5 Surprisingly Easy Detox Drinks for Your Morning Rituals – Give a Break to Lemon and Honey

Detox Drinks for Your Morning Rituals

Detox Drinks for Your Morning Rituals
Raia wakes up in the morning. Her eyes are barely open but she can still prepare her favorite wake-up drink – tea. She prefers her tea with black tea leaves, milk, water, and sugar – nothing else. While tea is a good habit, milk in her tea can prove detrimental to her health. Also, the first drink in the morning should always be water. Experts suggest that milk in tea diminishes its benefits. What if Raia gets some options to her regular milk laden tea?

Are you a tea or coffee person? I am questioned this umpteen number of times, especially when I visit someone. The problem arises when I say that I am neither. I never had milk-tea in my life. In fact, I have not yet tasted it. So, what should the conversations with guests happen over, especially during monsoon and winter? My husband suggested me to find out different types of tea that can be served to guests. I was pleased with this suggestion as I could drink such teas with them and they could even turn out as good conversation starters!

Besides starting conversations, I also need something warm, detoxifying and refreshing to start my day. So, I researched some options and have zeroed in on 5 Milk-free teas that will charge you up in the morning. They are even beneficial for your health. And if you are a lazy soul like me, then let me tell you these are easy to prepare and ingredients are available right in your kitchen! While each tea mentioned here is prepared using a single ingredient, you can add other ingredients depending on your culinary knowledge.

1. Coriander Tea – A Summery Concoction Good for Digestion

Coriander Tea sounds so refreshing and light. I heard about this tea recently. It can be prepared using coriander leaves or cilantro or the coriander seeds. My friend suggested a better option as well. She asked me to use the stalk of the coriander leaves that is generally discarded. The tea is a good option to serve during summers.

Let’s learn how to prepare

  • Be ready with a cup of coriander leaves / a spoonful of coriander seeds and 250 ml water.
  • To prepare this tea, you need to boil the water in a pot.
  • Add crushed coriander seeds or coriander leaves along with stalk to the boiling water.
  • Now, turn off the flame and cover the pot for some 5 minutes. Let the water absorb the flavor of the coriander.
  • Filter the tea using a sieve. Have this tea lukewarm for best results.

Benefits of Coriander Tea

Coriander is known to have a cooling effect on the body. Drinking coriander infused tea in the morning helps the body in a number of ways. Those suffering from digestive problems should have this coriander tea. People with skin problems benefit from this tea as well. It is even good for the healthy growth of hair. This concoction with antibacterial properties is beneficial for diabetics. It treats cold, flu and conjunctivitis and is known to prevent menstrual problems. In addition, many people around the world drink coriander tea to shed off extra kilos and become healthier.

2. Fenugreek Tea – Boost your immunity with this tea

Who would not want to sip some tea for immunity! This tea is prepared using the whole fenugreek seeds. The seeds are quite popular in kitchens as they impart a peculiar flavor to meals and even make meals easier to digest. If you have never seen fenugreek seeds, then visit a grocery store today to take stock of them.

Let’s learn how to prepare

  • Be ready with a spoonful of fenugreek seeds and 250 ml water.
  • To prepare this tea, you need to crush the fenugreek seeds using a mortar and pestle. Please do not make a powder out of them using mixer grinder.
  • Meanwhile, keep the water to boil.
  • Once it starts boiling, add the crushed fenugreek seeds to the water.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Let the water absorb the flavor and essence of fenugreek seeds.
  • Once the temperature comes down to lukewarm, it is ready to be served. But before serving, remember to sieve the tea. You can use honey to mellow down the bitterness of the seeds.

Benefits of Coriander Tea

Fenugreek is warm in nature. Hence, the tea is best had in the winter season. People with constant immunity related issues like cold and cough should have this tea to generate heat in their body. Since ages, lactating mothers have been fed fenugreek water to aid the production of milk. Fenugreek tea helps regulate blood sugar. Being an antacid, it helps strengthen digestion and aids in losing weight. A rich source of magnesium, this tea is known to relieve stress.

3. Turmeric Tea – The Healing Tea for your Health

Turmeric has been a household name. The mustard yellow color, a peculiar taste and lots of benefits make this spice a great add-on to any meal. I remember that I used to rub the whole turmeric on a stone with some water to give it to my little one once she was over 6 months. It helped her fight a cough and cold.

Let’s learn how to prepare

  • First of all, be ready with a spoonful of turmeric powder or a cup of diced fresh turmeric and 250 ml water.
  • To prepare turmeric tea, you need to boil the water in a pot.
  • Add a spoon of turmeric powder to the boiling water. You can alternatively use chopped fresh turmeric when available during the season.
  • After adding turmeric, let the water simmer on a low flame for about 8-10 minutes. Strain the tea if required.
  • You can add honey or lemon to balance the taste of turmeric.

Benefits of Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is known to boost immunity as it packed with endotoxins. It helps fight the symptoms of cold and flu as well. Further, this spice even aids in digestion and helps lower the level of cholesterol in the body. Being an antiseptic, it helps in healing cut, scrape or pain in the body. Turmeric is also known to relieve stress and anxiety. People suffering from inflammation should have turmeric tea. It is also known to ease the pain in the joints. Diabetics can have turmeric to process high sugar in their blood. Turmeric tea helps in flushing out the toxins and cleanses skin problems. It is even known to improve complexion and prevent premature aging by getting rid of free radicals. Regular consumption of tea keeps ailments like Alzheimer’s at bay.

4. Cinnamon Tea – Benefit out of this Weight-Loss Tea

Cinnamon has been my favorite spice. I use it to flavor cakes, sweets, and vegetable preparations. It lends a distinct strong flavor to dishes. But I love it the most in coffee and tea concoctions. Cinnamon can be used as whole i.e. in the form of a stick or even as the powder. This spice is packed with calcium, iron, Vitamin K, manganese, and fiber as well.

Let’s learn how to prepare

  • Be ready with an inch of cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder and 250 ml water.
  • Boil the water in a pot.
  • Add the cinnamon stick to it. You can use cinnamon powder as well. However, the cinnamon powder does not dissolve properly.
  • Let the water simmer on low flame for 10-12 minutes.
  • Cover the pot and let the water absorb the nutrients and flavor of the spice.
  • When the water is lukewarm, strain it and enjoy. This tea does not need honey or lemon as it is refreshing in itself.

Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is said to reduce overall fat in the body, thanks to its components that speed up the metabolism. Further, this tea is known to regulate the levels of blood sugar and even cleanse the intestines while aiding digestion. Cinnamon tea is also said to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. People consume this tea to boost their immune system as well. Rich in antioxidants, this powerful tea helps in taming free radicals in the body and preventing premature aging. If you suffer from loss of appetite, then this tea can be quite useful. Cinnamon tea is also said to strengthen the functioning of the brain. Regular consumption helps minimize the effects of inflammation and also treat menstrual disorders.

5. Fennel Tea – The Wake-up tea to Cool Down your body

Fennel seeds are the coolest seeds I know. They smell good and taste even better. I add them to various meals I prepare, but strategically, because they can enhance or mar the taste of the food. Fennel seeds are best had in summer to beat the heat naturally. Add them to the tea, prepare sherbet using them or just chew the fresh bulbs that are available. Let us prepare the tea and relish it.

Let’s learn how to prepare

  • Be prepared with a teaspoon of fennel seeds or fresh fennel bulbs and 250 ml water
  • Begin by boiling the water in a pot. In the meanwhile, crush the seeds or the fresh fennel bulbs in a mortar and pestle.
  • Add them to the boiling water along with the water released while crushing.
  • Switch off the flame. Cover the pot and let the water absorb all the nutrients.
  • Sieve if required. You can alternatively add the crushed fennel seeds to a cup and pour boiling water in the cup.
  • Cover the cup for around 5-7 minutes. Enjoy this tea when it cools down slightly.

Benefits of Fennel Tea

Fennel tea has cooling effects on the body. It helps calm down the stomach and reduce the signs of inflammation. People suffering from an upset tummy can benefit out of this tea. Fennel tea even aids digestion and minimize the effects of bloating after a heavy meal. It is known to boost immunity as fennel seeds are antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial as well. People drink this tea as a preventive measure against viral and flu. In addition, this tea is also being drunk to lose weight as it boosts metabolism. People suffering from urinary problems should have this tea. A perfect detox drink, this concoction helps in balancing the hormones in the body.

There are so many types and varieties of tea around the world. Each culture has its own recipe for tea, quite peculiar in taste and also in terms of preparation. The ingredients used are mostly local to keep the authentic flavor intact. However, the internet has diminished the boundaries and with this, recipes of different kinds of tea are now available at the press of a click. Choose that tea that awakens your senses and benefits your body and immune system as well. So begin your day with a glass of warm water and a cup of spice-infused tea to have a great day ahead. Happy mornings!

10 Things to Do For a Better Life – Disconnect Internet, Reconnect Happiness

Things to Do For a Better Life

Things to Do For a Better Life
Amayra’s uncle invited the entire family to dinner. After a very long time, Amayra would meet her cousins, uncle-aunts and especially her granddad and grandma. Pretty excited, she reached before time so that she could warm up for dinner. However, the dinner was not the traditional one, as she had thought of. It was spruced up with technology. How so? Almost everyone was busy with their smartphones. The only time they looked up was to click a picture or say selfie. Her uncle’s home that was abuzz with chatter all the time was quite silent that day. She could hardly make a conversation with any of the family members. She returned home with lots of pictures but not many memories.

Life has changed so much since the time internet was introduced at cheaper rates. There are so many things that can be done with time on hand. But, many people prefer spending it on social media. If you think that you are not hooked on to the internet, you might be right or you might not be aware of your addiction. However, I am not posting this to crib about technology and internet. This post is to make you do more with your time. Let’s make this a better life – full of real joys, not the forwarded ones.

1. Immerse in Nature

Even those who do not prefer nature (yes, there exists such a clan) have experienced peace when they were deliberately made to sit under a tree, with no company at all. Nature soothes your soul in more ways than one. There are so many things you can do to sync your soul with nature. Go out for a morning walk – early in the morning, when many people are still in their bed. The chirping of birds, rising of the sun and the soft morning breeze will transform you. Instead of cribbing about the mess that rains brings in at times, drink a few droplets and dance like no one is watching you. Sit under a huge tree, if you spot one and talk to it. No, you need not utter words – make a conversation without saying something. Soak in the pleasure of the nature and experience a changed life – a happy living!

2. Be Thankful

‘Thank you’ is gradually becoming a phrase sparsely used. For many, it is something that needs to be understood and not said. While many others have a viewpoint – instead of being thankful, we will help the person someday in return. However, being thankful or expressing gratitude brings a positive change in you. When you say ‘thank you’ to a person who helped you in some way, you connect with that person, not through a relation, but through gratitude. The person who helps feels good and even the person who receives the help. You need to express thankfulness not only to human beings but also God, the nature, your surroundings and even your own self. Expressing appreciation introduces energy and enthusiasm in your life. You feel good about yourself.

3. Stay Happy


Now, who wants to be sad! Everyone tries to stay happy and charged up all the time. While you say this, you are one of a kind. There are many people who try to find out faults in their lives and be sad about it. I am even aware of such people who are happy otherwise but become sad about others they know of – just because they want to remain sad about at least one thing. Staying happy means not to give much thought to sadness. Instead of looking for sorrows, look for joys. If you spot a person who is not able to walk, do not be sad about him, be happy that you know such a person who strives you to be better. Have you ever observed kids? They chuckle even on simplest of humor. Be like the kids and find reasons to laugh. Laughing will help you beat the stress and even reduce the risks of other lifestyle-related ailments.

4. Work out

Yes, I can understand that you are not fat and do not need exercise at all. But, everyone needs exercise of some kind. While those who are overweight need exercise to lose pounds, those who are average weight, need exercise to stay healthy. Exercise release endorphins, a type of chemicals. With this, you beat stress and feel good about yourself. With every drop of sweat that leaves your body, you gain an ounce of health. Exercise on a regular basis to experience the benefits. You will be surprised with the benefits – it makes you smart, happy and confident besides keeping you healthy.


5. Challenge Yourself

Most of the people who find that their lives are dull and boring need a challenge in their lives. Did you ever notice that when you are facing a crisis, you crave for a normal life? However, when the crisis is over, you begin hating the normal life again. Not that you want more crisis in your life. But, crisis is something that challenges your brain and stretches it to do something beyond the competence. So, do things that challenge your brain. Learn a new language, indulge in activities, try to make new acquaintances, play a musical instrument, solve Sudoku, etc. All these things induce a form of challenge in your lifestyle. This keeps your brain active and sharp at the same time. With every new thing that you learn, you will be a transformed person.

6. Spend Real Time with People

More often than not, we are online – chatting, stalking, viewing, commenting, cribbing, etc. However, you need to disconnect with your virtual identity and add more to the real one. So, next time when you visit the park, go offline. Talk to the person you have been waving to, since past few days – talk about places, events, etc. If there is no one to make a conversation, sit silently and observe everything around you. On weekends, instead of watching Netflix, visit your grandparents. Invite your cousins for tea for a change. Let people be the source of your happiness and not the internet.

7. Sleep More

Sleep more

With the advent of technology, people put sleep on a backburner. Watching television, surfing internet, playing video games or things like these have become quite common. People have been delaying the time of sleep just to spend some time on social media. However, lack of sleep has resulted in many ailments, especially lifestyle ones. Sleep plays quite an important role in making you a better and healthy person. A person with regulated sleep habits is more energetic to those who are deprived of sleep. A good night’s sleep spurs creativity and kills anxiety. If you want to reduce weight or increase your focus, you need to ditch checking social media messages and get some sleep instead.

8. Be Kind

Have you ever helped a stranger – without expecting anything in return? Take for instance, letting the elevator stay open so that the person does not miss the ride or holding one of the heavy bags for an elderly lady while she returns from grocery shopping. When you instill kindness in your nature, you feel good automatically. Sometimes, we are in a rush and do not want to stop for the person crossing the road. However, if we slow down till he crosses the road, we feel good about ourselves. If you are expecting something in return for kindness, material or spiritual, you will not feel that inner solace you are hunting for.

9. Travel More

Many people are of the opinion that traveling requires a huge amount of money. However, I am not asking you to travel in that manner. There are different ways that you can travel. To bring a change in your life – travel to learn and explore more about places, food, culture and heritage. Begin with exploring villages and town that are close to your city. Explore the local cuisine. If possible, instead of staying in a hotel, arrange to stay at homes of the locals. Of course, keep safety in mind. Wake up early during travelling and observe how other people begin their day. There is so much to learn from the environment. Every travel will transform you in one way or the other. You will learn something new about others and even your own self.

10. Indulge in a Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you have been postponing due to lack of time? If you say, your work is your only hobby then you need to cultivate another one. Do something other than your routine humdrum. Remember that many people collected stamps in earlier days, before the advent of the internet. While some like painting, other like dancing. Do you know what your hobby is? There must be something that brings a smile on your face. If you are not aware of what it is, then explore things around you and indulge in a hobby.

Most of us are on a quest to make our lives better – to do something that makes us feel good and positive. It is easy and simple to brighten our lives and make it happier, one day at a time. let’s stop cribbing and start living. Become your best selves!

How to Stay Healthy and Happy This Festive Season

Stay Healthy and Happy This Festive Season

Yipppeee! Finally, I will be out of this cage and fly far away! I am no bird and the cage that I am talking about is not real. Its festival time and I will get a break from the monotonous life.

Like every festive season, we will be travelling to my in-laws place. It’s an annual trip and I have started making preparations already. In fact, I am trying to look slim and fit since past 6 months. I eat mindlessly first and then, when the festive season approaches, I try to lose weight.

During the festive season, I skip healthy eating rules. And post the season, I am on my mission lose-weight again. So, you see, this is a vicious cycle.

However, as I have been busy writing healthy articles this time, I have vowed that I will not give in to unhealthy delicious temptations my mother-in-law throws at me. For the uninitiated, she is the star chef of our family. While my co-sister loves frying food, my mom-in-law prepares sweets in bulk (as if the entire nation is going to visit us for festivities).

How to Stay Healthy In This Festive Season

I have been pondering and strategizing as to how to cheat on diet during family get-togethers. I am planning to return with the same weight as I am going with. For this, these are the things that can be done.

Wake up Early

I have noticed that when I begin my day early, I have a lot more control on my diet. When I am up before anyone else, I get a lot of time to spend on my own self. There is no one to deter me from my exercise or healthy breakfast routine. I do not have to rush to help others in their routine. So, it is just me and my sweet little morning.

Do Not Skip Exercise

Every festive season, I avow to exercise daily. However, the extra workload that comes with festivities bogs me and my body down, in the morning. You will be surprised to know that festivals are quite harmful for the weight if not kept a tap on.

Firstly, you eat a different diet than the usual one. Secondly, you are not able to exercise. A week of festivities is like gathering a month of calories. So, this time, I am not going to do my usual exercise during festive week. I have planned a festive exercise routine, instead. I will skip exercising inside the house. Alternatively, I will take a walk on the street.

The city wears a different look during festivities. While walking, I can see the new look and even shed calories the interesting way. If you are not a morning person, gather up some of the kids in the evening and play a sport with them. The family will be happy that you are taking care of the kids but actually, it will be a secret workout.

Drink Like a Fish

No, I am not talking about alcohol. Being a teetotaler, I do not even recommend this. Here the drink is water. There are many reasons you should be drinking extra water during festive times. Water keeps you hydrated. It even helps you in staying away from mindless eating.

If you are planning to eat out at restaurants, then water satisfies your thirst and keeps you from overeating. As water helps boost metabolism, you automatically and effortlessly burn calories. What more! Even the toxins get evacuated from your body with water. It keeps your skin healthy, prevents breakouts and even ups your energy levels. Please pass me a glass of water.

Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

You have taken a break from work, but not from sleep, right. Even during the festive season, do not miss out on sleep. Catch up on your sleep that you might have missed while overworking for festive break. While the ideal duration for sleep is eight hours, you can adjust the hours according to your needs.

You might be surprised to know that sleep offers many more benefits apart from rest. It helps boost your metabolism to burn calories. Experts opine that people who sleep well make better decisions about food throughout the day. It prevents cravings as well.

Nutrition and Diet

Yes, I very well agree that dieting and festive season do not make good friends. However, you can plan your festive season meals beforehand in a smart way. For instance, if you plan to eat pasta, stuff the dish with veggies. Have some soup and salads before you head out for dinner. Prepare nutritious desserts like fruits and yogurt.

Eating healthy is quite important to maintain weight. Start your day with a hearty breakfast. I have noticed that when I have a filling nutrition rich breakfast, I do not crave for fried food or sweets.

Ingredients and Proportion

This festive season, I even plan to prepare sweets using whole wheat flour instead of refined variety. I am also going to keep peanuts, roasted chickpeas, yogurt and seeds handy. This will prevent me from munching attractive yet unhealthy foods.

Another important thing is proportion. Do not fill yourself up to the brim. Instead, keep checking on satiation while eating. When you feel you are ‘somewhat’ full, stop. Further, do not make the mistake of skipping meals. This would imbalance your diet. Chewing properly is another important factor. While enjoying with friends and family, we often eat mindlessly without chewing. Chewing is the important part of staying healthy.

Do Not Feel Guilty

This is my major mistake. I relish sweet knowingly and then, feel guilty. My husband scolds me for this. He says that either I should not eat or I should not feel guilty. Nowadays, I do cheat on my diet but I fully enjoy that cheat diet. However, I do not overindulge. After eating, I do a little exercise. If possible, I detoxify with a cup of green tea or some warm water with lemon and honey. This helps a lot, physically and psychologically as well.

It is upon you what to choose this festival – taste or extra weight. While the taste is temporary, the weight will make you wait to fit into that little black dress of yours. I will suggest making smart choices when it comes to food to survive the festival without putting pounds. I think this festive season will be both healthy and happy for me, if I stick to these rules.

How to Stay Happy In This Festive Season

While managing weight is somewhat easy, happiness is quite subjective. Whenever the festive season approaches, there is something that bogs me down. Though the ambiance is creative and lovely, there are bouts of sadness at times. The feeling does not last but tears roll down my cheeks at least once. I did some research and got to know some tips on how to stay happy during the festivities.

Get to Know the Reason

The first step is to find the reason of your sadness. At times, people are just sad because they like being sad. You need to get out of this. I feel sad because I am loaded with emotions. I am not able to realize whether to be sad or happy. Some people are sad as they are not able to meet their loved ones during festivities. In the age of internet, it is easy to catch up with them. Dress up, start a video call and there you are, enjoying together with your family and friends.

Do Not Push Yourself

Every family celebrates the festival in their own way. When we watch others doing a different thing, we try to inculcate it in our celebration. However, emulating others and trying to include everything becomes too much during the festival season. Do not push yourself to perfect the festivities. Celebrate it in your own way. Do not judge yourself.

It is okay if you are not able to cook a perfect dish or do not get time to look your best. Festivals are all about celebrating happiness and blessings rather than the things that you do not have or are not able to do. Make sure that you celebrate a simple festival this year. It will help you enjoy it the way it should be.

Take a Break

Although the festive season is a break from the regular monotonous life, yet you need a break from the preparations too. If you go on preparing for the prayers and decorations, you will not get to enjoy the celebrations. This is because you will be tired on the day of the festival. Instead, take a break. Soak in the ambiance of the festival and let the happiness in. Take a walk on the street, watch the decorations and smile while you do this. If you like clicking pictures then take a camera along with you and enjoy the festive environment.

Personal Care

Just looking good is not enough, you should feel good too. Before and during the festivities, take care of your health. Eat well and take ample rest. Make sure you wash your face before hitting the bed. If possible, do light exercises. All this will ensure that you and your skin stay healthy throughout the festive season that you were waiting for since a long time.

Smell Good

Fragrance plays a key role in lighting up your mood. Gather your favourite fragrances and make your home smell good. You, too, should wear your favourite fragrances throughout the day, even if you are at home. You and your family will indeed feel special. It will set in the festival mood even before the celebrations begin.

And Finally…

Time flies. In a matter of few days, the festive season will come to an end. You will not even realize it and it will be gone. Make the most of it by staying in the prime of your health. Make new friends, invite people to your home and celebrate it together. Happy and Healthy festivities to you!