The Right Way to End Your Day For a Blissful Morning Next Day

The Right Way to End Your Day For a Blissful Morning Next Day

Latika returns to home around 8-8.30 at night. The moment she enters, she attacks the food laid down by her husband, who, by the way, leaves early and returns early too. After they have dinner, they watch some television and retire to bed. While this situation seems easy-peasy, there is havoc in the morning at Latika’s place. She is caught in a puzzle in spite of leaving the bed at 6.30 am sharp. So, what is that can be done to have a good morning?

If you think that waking up at 5 in the morning will solve her problem, then you are completely wrong. A few adjustments here and there will help her get good sleep, workout and everything that makes a perfect beginning of the day. The right start of the day is majorly dependent on the right end of the day. No, I am not asking you to do all the morning-work a night before. Let’s see what could be done and how?

After Returning from Office

You are very tired, after returning from office. No one understands it better than me. My recliner tempts me the moment we meet. However, what I do is remove my lunch box for cleaning and keep my valuables at one corner. Hang the keys on the stand, put on some good music and then meet the recliner. I have dinner and then clean up everything. I have figured out that when all my things are kept in order in the evening, I get to save around 15 minutes of my morning, which are very precious. So I invest these minutes into a good breakfast. Certainly, a minute saved is a minute earned.

A Tete-a-tete with Nature

After dinner, I like taking a walk in the garden. However, it is not always possible in cities, wherein finding a garden is as tough as finding God. But, if you have one near your residence, do take a walk someday. You will feel light and good. In other cases, the one like mine, you can sit by the window, staring the sky and smiling stars. You can even do some star gazing on your terrace, if that’s possible. Keep this time just to yourself. Make sure you do not carry your gadgets – including phone and music player. Talk to nature, seek answers and thank the heavens above for your beautiful life. That’s it.

For Entertainment

After a tiring day at work, you would want to watch some television now. You can. But, I have a better idea. If you have kids, enact a story to them. Involve the entire family in this. I am sure that the burden of stress on your shoulders will just vanish. Tell funny things to each other. Talk about good people that you met in the day. This inculcates positive things in the kids. Even if you are a couples with no kids, you can indulge in nursery rhymes or story telling that both of you relate to. Notice the transformation in your relationship.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Call a long lost friend of yours instead of watching her on social media. Write a beautiful message to your sister who is doing well in her life. Or thank your parents for instilling good values in you. Do anything that you feel like to make others feel better about them. End your day by encouraging someone and making them feel contented.

Get Rid of Scrap

It is quite difficult to indulge in regular cleaning when you work five-six days a week. Instead, just concentrate on a section of your cupboard every evening. Review the things that you use and get rid of those that you don’t. Fill the useless things in a bag. If possible, give them away to those who actually need it.

Before Going to Bed

I am quite old-school. I maintain a diary for every day, especially for the morning. Remembering everything loads my mind up. So, I write everything down. I even note down the time that I will wake up, what will I do next and so on. This is very useful. It even helps me to prevent pressing the snooze button. If I delay in ridding the bed, then the entire schedule will get delayed – a domino effect. This ensures good and peaceful sleep.

Be a Dreamer

Do you day-dream like me, especially when you are loaded with too much work? I think of the happy times in tensed situations. However, here I am asking you to dream before going to bed. Think of all the good things in your life before closing your eyes. You should choose what you will dream of in sleep. This way, you ensure two things – good sleep and in most of the cases, even good dreams. Ask the right questions before going to bed and you will get their answers in your dreams. This needs to be done regularly for positive results.

After Lying Down

Blissful Morning Next Day

I relax my entire body and try to meditate for around 10 minutes. I imagine filling my body with positive energy. This helps me to slow down before a hectic morning. It often happens with me that I keep thinking about people I met and work that needs to be completed when I close my eyes. However, by practicing meditation, I am not finding it difficult to sleep. You should give it a try.

When You Wake Up

The moment you open your eyes, smile. Smile that you woke up just fine. Thank the Almighty. Start a wonderful day ahead.

Change the Order

I have given you some random things that could be done to end the day in the right way. It is not necessary that you do all of this in the same order. Change the order, skip a few things, add some new ones and make sure that when you go to sleep, you are contented. The secret for inner peace is contentment. If you have it in you, then you are living your life the right way. Here’s to happy endings!


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