5 Places in Your Home that You Should Clear, Immediately

5 Places in Your Home that You Should Clear, Immediately

Most of us waste our time finding things that are kept in the wrong place. At times, we dread to open a particular drawer as it is full of unwanted things and cleaning it will consume much of our precious time. Clutter in your drawer is a sign of clutter in your mind. Say goodbye to the clutter and notice how good you feel. But if you are one of those who find it difficult to cut down the clutter, we will help you do it.

In the matter of space, I always loved the idea of my friend. Whenever she bought something new, she bid goodbye to some old thing of hers. The old thing was given off in the charity. She is of the opinion that just as we enjoy a new thing, we should let others enjoy something too. I am following this idea of hers for a long time. It not only lightens up my mind but also makes space in the cupboard. I feel good, inside and outside as well.

When there are only a few things in the cupboard, it will help you get what you want in much less time. It will also make it easy for you to clean the mess when required. Even psychologists are of the opinion that clutter might result in depression and anxiety. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of these five unwanted things immediately.

1. Wardrobe

This will always be number one in my list of clearing the clutter. When we organize the wardrobe, we find that there are so many options to wear. However, as soon as we are about to head out somewhere, nothing seems to deem fit.

If you like to match your style with the current fashion, then you will not find anything to wear ever. This is because the style changes every week. Instead of this, recycle some of your old clothes and give away those that you have not worn in months. Do not wait for Christmas for charity. Give off things that you will never wear. However, hold on to scarves and accessories. They can be repeated to give any outfit a new look.

2. Washroom

We never realize this but our washroom and bathroom reveal a lot about us and our routine. If you are one of those who like to rummage through the cosmetic aisle of the superstore to fill your bathroom with beauty products, then it is time to introspect.

Begin with checking the products in your bathroom that have expired. These might do more harm than benefit. Then, check the products that you have not used in months. Do not wait for using it on the weekend. Instead, get rid of them to make the bathroom spacious.

You might not realize this but you waste much of your precious time in the morning, thinking of which toothpaste to use or which face-wash to apply. If there are not many options, you can finish your morning routine a few minutes earlier.

3. Kitchen


You rush through the kitchen to finish cooking as early as possible. However, in spite of preparing just two or three things, your cooking takes so much time. If you are wondering this, you need to arrange the kitchen NOW.

Begin with arranging the grocery. Keep the boxes neatly stacked depending upon their usage. Get rid of plastic cutlery that you received free with the home-delivered food. Appliances or kitchen-ware that has not been used in 6 months or so should be discarded. Make a habit of checking the expiry date on the ready-to-eat packets. Further, purchase grocery judiciously.

4. Book Rack

If you have a habit of storing new and old books and reading them once in a while, I can relate with you. At times, it happens that we set aside a magazine to read it again. But, we do not do it for a year or so. Our habit of postponing reading the magazine is burdening the book rack.

Please, find such books and give them away. Someone actually has the time to read that magazine of yours. Or a better thing is to give the books for recycling and benefit Mother Nature. This way, you will not have to purchase a new book rack. Instead, you can adjust the new books in the place of clutter that you just cleared.

5. Technology

Oh! So, you have a huge collection of VHS tapes, CDs, VCDs and cassettes. However, do you watch these things? Or, you just switch on YouTube to watch your favourite shows. Do not wait for a tech fairy to come and organize this clutter. Instead, get rid of them and make way for things that you actually need.

You are not going to watch ‘Finding Nemo’ on the CD. It is available online and you will just log on to your account to watch it. There is no point to keep this for the sake of collectables. There are many things that can be collected but this. Technology is changing at a fast pace and you need to come to terms with it. This is for your own good.

At the End

At the end of this great cleaning drive, you will find that there is so much newfound space in your home. Tomorrow morning, you will even find extra time for yourself that you have saved by not searching for important things.

However, make sure that you get rid of the unwanted things then and there in the future, instead of postponing it for later. Further, do not purchase things that you are not going to use immediately. Happy organizing!


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