Your toe ring is more than adornment jewelry

Silver Toe Rings
Toe Rings are good for health

When I was young, I used to adore my mom’s feet. Her silver anklets and toe ring used to be my favourite. I wished I could wear them, just once. However, my mom used to tell me that toe rings could be worn only after a woman is married. She had strictly prohibited me from wearing a pair before my nuptials. In India, silver toe rings are worn just by married women.

Once I got married, I started wearing silver anklets and toe rings. I love the sound of ghungroos, the small metallic balls that hang on anklets. While I wear the same anklet since the day of my wedding, I have invested in different styles of silver toe rings. I love the makeover of my toes by adorning different kinds of toe rings.

While I generally buy toe rings from trusted jewellery stores, this time I took a leap of faith. I bought a pair of silver toe rings online. I fell in love with them at first sight when I came across a range of contemporary toe rings on It arrived with a beautiful handwritten note to cheer me up on a gloomy Saturday. I wore them instantly and only took them out to take this picture.

How much ever beautiful they look, toe rings come with a medical benefit if worn correctly. While visiting Sun Temple at Modhera, Gujarat, I came to know that wearing toe rings aids good health. The carvings of women flaunting toe rings on the walls of the temple depict that they were more than a fashion statement.

The reason why only married women wore toe rings was related to their connection with the reproductive system in women. Toe rings are mostly worn on the second toe. This is because a nerve from the second toe connects to the uterus. Wearing a toe ring on the second toe helps keep the uterus healthy and prevents any kind of mishaps while giving birth. Also, it helps regulate the blood flow which in turn normalizes the menstrual cycle in women.

Wearing toe rings is considered beneficial from the viewpoint of Ayurveda as well. Acupressure is one of the significant elements in Ayurveda. Toe rings help clear blockages from the acupressure points in women. Hence, it aids in maintaining the health of women.

Generally, wearing only silver toe rings is recommended. Silver is a good conductor of heat. It helps absorb energy that is produced from the earth and the body. This helps in unifying the reproductive system of women. Further, it is believed that silver flushes out all negativity from the bodies of women. It is believed that wearing silver toe rings help women conceive effortlessly. This is because it helps balance the uterus and the menstrual cycle in women.

By the means of Astrology as well, silver toe rings are good for women. Silver being a metal helps retain the effects that the moon has on the body. Moon helps calm the mind and heart of a person. A person can work better and take good decisions if her mind is calm and cool, just like the moon.

So, if you are still not wearing a pair of toe rings, go ahead and invest in a beautiful one, right away. You are not only going to make a fashion statement with your feet but also aid your health.


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