Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Body and Home Cool in Summers

Keep Your Body and Home Cool in Summers

Keep Your Body and Home Cool in Summers

Summers these days are quite different from those that I experienced during childhood. Yes, the world is changing at a faster pace. But, some things can be kept the same as they were earlier. With the issue of global warming catching up, it is necessary that people take notice of their carbon footprints instead of joining the rat race.

When I was young, I do not remember desiring to sit in an air-conditioned room all the time. But my younger one does. There are two reasons for this. One, she has experienced the air-conditioned environment in malls, friends’ homes, school and at other places, quite frequently. Two, the heat is rising up because of more number of air-conditioners being installed at homes. If you want to stay cool in these tough summer season while minimizing the use of coolers or air-conditioners, here are some ways.

How to Keep Your House Cool

1. Close, close, close

I make a point to draw the curtains once the morning sun becomes harsh, say around 10 am. All the blinds are closed as well. Only those doors are kept open, which help in cross ventilation. This might seem to be a simple idea but this works very well with me. During peak summer months, I use spare bed-sheets to cover up the curtains as well. This makes the room darker with no scope of light. Experts maintain to close the windows that face south and even those that face west. Try these tricks; it might help your home as well.

2. Use lighter shades for furnishings

Come summer, I unearth all the lighter shade furnishings from the trunk. I also make sure that everything is of cotton material. I have a bed sheet that is light blue in colour and is quite thin. It serves two purposes – one that it reflects the heat and absorbs the sweat and two that it is easy to wash frequently. In fact, you should clean bed linen and cases as regularly as possible, possibly once every two days. This helps in keeping you fresh and relaxed when you lie down on the bed. Also, in summers use thinner carpets for the floor as well. Instead of using sofa, sit on the floor. Floors are cooler as compared to seating.

3. Switch Off when not in use

Switch off the tube-lights and bulbs as far as possible. Yes, it is difficult to stay in dark places. But at least switch off those that are not in use. The sources of light emit heat. They warm up the temperature in your home, making it quite difficult. What we do is keep the lights on of the living room or any one room. Other lights are switched off. This cools down the ambiance of the home to a great extent. Plus, all the doors are opened for cross ventilation. Ah! Then the home becomes breezy and fresh.

4. Unplug the electronics

Yes, like a good citizen, you make sure that all the devices are switched off when not in use. However, you might not know that even when the devices are plugged in, they emit heat. So, come summers, you need to unplug the washing machine when the laundry is done. You also need to unplug mobile chargers when the battery is charged. Make sure that all other devices including television and laptops are unplugged as well. Further, they should not be even on sleep mode. You need to switch them off completely.

5. Minimize use of electronics

No, I am not against the use of electronics. But, often they are the culprits and we blame the weather instead. In summer season, minimizing the use of electronics go a long way. Take for instance, during summer, clothes dry at a faster rate. Hence, instead of drying clothes in the washer for longer duration, you can adjust the timing. Further, instead of using oven and heating up the entire house, you can grill the food outdoors and save some electronic energy as well. Small steps make a big difference.

6. Make use of exhausts and chimneys

Exhausts are quite interesting products. Many people install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen. They emit the heat clogged up in your house. Hence, whenever possible, switch on the exhausts for some time to bid a farewell to high temperature of your home. If your kitchen does not have an exhaust fan, use the electronic chimney instead while preparing food. All the heat emitted from the stove will find a way out instead of settling down in the living room instead.

How to Keep Your Body Cool

1. Cool down your pulse points

An ancient practice, cooling pulse points, is the need of the hour. There are some pulse points in your body which when cooled help lower the temperature of the rest of the body as well. Pulse points refer to those points that help you to feel the pulse. Take for instance, your wrists, inner thighs, ankles, neck, temples, forehead, inside areas of the elbows and knees are the pulse points. To cool down the pulse points, make use of cool pads, ice packs, cold handkerchiefs or even water. This works because pulse points travel across the walls of blood vessels. Being close to the skin, cooling pulse points cools down the blood and the body temperature as well.

2. Eat foods that are cold in nature

If you are thinking of guzzling down a tumbler of cold coffee to keep yourselves cold in summer, then you might be wrong here. Coffee is warm in nature and it may dehydrate you, increasing the need of water by your body. Eating the right food goes a long way to maintain the temperature of your body, be it summer or winter. In summers, it is preferable to eat foods that are cold in nature. Warm milk, clarified butter, table butter, coconut oil are cold in nature. For cooking, opt for olive oil, sunflower oil or even coconut oil. Eat seasonal produce when it comes to fruits and vegetables. It is suggested to immerse the fruits and vegetables in water for at least two hours before consuming. This helps to relieve the heat trapped in the fruits as well. During summer season, you should make ample use of coriander leaves or cilantro and mint leaves. Drink fennel seeds coolers, mint coolers, buttermilk, lemonade, limeade, etc. to stay cool. They help cool the temperature of your body and release the heat.

3. Stay cool by avoiding warm foods

As I mentioned above, some foods are cold in nature while others are warm. Take for instance, red pepper powder is warm in nature and hence should be avoided. This is the reason people avoid eating spicy food in this season. If you are fond of Mexican, you can stay good by avoiding salsa sauce altogether. It warms up your body and makes you uneasy.

During summers, skin problems are quite common. While you should avoid going out in heat, you should also stay away from warm food to keep your skin hydrated. Warm food strips your body of water and thereby raise the temperature. Salty foods, coffee, beetroot, garlic, onion, alcohol, tomatoes, spinach etc. warm your body. Even spices and condiments like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, dried ginger powder, bay leaves, etc. are warm in nature. Further, stay away from icy cold water as well. It is again a warm food that imbalances your digestive system in summer.

4. Have balanced meals in summer

During summer, it matters what you eat, how you eat and at what time you eat. To keep your evenings cool and light, make sure that the food that you eat at later hours are light and hydrated. Having light meals for dinner help a lot. This way, there is room for water in your body till you go to bed. Even during this season, make sure that you are not skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do not substitute drinks for meals, however tempting it might seem.

5. Wear this and not that in summer

If possible, keep your summer and winter wardrobe different. Ditch synthetic and spandex material in summer to keep yourselves cool in summer. Cotton and Linen are the best fabrics to wear during hot and humid weather. These fabrics help absorb the heat and sweat from the body and also keep your skin free of possible allergies. Choose lighter shades in summer as they help reflect heat. Instead of tight fitted clothes, opt for loose clothes that do not cling to your body. Further, you might be tempted to get into those mini frocks and skirts this season but avoid them while going out as the UV rays might harm your exposed skin. Instead cover your body before stepping out in the sun.

6. The ultimate trick for good sleep

It is difficult to get comfortable sleep at night during summer season. For this, it is suggested to keep a bowl full of water by the bedside at night. As soon as you get uncomfortable or the body temperature rises, you should dip your water in the bowl. This cools down the senses and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

7. Keep your body and mind cool

Do not forget to drink water and stay hydrated during this season. Also, make sure to exercise regularly as it helps flush out the toxins from the body. Doing pranayama, breathing exercises and meditation are a must during this season to stay relaxed and stress-free at the time of rising heat. Indulge in activities that soothe your soul and pep your mind to tackle the summer this year.

To Conclude

Even after doing all the things mentioned above, you are not able to beat the heat then I have some other ideas as well. You can make use of air-conditioned public places to cool off. Take turns for group night-outs at air-conditioned homes. This way, as a group you reduce carbon footprints and the environment benefits as a result. Such ideas seem silly at first but they are quite good in maintaining the cool quotient of the Earth in the long term. Happy Cooling!

Why it is Easy to Lose Weight in Summer Season

Easy to Lose Weight in Summer Season

Easy to Lose Weight in Summer Season

I have 110 reasons, not to workout. The most common excuses are based on the weather for me. Winters are cold and monsoons are depressing and summers… what are summers then? Summers are pretty hot and humid but they are also ideal to lose weight.

If you wake up before the sun wakes up, you would be in for a pleasant surprise. The weather is ideal, you are not lethargic and once you step out, there is nothing stopping you. Summers are great for the outdoor workout. While thinking about this, I wondered whether I would be able to shed that extra flab I amassed during winters. Going by the theory of ‘It is easy to lose weight in summers’ I would definitely bid farewell to fat this season, it seems. Are you interested in knowing how it is easy to lose weight this season? Put on your reading glasses and delve deeper.

1. Let’s Have Some Water First

Who wants to have a glass of water in warm weathers? Instead, we infuse our body with many cups of steaming coffees instead. However, in summers, we drink several glasses of water. If your tummy is bloated because of water, drinking more water helps you shed some weight and flatten your belly as well.

Besides, water is one of the well-kept secrets to lose weight. At times, you are thirsty but mistake it for hunger and binge. The rule is whenever you feel hungry between meals you should sip some water to assess the feeling. Chances are that cravings will subside. Water is quite essential to your body. And summers make you drink more of it. Eventually, you feel energized and light as well.

Tip: Carry a water bottle with you whenever you step outdoors.

2. Hunger Takes a Backseat in Summer

Did you realize that in winters you wanted to eat something all the time, while in summers you reach for something to drink? This is because there are fewer hunger pangs in summer. The reason behind this might be that eating raises the temperature of the body and hence, you are not willing to eat more.

Further, overeating prevents you from drinking water afterward. Hence, you eat less so that you can drink more. There is also another theory that in summers, your body does not require much energy and hence, you are not willing to eat. When you eat less, the calories consumed are less and eventually, you shed weight.

Tip: In the summer season, opt for fresh, seasonal and raw salads instead of calorie-dense foods to stay energized.

3. Spend Less Time in Humid Kitchen

Come summer, I do not like to stand in the front of the stove admiring the food and waiting for it to get cooked. In fact, this season you are more willing to stay away from the hottest and humid place in your house and that is – the kitchen. In fact, you are willing to switch on the kitchen fan and prepare no-cook vegetable salads, fruit custard, sandwiches or similar meals. Heat coaxes you to prepare and eat light meals. When you eat more of uncooked meals, especially for dinner, you lose weight at a faster rate. To shed pounds, the dinner should be finished off two to four hours before bedtime. Further, it should be light. All these boxes are ticked in the summer season. And ultimately, you become a thinner version of yourself.

Tip: Opt for antioxidant-rich foods to meet your weight loss goals

4. Sunny Weather Makes You active

I am not saying that summer season has the best weather of all. But yes, summers are quite pleasant to be up and about. While other seasons make you lazy most of the times, summers inspire you to explore. Even gym aficionados step out and work outdoors. When you work outside, you feel better and exercise more at times. As the sun smiles quite early in the morning, you do not feel like lying on the bed. Instead, you hit the floor and desire to do something. With days being longer, you are active for the most part of the day. This helps you shed the flab at a faster rate as compared to other seasons.

Tip: Try exercising early in the morning or late evening when the weather is pleasant

5. Summer Makes You into Health Conscious

While cold weathers persuade you to binge, summer makes you a health-conscious being. You start making healthy choices, unknowingly. This is probably because of the ample light that you see in your surroundings. Cold and dark seasons make your mood crabby and you turn towards food to light up your mood. Whereas in summers, food does not light you up but water does. Moreover, it has been proved that people who eat in lighted surroundings make healthier choices.

Tip: When you wish to binge, open the windows and let the fresh air come in. It might happen that the bingeing mood subsides.

6. When the Sun Grills You, You Grill the Veggies

Summers inspire you to cook outside. Invite your friends, set up a barbecue and grill the veggies. Grilling means less exposure to oven and stove. Further, grilling also means less of oil. This helps shed weight as well. Plus, with grilling, the regular veggies taste quite different. You eat more of veggies instead of fried stuff. Grilling also helps retain the nutrients of the food. So, summer invites grills and barbecues and eventually, allows you to meet your fitness goals.

Tip: Choose veggies that are good for weight loss. Take, for instance, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc.

7. Good Mood Prevents Bingeing

It is all about mood baby. When the mood is good, you do not need people, events, reasons or calories to pep you up. But when the mood is bad, an ice cream tub makes its way to the innocent belly. Many have the bad habit of bingeing when they are bored. As summers are quite busy, you are always in a cheerful mood. And hence, you are not likely to reach out for a packet of chips, just for the sake of it. As opposed to this, winters are quite dark and some people feel depressed as well. Hence during winters, people tend to eat more calorie-rich foods and eventually put on weight.

Tip: Keep your refrigerator stocked with seasonal produce to control hunger attacks.

8. If You Are a Mommy, You Will Like This

Mothers, especially those of school goers, tend to like summer season. No points for guessing! Yes, it is summer vacation. With no school homework and activities, the schedule is lighter for mom in such season. Coupled with other plus points, mothers generally want to make the most of the summer season. While some would want to catch up on sleep, others would wake up early in the morning and burn those stubborn calories away.

Tip: Maintain a journal to not let summer vacation ruin your workout.

9. Workout Without Actually Working Out

Summer season means exploring the nature, going on forest trails, trekking, beach walks, playing sports or just boating around the lake. In this season, you work out without even realizing. If you are not a sports junkie, then you must be going on shopping and splurging. Even these fun activities require long walks in the mall or checking out the street vendors’ offerings. Summers are all about staying active. You do that unconsciously. When I was young, summer vacations meant playing hopscotch, hide and seek and other such activities. Sometimes, I play such games with school-going kids even now and return home tired and exhausted. Summer season is best for exercising and at the end of it, you are fit and fine.

Tip: Choose activities that boost your mood and burn some calories as well.

10. Cravings for Buttermilk Invite Weight Loss

If you crave for buttermilk in the summer season, then you might be inadvertently losing weight. This is cool, isn’t it (just like the buttermilk). The humble buttermilk is loaded with potassium, vitamins and of course, calcium. Instead of opting for sugary drinks or calorie dense snacks, guzzle down a glass of buttermilk. In fact, buttermilk is also beneficial to your body as compared to other dairy products. Team up buttermilk with exercise and you might shed weight quickly.

Tip: Buttermilk is a healthy alternative to fried snacks and not actually helps lose weight.

What are you waiting for? Brace yourselves for the summer season and set some high fitness goals. Make sure you are not opting for sugar-laden energy drinks and plain water most of the times to stay active. Yayyy for Summers!

13 Proven Ways to Remove Sunburn and Suntan at Home– Skincare Tips for Summers

prevent sunburn suntan

prevent sunburn suntan

She hides her face. She avoids afternoon get-togethers. And she reschedules meetings. Eva does everything to avoid sun with the onset of the summer season. This is because she fears suntan and for this reason, summers for her are quite boring and uninteresting. All her time is consumed in planning and pre-planning on ‘how to avoid the sun to the maximum’.

I can understand the concerns of Eva. But, one cannot hide amid the four walls of the house to avoid the sun altogether. You need your daily dose of Vitamin D too. Early morning sunshine is quite good for health. However, even that can result in a little tan at times. But you need not worry; here are some cool ideas that will help you make the most of your summers and help you get rid of the stubborn suntan. These ideas work best for removing suntan after a beach vacation.

1. Magical Ice Cubes

Here I am not talking about ordinary ice cubes. Yes, you can make use of them as well. But, I will reveal a secret ice cube recipe that will help you get rid of suntan easily and quickly, without much effort, actually. What you need to do for this is to prepare some orange juice. Take an empty ice cube tray and fill it up with the orange juice that you have prepared. Set it in the freezer. When the ice cubes are ready, rub them on the tanned skin daily, once or twice as you prefer. Be cautious not to rub vigorously or you can harm your skin. Ice cubes work best for removing recent tan.

2. Bitter Gourd or Bottle Gourd

Whether you are fond of these vegetables or not, you can definitely use them to get rid of the tan. This is because both bottle gourd and bitter gourd are rich in antioxidants. They are good for the general upkeep of the skin as well. You can even use them for getting rid of the tan. For this, you just need to juice either of this vegetable. Apply it on the tanned areas of your skin. Let the juice sit on the skin for nearly 10-15 minutes. Massaging the juice gently during this time will give best results. Rinse off the juice. This method will help you get rid of stubborn tan effectively and even permanently. It even helps in soothing the sunburns on the skin.

3. Vicks Vapor Rub

While some love its strong smell, others find it effective during the cold. But I prefer this rub for getting rid of suntan after a beach vacation. Yes, you might find it amusing, but it actually works. For this, you just need to get hold of a bottle of Vicks Vapor Rub. Apply it generously on the suntanned areas on your skin. You need to do this every night before hitting the bed. Let it work on the suntan all night through. You need to perform this procedure regularly to get rid of the ugly tan. You will notice the result soon.

4. Whole Wheat Flour

While I always administer using whole wheat flour in your diet, today, I am giving away another use of my favorite flour full of fiber. Use this flour to get suntan off your skin easily. Yes, it is true. What more! I use it to remove pesky black spots on my face and even blemishes that do not give me a farewell. Wheat flour is even good for nourishing your skin and giving that ultimate care that it deserves. For this, you just need to mix two tablespoons of wheat flour and some water. Wait! You are not required to knead it into a dough. You need to mix enough water to form a paste. The paste should be thick enough for application but not too thick that it looks like a dough. Apply this paste on the skin and let it rest for good 15 minutes. Remove it gradually by washing the face. Make sure that you are not too harsh on your skin. You can do this whole wheat flour treatment once a week for best results.

5. Fuller’s Earth and Aloe Vera Gel

Both of these are my favorites. They work wonders on my skin. Tan or no tan, I apply them regularly to make my skin get that texture that I love. The best part of Aloe Vera gel is that it is suitable for all skin types. However, fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti is not suitable for very dry skin. To use these to remove sun tan, just add aloe Vera gel to one tablespoon of fuller’s earth. Keep the consistency paste-like. If you want to make it a scrub, add some granules of sugar to this pack. Now, the best part of the method comes – application. Apply this soothing paste to the tanned skin. For best results, keep it for around half an hour. Remove the pack by washing it off. Revel in your smooth and suntan-free skin.

6. Corn Flour

Corn flour gives binding to the batter is a known truth. But here I will give you another benefit of this very useful flour. Yes, removal of suntan at home. The reason corn flour works best is that it is granular in texture; hence it works like an exfoliator on the skin. If you are also troubled with dead skin cells and blackheads, then you got to use this pack. For this, you need to take two tablespoons of corn flour. Add a spoonful of lemon juice to it. For better results, add some yogurt as well. While vitamin C in lemon juice helps in lightening skin tone, yogurt nourishes the skin. Form a paste out of these ingredients. Apply it generously on the affected areas. Let it rest on the skin for good 20 minutes to work its magic. Before removing, you need to massage the skin gently. Then, wash off the paste and check out your skin.

7. Tomato

The redness of tomato will help you heal the redness of the suntan. Being rich in antioxidants, the tomato is quite good for your skin. Team it up with yogurt and it becomes one of the best cures for the suntan. While the tomato will help in brightening up your skin, the lactic acid in yogurt helps smoothen your skin. For this, you just need to juice up a medium-sized raw tomato along with a teaspoonful of yogurt. Remember to remove the skin of the tomato before juicing it. Apply the tomato-yogurt mixture on the tanned areas of your skin and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off. Use it twice a week for best results.

8. Cucumber

The cooling properties of cucumber will help your tanned skin recover quickly. Cucumber even helps in curing sunburn to a great extent. Do you recall women in television commercials who have cucumber slices on their eyes while the rest of their face is covered in some kind of pack? This is because cucumber is actually quite good for your eyes as well. In fact, including cucumber in your diet during the humid summer months act as a natural hydrant. It is even good for those who are trying to shed off some pounds. For treating tan, you need to use the juice of a cucumber. You can get the juice by shredding it and then sieving it using a muslin cloth or a sieve. At this point, you can even add a teaspoon of lemon juice to this for added effects. Now, using a cotton ball apply the juice all over the tanned skin. The juice will dry up in some time. Wash it after some time.

9. Potato

The humble potatoes are quite good for removing suntan during summer. They also help even your skin tone and get rid of stubborn blemishes. If you are suffering from dark circles around your eyes, then potato might help you. Potato can be used in multiple ways. You can shred a raw potato after washing it off properly. Sieve it using a muslin cloth and apply the juice on your face. The other method is to slice a potato and rub it gently all over your face. I have a better idea as well. What I do is I apply the skin of the potato on my face. At times, I remove the skin of the potato using a scraper while preparing meals. I apply the little pieces of the skin all over my face as long as I am in the kitchen. I rub them slowly over my face and then wash it off. Remember to wash the potato juice off your face, irrespective of the method you use. This is because potato mask is not visible and you might forget to remove it off. This mask will work wonders on your tanned skin.

10. Gram Flour

If I ever asked my granny for beauty secrets, she would always direct me to the kitchen and especially to Bengal gram flour and turmeric. Gram flour acts as an exfoliator while turmeric helps heal the skin. For this pack to work, you need to prepare a paste out of the flour and a pinch of turmeric. You can even add a teaspoon of raw milk for added benefits. Apply a thin layer and let it rest for some time. The paste will dry up quickly. Once dry, scrub it off gently and then wash your face. Pat dry and notice the difference. Alternatively, you can even use some mango pulp with Bengal gram flour for removing tan.

11. Oatmeal

Granular structure of oatmeal acts as an exfoliator. It even helps cleanse the skin and get rid of impurities. As oatmeal is quite thick, adding buttermilk to it will help maintain the consistency of the pack. In fact, buttermilk is rich in lactic acid helps remove the suntan, soften your skin and even improve the tone of the skin. For this pack to work, you need to soak regular oats/oatmeal in water. After about five minutes, add two teaspoonfuls of fresh buttermilk to soaked oats and mix properly. Apply to your face and massage it gently. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

12. Papaya

I love rubbing the skin of the papaya on my face. It is so smooth and moisturizing. But papaya also has bleaching properties. Hence, it is best suited for getting rid of tan. Add some honey to it and your skin will get a good dose of antioxidants as well. Honey and papaya face pack exfoliates the skin and also help you get rid of free radicals, thereby delaying aging. For this, you just need to take some ripe papaya and add a teaspoonful of honey to the pulp. Mix it thoroughly before applying to the face and tanned areas. Once the pack is dry, let it rest for some time and then wash the entire thing off using water. Do you feel the difference?

13. Red Lentils

Red lentils are said to remove tan easily. They are being used for a long time to improve the quality of the facial skin. To double up the effectiveness of red lentil paste, add some tomato juice and Aloe Vera to it. While tomato will lighten and brighten your skin, Aloe Vera helps in moisturizing it. To prepare this remedial face pack, you need to soak about two tablespoons of red lentils for a few hours or overnight. Drain the excess water and blend it in a grinder. Now, add a teaspoonful of Aloe Vera gel (fresh or readymade) and 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed tomato juice. Apply on the tanned areas and let it dry. Wash it off using water. For better results, massage this pack before washing it off.

How to Prevent Suntan

This is not quite easy. However, to an extent, you can keep your skin away from harsh rays of the sun, especially during the summer season. If you want a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun, expose it early in the morning, when the sun is not in its full glory.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your skin is covered up before venturing out in the sun. Wearing white clothes actually helps.
  • Ensure you are eating a diet rich in vitamin D. Such a diet protects you from the harmful UV rays. Also, include healthy saturated fats in your diet to make your skin strong enough to face the sun. Healthy fats are responsible for building blocks and tissues for organs. They prevent your skin from being sensitive.
  • Further, make sure you are not zinc and magnesium deficient. These minerals are responsible for preventing photosensitivity and even skin problems. You should ensure that your diet is rich in animal-based and plant-based minerals.
  • Coconut Oil is quite good for the skin, especially in the summer season. It heals the skin troubled from suntan. It can even prevent your skin from harmful effects of suntan and damages that it ensues.

Things to Take Care of During Summer Season

  1. Drink water frequently and regularly. When you hydrate your body, the skin is automatically hydrated. It even helps you get rid of all the accumulated toxins.
  2. Follow the cleansing – moisturizing – toning routine. It keeps your skin healthy during this season.
  3. Make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly. While you get rid of dead skin cells, you even bid farewell to impurities and pollution.
  4. Keep your diet bereft of excessive salt and fried foods during summers. They dehydrate the body, which shows off on your skin. Include more of fresh vegetables, salads, and fruits.
  5. Your skin will benefit out of steam in this season. It helps open the clogged pores while making the skin soft and clear.
  6. Lastly, exercising in summer is quite good, especially early in the morning. When you sweat, your skin gets rid of the accumulated toxins and your health benefits out of it as well.

Summers are quite notorious. However, you cannot shy away from this season as they actually give you more daylight to accomplish your daily goals. So, rise early and shine throughout the day by taking care of your health and skin. Am I forgetting something? Please mention in the comment section below.