Why 2023 is the year of no chemicals?

Say no to chemicals
Natural Skincare

My mom used to narrate stories about her grandmother. She was a kind-hearted lady who stuck to her decisions, come what may. Even I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to her grandmother. She seemed to me like a university where I can choose the discipline I want to graduate in.

Granny never used any kind of chemicals on her skin, not even soap or shampoo, the basic ones. She never used talcum powder or moisturizer, not even once. Visiting hospitals used to be her last resort. Even for cleaning soiled utensils, she ensured that the helpers used ash and not detergent.

I used to be surprised when my mom told me such things. imagining a life without the ‘modern-age’ chemical-laden skincare was unimaginable in those days. However, her words of advice stuck in my mind. I made sure that I stay away from waxing, threading, facials, and similar beauty routine that my contemporaries followed.

I was an avid reader. While reading magazines, I skimmed the beauty advice and cut the tips that I found interesting. I pasted them in my scrapbook, which I still have, by God’s and my Mom’s grace. I applied kitchen ingredients to my face and body to get a natural glow. As I was always on the scout for such tips, I even followed my aunt’s advice to apply fresh fruits on my face.

I am in my late 30s now. I have a daughter who is my carbon copy when it comes to beauty routines. Just like me, she likes applying fruits to her skin. Knock on wood! We have healthy skin that is shielded from modern-age complications that are a result of chemical-laden products.

My daughter understands the negative effects of chemicals on the skin. However, not many people do. Regular chemical facials have become a routine rather than an exception. People have fallen into the trap of Botox treatments, LASIK procedures, skin uplifting, etc.

However, there has been a gradual shift towards natural and organic ingredients in skincare. People have been trying chemical-free products. The results of using such products can be experienced over a period of time. But the good news is that they do not come with major side effects like chemical products do.

If you are wondering what are chemical-free products, here is a low-down on them. Chemical-free products are plant-based, non-toxic, and clean, and do not contain any kind of preservatives. They are 100% natural. Such products do not have any negative side effects and are very gentle on the skin.

Such skin care products are prepared using familiar ingredients that are found in nature. For instance, fruits, oils, vegetables, grains, herbs, etc. These ingredients care for the skin and result in long-term benefits. Chemical-laden or synthetic products make your skin look good instantly. However, in the long run, these ingredients clog the pores, cause irritation and breakouts, and even harm the skin in more ways than one.

People have also become aware of skincare brands harming animals by testing products on them. Hence, people use products that are animal-cruelty free. Such products are empathetic towards animals and make people feel good while using them. It is necessary that people are mindful of the things they are buying. Reading the list of ingredients and checking the labels is a necessity. Natural products are not only effective on your skin but also take care of the environment surrounding you and your family. They turn out to be cost-effective as well.

While I was looking for a chemical-free body spray, I came across Pure Sense Body Spray. I chose my all-time fragrances, Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray. As I have sensitive skin, these products meet my requirements perfectly. They do not contain parabens, sulphate, carcinogens, etc. They are also animal-cruelty free and earth friendly. The intoxicating scent lingered on throughout the day and made me feel good.

I love many other products by Pure Sense. It is the sub-brand by Marico, famously known for Parachute Oil. The coming times are great for natural skincare brands that understand the sentiments of the customers. People are using products consciously and do not want to use products that contain harmful ingredients or steroids that affect their skin in any way. Let’s make a promise to use natural and plant-based skincare products to make our skin happy and healthy.


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