15 Simple Grooming Tips for Men – How Menfolk Can Look Good Without Much Ado

Grooming tips for men

Not too long ago – just a few years back, I remember that a greater part of menfolk was not aware of the strategy of grooming. I deliberately mentioned ‘a greater part of menfolk’ because I remember the teenage boys living in our neighborhood who would apply gram flour paste on their face as a part of grooming. While I used to make fun of them then, I now praise such men who actively take care of their skin, body, and health. The reason for menfolk not thinking about grooming much is that just like me, many could not think of taking beauty treatments. Further, shabby men were considered to be macho and brave. However, thank God and cosmetic companies for changing the mindset of people like me towards male grooming.

“Success favors the well-groomed”

Definitely. Well Groomed people are attractive, aren’t they? Also, I think looking fresh and clean sends out a positive signal to all those you meet. It means that if you can take care of your own self so beautifully, you can definitely handle anything that comes your way. I have seen well-groomed men being favored for promotions and appraisals over hardworking but unkempt employees. While this is a completely wrong approach, it just means that just hard work in the office will not guarantee success, but you also need to work hard on your own body.

The Changing Perception

The last few years have seen a paradigm shift in the way grooming products are being marketed. Earlier, the grooming range for men included shaving creams, after-shave lotion, hair gels, soaps, and the like. However, this has changed over the years. Now, male grooming range boasts of exclusive face wash, moisturizers, shampoo, etc. Menfolk do not need to shy while applying cream post-bath. In fact, many women prefer products manufactured for gents as these are quite intense and even smell good. Men feel blessed because of this change in perception. They also need to be grateful to cosmetic companies who are advertising and marketing to make men a necessary part of the grooming culture, just like women are.

15 Simple Grooming Tips for Men

These tips are simple, easy to follow, and most importantly, necessary. You man, if you desire to be successful, you need to rise above the ordinary menfolk and make heads turn.

1. Your Barber Should Recognize You By Face

This does not apply to those men who frequently change their barbers. But for others, to make your barber recognize you, visiting twice a year will not help, unless and until you give away gold coins as a tip. You need to be frequent to your barber’s. As per experts, your hair demands to trim after every four weeks on an average. Do not wait for anyone to tell you that “It’s Time” or “It’s High Time” for a haircut. Another advice is that when you find a good barber, stick to him or her. This will minimize the anxieties that you possibly have before every haircut.

2. People Should Notice Just Your Smile

This I say in the context of oral hygiene. If people begin noticing your bad breath and peeping yellow teeth along with your smile, you are in a big problem, man. What are the things that you should keep in mind for this? Firstly, brush your teeth, twice daily – no excuses for this. Learn how to brush your teeth the right way. Secondly, follow up with a mouthwash after brushing in the morning. Lastly, make a point to visit your dentist regularly. This makes sure that all the dental problems are avoided before these become too grave to handle.

3. Increase Your Face Value

Your Face Value will definitely plummet if you value your face. Just like women, you guys need to take care of your face. All those facials, face scrubs, bleaching, and the like that women invest in is quite necessary. For the starters, you need to invest in a good face wash. Wash your face daily or even twice a day to keep problems at bay. You can opt for weekly facial steaming to remove all the impurities and bacteria that you attract on a daily basis. Facial scrubbing is very necessary for men because of the skin type. This helps in scrubbing off the pollutants that settle on your skin while you go about your day without noticing them. All this will help to keep your facial skin healthy and glowing.

4. Your Beard Should Not be Nicknamed Weird

Grooming tips

Your beard tells a lot about you than your words do. Yes, the trends are tilted towards the beard. However, if you do not know how to tame your beard, do not even think of it. Even saints these days keep their beards looking wonderful, with all the media buzz around them. Many companies are laughing their ways to bank, thanks to the wide range of beard products they make or market. Help these companies grow by investing in their products – beard oil, beard wax, beard wash, beard trimmers and what not. Take care of the entire bulk – beard and whiskers and whatever is around it.

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5. Shave the Blues Off Your Face

Those little hairs that peep out of your cheeks and chin, time and again, need to be given a proper farewell. They sure are a sign of masculinity but they do not add to your face value. I can understand it takes time to shave them off every morning. However, instead of daily trimming, go for a weekly one. Learn to shave the stubble the right way or hire an expert for the same. There are so many tricks and tips available that help you shave and save (your time). If you are too lazy to shave, take a cue from my husband. He grew a beard. Simple isn’t it! No, it is not. Refer to point 4 above.

6. Facial Threading is as Much for Men

Yes, but not as frequently as women. Your eyebrows, nasal hair, and those peeping out of your ears need to be trimmed off properly. However, I am not asking you to make your eyebrows look feminine either. You just need to make sure that they do not look irregular or shabby. That single hair growing out of the mole on your chin also needs to be settled before it competes with the hair on your head. If you are too cautious to handle such errant hair on your own, there are experts who specialize in them. They are waiting with open arms to take care of your facial threading, men.

7. Do Not Forget to Clean Up

You might remember to wash your hands but how frequently do you wash your face? No, I am not asking you to wash your face every time you wash your hand. But, yes, you need to wash your face twice or thrice, especially if you travel on a two-wheeler or use public transport. Wash your face first thing in the morning. It awakens all your senses. Then, wash when you reach your office. If you do not prefer washing, wipe your face off with a wet-tissue to bid farewell to pollutants. And lastly, wash your face before you hit the bed.

8. Watch Your Hands

And by watching, I am not asking you to stare at them. You need to take care of them so that they look good. You might have heard that women get their hands waxed on a regular basis. This helps them bid goodbye to all the dust and grime that settles on the hands repeatedly. However, you do not need to wax them. Just clean them before going to bed and apply a good moisturizer. Further, you also need to trim your nails weekly to keep them prim and proper. Dirty nails are a big turn off – not only for womenfolk but also for your colleagues.

9. Think Before You Step Out

Yes, you need to carry your wallet before you head out. But, one thing that you also require is sunscreen. Lather your skin with a good sunscreen to keep the UV Rays out of your periphery. UV Rays do more damage than pollution does and you need to be very careful. Do not skip the sunscreen routine even in winters or monsoon. UV Rays are never on a break – they are quite hardworking and active enough to damage your skin, irrespective of the season.

10. Do Not Take Moisturizing Lightly

Given that, do not even end up with a thick layer of cream all over you. You need to be smart with your moisturizing lotion. Apply it evenly all over your body after a shower. It helps your skin to absorb the moisture immediately at that time. Further, you can even massage your skin with a good moisturizer before you go to sleep. Do remember to change your moisturizing lotion with the change of season. While summers require a light one, winters need a heavy moisturizer. In summers, you can opt for a moisturizing sunscreen lotion that fulfills two objectives in one go.

11. Hair, Hair, Everywhere

You need to clean up your pubic hair as well, once a while. Whether you are single or not, you need to keep your hair trimmed for personal hygiene. Do not shave them or roll over a razor on them. Choose an option carefully – the area being sensitive. Whatever equipment you choose needs to be cleaned as well. If nothing else works for you, use a scissor – it is as effective.

12. Make Sure You Have Happy Feet

Your feet are hidden beneath a great pair of shoes and socks for a greater part of the day. However, keep your feet happy for your own benefits. In order to make your feet smile, opt to clean them regularly. You can even scrub your feet once or twice a week. Do not forget the area between the toes – this is the den of bacteria. Trim your nails weekly – you are not competing with monsters or vampires, are you? After returning from the office, you can soak your feet in some warm water and salt. Believe me! you will thank me for this idea. If you are game for it, then go for a pedicure – nothing beats this beauty procedure when it comes to happy feet.

13. How Do You Smell?

Just like women look appealing with their choice of fragrances, men make a statement through them. However, men are known by so many different types of fragrances, especially the shabby ones…Ewww! Right from the way your aftershave lotion smells to the deodorant you use before stepping out, all are being noticed by fellow women and men around you. So, the point I want to make is to be careful. You do not want to mix up all the fragrances and make others around you sneeze, right! The fragrances that you choose should not be too loud. Choose a scent according to the season – light and citrus scents work best for summers and spicy goes well in winters.

14. Be Wary of the Products You Use

You must be very cautious about what you eat. However, you also need to be equally cautious of what you apply on your skin. Cosmetic companies have been playing with the skin of the people. Many products are being introduced that might benefit for a while but are quite harmful in the long run. Firstly, make a habit of reading the labels – anything with Paraben is a complete no-no. Google the ingredients and find out whether they are harmful or not. This is a tedious process but much required. Even herbal products have harmful components and you should be aware of what you use. You do not want to end up with skin problems, right!

15. Drink, Drink and Drink More

Obviously, I am not talking about alcohol. It is water that I insist on. The more hydrated you stay, the more healthy your skin is. Keep a bottle handy wherever you go. Sip fresh water often. It frees you from many skin problems, ailments, and disorders. In fact, begin your day with a glass of water for a healthy morning and a great day thereafter.

If a guy is reading this post, I am quite thankful to you that you reached this last paragraph. This says all about your love for grooming. If a woman is reading this, I can understand your concerns – do not worry, you can and you definitely will induce the changes pretty soon. Happy Grooming Menfolk!


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