, it results in enhanced blood flow to the spine. Get a smiling spine by hooping.

3. Builds up Cardiovascular Health

Hooping is great for all the muscles of the body including the heart.

It increases the heart-rate by doing just a few rounds. If you hoop for just 20 minutes every day, your heart gets a good amount of exercise. Experts recommend exercising heart on a daily basis to improve health.

4. Develop Motor Skills

Not just kids, even adults require refurbishing their motor skills once in a while. That is the reason that it is recommended to develop sports as a hobby. Generally, people hoop in a clockwise direction. However, hooping in both directions is quite useful for the brain. When you hoop, your hand-eye coordination is improved to a great extent. This even challenges your brain to think ahead. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise hooping engages different parts of your brain. It even gives you the ability to balance your body.

5. Stretches your Muscles

The push and pull motion required in doing hula hoops is good for your joints too. It helps stretches the muscles while exercising the spine, as discussed above. This helps in the flow of nutrients to the intervertebral discs. While hooping, you are constantly focused on keeping the disc in motion. This activity requires both blood flow and oxygen. It not only burns calories but also builds your capacity to perform aerobics.

6. Makes you Happy

I like doing hula hoops once in a day. Firstly, the colors of the hoop are so interesting that it instantly uplifts my mood. If possible, I gather all the kids around, put on some great music, and together, we indulge in hula hoops. The constant sound of cackling and good music is what I look forward to. Experts say that this activity releases endorphins and gives good signals to the brain. This has a good effect on the body too. I have heard most of my friends say that they start feeling younger after hula hooping.

Right Way to Use Hula Hoops

While hula hooping, make sure that your back is straight. A good posture is the first requirement of doing hula hoops as an exercise. If you do not take your posture into account, then it might be detrimental to your body. Better posture even helps in doing more number of rounds of hula hoops. Make sure that you bring the hoop against the back prior to beginning hooping. Further, avoid turning the hula hoops at the hips. While it is quite easy, it is considered unfavorable for hula hooping.

In the End

Hula hoops are available in different varieties, colors, and sizes. If you desire to use it as exercise equipment, do not go for the ones that are meant for the kids. Choose one that is available at a sports store. People even opt for hula hoops with weights for added benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hula hoops and start hooping for happiness.

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