5 Secret Things to Say to Your Mirror Everyday

The Secret 5 Things to Say to Your Mirror Everyday

Liza changed suddenly. The lady I loved meeting had transformed into a lady I started avoiding suddenly. Earlier, she used to be this bubbly woman, full of life and zest to live. And now, especially after she left her job, she turned into a cribbing machine I just didn’t want to meet. Our common friend advised me to talk to her. I did not want to. But I finally did. And to my pleasant surprise, Liza told me that she knew she has changed and wanted to be her old self. So, what do I advise her – the secret of the mirror!

What is the Secret of the Mirror?

You know what? The mirror that you come across, day in and day out harbors a secret ability. As you know that the mirror has the ability to reflect, you can tap this power of reflection of the mirror to transform your life for the better.

Before telling you what it is, let me tell you what it is not:

  • No, it is not meditation at all.
  • It does not require special equipment at all, except for a mirror, of course
  • It does not require much time
  • You can do it anytime during the day
  • It does not require a special place or the same mirror

Why Do You Need this in Your Routine?

Just like the ocean, your life too has its share of tides and ebbs. You are not always happy. You are not always sad. Between this black and white, there are many shades of grey when you are somewhat happy and somewhat sad. You don’t need motivation or pepping up when you are happy but you certainly do when you are sad. Our elders used to say that precaution is better than cure or prevention is better than medicine. So, when you take care of your emotional self when you are happy, you can easily take care of yourself when you are sad. When you are strong in emotional upheaval, you can easily say, “This too shall pass. I will not get affected by it.” It becomes easy to bounce back out of the turmoil of sadness. So, how do you go about this?

What are the Five Things You Need to Say to the Mirror?

Here I am with these five beautiful, encouraging, inspiring, happy, confident things that you should say to your mirror to transform yourself one day at a time.

1. I am Healthy, I Attract Good Health

We all need good health. Good health is the very foundation of life. So, attracting good health should be your first purpose. And the rule is ‘always say this sentence in the present tense’. Your sentence should not be in future tense. You should not say “I will become healthy.” When you utter this magical line in the present tense to your mirror, your mirror will reflect good health to you. You will feel energized and experience that all the ailments, whether physical or psychological are bidding you goodbye. While chanting to the mirror, you can also add lines like, “I get time to exercise”, “I choose good food”, “the food that I eat nourishes my body” and other positive things.

2. I am Beautiful / I am Handsome, I Love the Way I Look

And I do not just mean about physical beauty but also the inner beauty. Many of us are not happy about our weight, height, looks, features, etc. But the way we are designed by the Almighty, there is a purpose ingrained in every feature of our body. (that does not mean that you stop working on your weight, but all I mean here is stop obsessing over it) There is this beautiful story. A deer was very proud of his beautiful horns but always cursed his thin ugly legs. He used to think that except for his legs, his entire body is so handsome. One day, the deer was attacked by hunters. He did not know what to do. He ran for his life, without realizing the same ugly legs have made this possible. However, as fate had planned, his beautiful horns got stuck in a tree while running. He could not run anymore and the hunters had him. The moral is that the beautiful horns took his life while the ugly legs were trying to save it. Be grateful for your looks and body while talking to the mirror.

3. I am a Positive Being. I Attract Positive People into My Life

Amid all the drama and negativity that this world has, create a nest of people who are above all this chaos. It is not necessary that all the good friends will remain in your life forever. Just like everything is transient, good friends are too. However, your goal should be to remove toxic people from your life, be it friends, family and relatives and attract positive people. And by removal, I do not mean that you do not talk to them at all. Removing people means that their behavior, conversations and acts should not affect you. You should realize that you are above all this. When you tell the mirror that you are positive, you automatically attract positivity. In this process, you might lose friends you termed as good, but they were not right for you and ultimately, you rise high.

4. I am Busy, My Hands Always have Work to Do

Busy. You might have uttered this word to your mom, your kid, your spouse or to your own self, many a time. But are you really busy and what is that that keeps you busy? An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. However, in the present times, most of our time is usurped by social media and its different platforms. And you get it right, social media is the devil’s workshop. You have to make your presence felt on each one of the social media platforms once in a while. Instead of that busyness, cultivate busyness by utilizing your education, your talent and your time. Ask the mirror to give you good work to do. When you are busy with something good, you develop your mind for the greater good. You rise above from the clutter and become a personality that you always desired to be.

5. I am Fulfilling the Purpose of My Life

Every living being has a purpose in his or her life. Without purpose, the life on this earth is useless. It is not necessary that purpose remains the same throughout life. It might change with the age and circumstances. When you are on the road to achieving the purpose of life, you automatically stay charged and you feel good about your own self. The purpose should not be supporting the family financially or earning good money. It should be for the greater benefit. The purpose should be noble and performed with clear intentions, with no expectations in return.

If you like writing, write a quote every day on the common wall. If you like cooking, feed the underprivileged. Incase you are a good singer, organize a concert for the elderly in the locality. The purpose should be something that brings a smile on the face of the people. Tell the mirror that you have a purpose in your life and you are definitely fulfilling it in more ways than one.

How to Use the Mirror Effectively?

  • Stand in front of the mirror.
  • Write the things you want to say on a paper.
  • Say out loud what you want from life.
  • Declare it with confidence and positivity
  • Make sure that you do not speak the word ‘No’
  • While speaking, imagine you are attracting good things
  • Choose the right time to say when your energy is on a high
  • You can speak it any number of times that you want
  • After waking up, during the day or before retiring to the bed
  • Above all, SMILE when you speak.
  • And BELIEVE in it. Be PATIENT for the transformation to happen

Ultimately, you are your own angel. You are the person who can get you out of the misery that you have fallen into. You do not need a shrink, you do not need a shoulder to cry on. But you just need your own self. And in the mirror, you see just that – your own self. Cultivate a positive environment wherein you can bloom like a flower and spread the fragrance.


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