Reasons I Still am a Fan of Good Old Wheat

Reasons I Still am a Fan of Good Old Wheat

The superstore is flooded with varieties of food options prepared with the alternate grain. Well, it is good that we can get an occasional break from wheat preparations. However, I still prefer to have wheat, especially chapatis, roti or phulka, at least once in a day. Wheat, at times, is demeaned by the present new-age grains or pseudo-grains. But, I am still a fan of wheat, given its several health benefits. And I am grateful to God that my kiddo seldom gets bored of this favorite grain of mine.

The Common Grain

Wheat is like a superhero that everybody is aware of. High in demand, this grain is used for preparing flatbreads, pasta, bagels, cakes, biscuits and a host of foods around the world. Wheat is loaded with nutrients and ensures a healthy diet. All three parts of wheat kernel including bran, endosperm and germ are nutritious. Hence, in spite of processing wheat into flour, the nutrition value remains intact. However, there are several types of wheat used in recipes. Make sure that the wheat products that you purchase from the store are made of whole-wheat flour instead of refined wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour gives the maximum benefit of wheat.

Wheat is rich in

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Chlorine
  • Manganese
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • Arsenic
  • Sulfur
  • Silicon
  • Catalytic elements

Benefits of Wheat in Your Diet

Good Choice for Obese Patients

Whole-wheat preparation help in weight control. People, who desire to control their weight or even are on the track of losing it, should opt for wheat in their diet.

Enhances Body Metabolism

Wheat protects against conditions like cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and various other problems. The fibers present in wheat aid the digestion in the body. This ultimately increases the overall metabolism. A whole-wheat diet, therefore, is said to reduce metabolism-related syndromes in the body.

Prevents the Risk of Gallstones

Wheat being loaded with insoluble fiber is said to lower bile acid secretion. The duration of the intestinal transit too is fast and smooth. Not known by many people, bile acids if secreted in excessive amount can lead to the formation of gallstones in the body. Wheat consumption lowers the fat present in the blood as it increases the sensitivity of the insulin.

Prevents Coronary Diseases

Whole wheat is high on phytonutrient viz. plant lignans. Consuming wheat ensures protection against hormone-dependent cancers and even heart-related diseases. Eating wheat regularly ensures protection against many such ailments.

Protection Against Type 2 Diabetes

Rich in magnesium, wheat even helps prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes. Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in the way body utilizes insulin and glucose in the functional form. People who are already suffering from diabetes can consume wheat to keep their high sugar levels under control.

Good for Post Menopause

Whole wheat should be regularly consumed by women who have passed their menopause stage. Wheat preparations keep cardiovascular problems at bay. Such women who are already struggling with problems like blood pressure or high cholesterol can notice a difference by consuming wheat. Even heart attacks and strokes problems can be minimized as the progression of atherosclerosis is slowed down.

Wheat Chapattis

While there are several recipes that can be prepared with wheat, I am particularly fond of wheat chapattis. They are easy and simple to prepare and keep the nutritional value of wheat intact. I like to have chapattis on a daily basis. There are several methods of preparing chapattis, around the world. Popularly known as flatbreads, they are prepared using the griddle and even the direct flame. Chapattis are loaded with nutrients as they keep the nutrition value of the wheat intact. A good source of carbohydrates, they not only give instant energy but are also easy to digest. If you are looking to up your levels of haemoglobin, have some chapattis on a regular basis. Those who are diet conscious can have chapattis too as they are quite low in calories. Rich in fiber, chapattis even prevent the risk of cancer due to the presence of selenium. In addition, eating chapattis ensure good skin, thanks to the zinc in them.

So do you like wheat in your daily routine? How often you use wheat in your schedule? Share your views in the comments.


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