6 Gripping Points To Note About Ptosis

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When you experience vision problems, check your eyes in the mirror. If you see drooping eyelids, then you might have the condition of ptosis. There is no need to fret, however. Droopy eyelids or ptosis, as it is widely known, is not harmful to health. This condition of the drooping upper eyelid is also known as blepharoptosis. Read more to know about six gripping points about ptosis. 


1). Trauma can lead to Ptosis

Yes, this is true. Ptosis may occur due to trauma. It is the second most common reason for drooping eye conditions. Apart from trauma, ptosis can also occur due to mechanical, myogenic, aponeurotic or even neurogenic reasons. It might also occur due to age-related factors or even complications caused due to botox injections. Above mentions are some ptosis causes that one should be aware of.


2). Ptosis may not block the vision

Not all patients experience blocked vision due to droopy eyelids, and hence, it is necessary to consult a doctor for treatment. Unilateral ptosis is when only one of the eyes is affected, while bilateral ptosis is the condition where both the eyes are affected.


3). Injury can damage the eyelids

At times, an injury or even disease might weaken the muscles that raise the eyelids. Damage caused to the nerves or ligaments around the eyes also results in droopy eyelids. Some people also get ptosis due to eye tumours. 


4). Ptosis can affect even children

This condition can affect both adults and children. The condition can be congenital where babies are born with it. Acquired ptosis refers to the condition wherein people are concerned with it in the later stages of their life. Some people get droopy eyelids due to genetics as well. It might be permanent or come and go. However, it is necessary to treat the condition in children because it might lead to other visual disorders. 


5). Ptosis can be treated without surgery

The treatment of the conditions depends on the patient’s age, his aetiology, and whether both his eyelids are affected or only one of them. The doctors treat the condition of droopy eyelids based on the causes and severity of the condition. If the infection does not block the vision, doctors may skip surgery. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor for primary care. 


6).  Ptosis does not impact health

This condition may not have a massive impact on the health of the patients. It is not easily noticeable. Patients can carry on with their routines without any problems. However, treatment might be required in cases of impaired vision or for cosmetic purposes.

Scared of getting affected by this condition, many people desire to prevent the condition. However, no approach helps avoid the state of the drooping eyelid. Hence, it is necessary to be aware of the symptoms and get regular eye check-ups from experienced doctors. It helps fight the disorder. While it may not be harmful to health, ptosis should be taken seriously as it affects the vision. Worsening of the condition can be prevented by visiting a medical practitioner right away. 


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