12 Healthy Snacks You’ll Love to Eat at Your Office

12 Healthy Snacks You'll Love to Eat at Your Office

Ayesha has a nine-to-five job. She is concerned about what she eats during office hours. While she is not fat, she would like to take care of her health. Her mother asks her to pack some fruits every day, but she is bored of fruits and craves for snacks instead. Should she resort to salty snacks? What could she pack for munching during office hours?

This is not just the concern of Ayesha, but most of the working professionals. We are so involved in the work that it is difficult to keep a tap on hunger and regular eating. This results in sudden hunger pangs. What I did was eat whatever I could get hold of. Be it chips, canned juice, toffees or anything and everything that my eyes could see. This took a toll on my health. Hence, I have researched on some delicious snacks that I can pack for office munching beforehand. This has helped me a lot. Not only I get my daily intake of protein and other minerals, but also feel satiated and energetic to keep on working. Let’s see what you can eat during office hours.

1. Almonds

This is number one on my list. Unsalted, non-roasted, simple almonds are the best choice I would say. They fulfill my need of protein, Vitamin E, dietary fibers and nine essential nutrients. Are almonds better to other nuts? Yes, definitely, given the highest amount of protein they contain.

2. Dry Cereal

Have you tried dry cereals? I am a fan of them, especially fortified corn flakes. They are brimming with iron and I am assured that I won’t be declared anemic anytime soon. The main cause of mindless office munching is cravings for sugar. When you munch on foods with low glycemic index, they release glucose at a slower rate in the bloodstream. This helps in minimizing blood sugar swings. Try bran flakes for munching. Such foods help in better concentration.

3. Popcorn

I prepare a batch of popcorn while packing lunch in the morning. They are crunchy and fresh and healthy too. However, opt for low calorie popcorn if you are health conscious. Popcorn satisfies cravings for salt and even gives you the daily dose of fiber.

4. Oatmeal

If your office has a microwave, then plain oatmeal is a great option. Add some water to half a bowl of oatmeal. Microwave it. Your steaming hot bowl of snack is ready. If you are craving for something sweet, add a spoon of jaggery. However, if you want a salty snack, add some spices and herbs to it. Isn’t this option a great one!

5. Fruits

Ayesha is bored of fruits. However, fruits help satiate you faster and are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They up your performance at office and even gifts you strong immunity. If fresh fruits are not what you like every day, try dried fruits at times. Prepare a batch of dried apricots, raisins, apples and bananas and stack them in your drawer. Munch whenever you wish to. They are high in fiber, potassium and satiate your cravings for sweet. But hey! Avoid too much of this.

6. Cottage Cheese or Paneer

Yep. If you are one of those who crave for cheese post lunch, then make sure you carry some pieces of cottage cheese with you and store it in the office refrigerator. Whenever you feel like munching, opt for this protein-rich food. It even helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and prevents you from dozing off.

7. Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds and a host of other seeds have flocked the market to keep you healthy and active throughout the day. They do not require any preparation and are high on essential nutrients. Keep them stacked in your drawer and munch whenever you feel like.

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8. Protein Bar

They taste like chocolate and are easy to carry and awesome to eat. However, make sure that the protein bars or granola bars you choose do not contain more than 200 calories. You can even prepare protein bars ahead of the week on Sunday. It is easy to prepare and does not require special ingredients.

9. Dark Chocolate

This is my favourite. I should have mentioned dark chocolates right on the top. Dark chocolate satiate your craving for chocolate and are quite healthy. Opt for high-quality dark chocolates that contain at least 70% of cacao. Cacao in dark chocolate is full of magnesium – a natural stress buster.

10. Hummus with Veggies

Prepare hummus in advance. Carry it along with diced veggies to the office. When I have hummus as a snack, I look forward to evenings. At times when I am busy, I even skip lunch and just have this light meal in the afternoon. Hummus is rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber and other essential nutrients. It even ensures my daily dose of carbohydrates.

11. Yogurt

This is one of my favourites. I store it in the office refrigerator. I like to team yogurt up with fruits like pomegranate or banana and gorge it in the evening. On such evenings, I return home with a smile on my face. Yogurt is good for the gut as it has probiotics. It is even rich in protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and several vitamins.

12. Roasted Chickpeas

If you have an air-fryer, then roast chickpeas beforehand for the office. They are rich in protein and even help satiate cravings for salty snack. You can even opt for Wasabi Peas instead. They are equally healthy and tasty.

And Water

Make sure that you even drink sufficient amount of water during office hours. At times, you are not hungry and just thirsty. So, drink water regularly at intervals. This will ensure that you do not overeat snacks at the office.

Oh My God! There are so many options for the snacks now. These varieties will make your evening time at office healthy and fun. Team up with your office buddies and ask them to carry one of these things or other healthy options that they know. Get together during the evening time and all of you can nibble on an exotic mix of munchies. What say?



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