How to Look Fab Post-Delivery and Recover Quickly from Giving Birth

recover quickly from giving birth

I was in a mess post-delivery. Being a first time mom is pretty tough. I had gained a lot of pounds in spite of eating just healthy food during pregnancy. I never gave into cravings and exercised during the entire time. Even after doing all this, I looked similar to a bloated balloon. In order to maintain myself, I started exercising twice a day, once my baby was 2 months old. However, in a bid to lose weight, I forgot about everything else – spending time with baby and husband, eating healthy food, reading books, et al. Here are some things that you can do to look fab post-delivery.

Begin with a Haircut

Your hair bears the brunt of postpartum problem that you face. You do not get time to eat well or care for the hair. This ultimately results in hair loss. I suggest cutting your hair shorter. This will help you manage your hair. It will even make you feel good. Whenever I am feeling low or going through a tough phase, I opt for a haircut. It works like magic on my mood. Ask your stylist for a postpartum mommy friendly haircut – one which looks fun, is manageable and makes you feel good.

Next is Hydration

look fab post-delivery

Whether or not you are breastfeeding, water works wonders on the skin. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water helps stabilize any hormonal problems that you might be facing. It even prevents mindless eating. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. My grandma suggested me drinking carom seeds water post-delivery. What you need to do is soak the some seeds at night in some water. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. It clears out the accumulated toxins in the uterus, also helping in digestion. Interesting, isn’t this!


I was so busy with the baby that I seldom got time to observe myself in the mirror. Once while brushing teeth, I noticed tiny specks on the cheeks. This was a red signal. I hurried to the dermatologist to make sure that there is nothing to worry about. I have become a little hypochondriac post pregnancy. And in this age of internet, I should definitely be labeled as cyberchondriac. While the dermatologist had only creams to prescribe, I promised myself a skincare regimen. The post-delivery difficulties will last only for a while. However, the skin will stay with you for lifetime. If you do not take care of your skin now, at this delicate stage, you might end up with grave problems.


Let’s begin with the night time. After a hectic day, you just want to hit the bed without even changing into your PJs. However, cleansing your skin is must at night. Just dab a little face-wash and let your skin breathe. The skin of your face attracts all the grime and grease while you cook, go out in extreme weathers and even when you just stand at the window. Hence, cleansing before bedtime will make sure that it breathes well throughout the night. Washing face twice a day is quite essential. It helps remove dirt and oil and prevents breakouts.

Night Cream

It is tough to make a baby sleep. She can play all night, without even blinking her eyelids. So, when I put her to bed, instead of struggling to make her sleep, I make use of this time. I begin with applying cream on my feet and hands. I use a good quality night cream that is not sticky but helps moisturize my skin. I feel good when I wake up. Just washing my face with water is enough when I wake up. There are overnight masks and light night creams readily available at superstores.

Good Sleep

I had the benefit of not resuming work immediately post-delivery. I used this to catch up on all the sleep I missed while working during pregnancy. When my baby dozed off, I first completed some of the chores and then slept closed to her. It was simply blissful. Sleeping helps maintain weight and even results in a good mood. It even gives you healthy skin.

Food Habits

Ah! The time of pregnancy is good to binge. Sadly, that time is over. Take care of your diet. Stop sugary diet. It is detrimental to the health of your skin. Include raw veggies and fruits in your diet. Cut down junk food. Eating foods that are high in anti-oxidants keep your skin youthful and fresh. While you keep a tap on your diet, it’s okay to cheat at times. However, practice portion controls.


Exercising improves the blood flow and gives you a glowing skin. Learn facial exercises and yoga. For instance, Suryanamaskar even helps in preventing hair fall. Also, practice breathing exercises. They are quite helpful. The best thing about exercise is that it even keeps your body fit. I have been exercising since I was 15. I am quite glad that seeing me practice yoga, my daughter is inspired to practice some asanas too. However, if you are not able to exercise at home, then go for walks regularly. Fresh air and sunshine will help you heal quickly.


Yes, it is the secret of staying alive and happy, once proved by a shopaholic. If you do not want to shop for clothes as you will shed the extra kilos in some time, then you can at least go for window shopping. It will make you feel good. You can buy some dark chocolates, scarves or even perfumes, what say? Ask your closed ones to look after the baby while you go out alone to enjoy some me-time.

Salon Time

I feel so much pampered at the salon. People looking after me and making me feel comfortable. And when I step outside the salon door, I feel that entire world is looking at me in wonder, as if I have been turned into a princess. If you feel the same, it’s time to make salon visits more often. Opt for manicure and pedicure and body massages. It will definitely make you feel better.


It’s like a dream to go to a library post-delivery. However, if your husband arrives early from work and if you have some time at hand, grab the keys and head to a library. Read a magazine if not a novel. I am in love with magazines. The bright colours, smell of the pages and some fancy words heal my bad mood instantly.


Yes, it is difficult to fit into the old denims right after giving birth. It seems to be forever till we are able to wear that favorite piece of clothing. However, if you have been creative with your dressing, then it’s time to put it to use even now. While you are not able to fit into the old clothes, it is not necessary that you wear only loose clothes. Mismatch your outfits to hide the weight gain. Play with colours and accessories. And believe me when I say that no one is going to notice you much, hereafter. As now onwards, your baby will be the star and the conversation starter when you venture out.

Stay Positive

I felt quite lonely during pregnancy and post-delivery. Watching friends going out and having fun made me all the more depressed. My husband counseled me. He used to brighten up my day saying that this is a temporary phase. Once the baby is slightly older, it would be fun to go out together as a family. Staying positive and attracting happiness should be on your mind rather than depression and loneliness. If need be, chuck social media for some time and concentrate on reading books and taking adequate rest. Your happiness will be passed on to your baby too.

Above All

Giving birth is the best phase of a women’s life. However, it takes a toll on both physical and mental health post-delivery. Your life will not change immediately in a day or two. It will take a couple of months to recover from pregnancy and post-pregnancy hassles. The best advice is to take one day at a time. Let the time heal you. Spend time with your baby; you will not even realize how time flies away. You will miss the infant more than any other stage. You are one awesome woman and I know you would quickly recover from post-delivery woes.


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