Hiccups – What Causes Hiccups? What Are the Home Remedies of Hiccups?

This post is about…hiccup….what I want to say is…hiccup….the home remedies work…hiccup

Hiccup!!! Hiccups are so funny when it happens to someone else, right. However, when hiccups strike us, we simply want to get rid of them as soon as possible! There are so many funny instances, anecdotes, stories build just around hiccups. Interestingly, there is an Indian movie wherein the central character suffers from Tourette syndrome and one of her symptoms is hiccups. So what are hiccups?

What are Hiccups?

Hiccups refer to a condition wherein the diaphragm muscle contracts involuntarily but repeatedly. There is an opening between a person’s vocal chords. When this opening shuts while checking the air inflow, the hiccup sound is caused.

Interesting Fact: Hiccups are also referred to as Singultus. It is a Latin word and it means to catch the breath while crying.

Top 10 Reasons of Hiccups

So, you are not able to fathom the reason why hiccups are troubling you and that too suddenly amid a very interesting conversation that you are a part of? Read about them and know more.

1. Eating

If you have a habit of eating food quickly between office breaks or before running errands, then this might be the reason for your hiccups.

2. Overeating

Not only eating quickly but eating too much can cause hiccups as well. So, avoid being a glutton at unlimited pizza party this weekend.

3. Overdrinking

Yep, that ‘drinks on me’ by your friend might have caused you hiccups as you were not able to stop at one.

4. Carbonated Drinks

Gulping down your favorite carbonated drink might have led to this bout of your hiccups.

5. Smoking

What? Can Smoking cause hiccups? Yes, it seems that all things sinful can result in hiccups

6. Breathing Pattern

So, today you exhaled more than you inhaled the fresh oxygen in a bid to get rid of accumulated toxins. You never know, this benign act of yours might be the reason for your continual hiccups.

7. Temperature

When you eat or drink something extremely hot or cold, it can lead to hiccups as it changes the temperature of your body.

8. Emotions

Your emotional side could have resulted in an attack by hiccups. Hiccups are even caused when one is very excited or even stressed. Anxiety issues or fear of something too can lead to hiccups as well.

9. Ailments

At times, hiccups are a result of diseases irritating the nerves controlling diaphragm, due to strokes, tumor or even surgery.

10. Obnoxious Fumes

With rising levels of pollution, people have been suffering from the problem of accidentally inhaling certain fumes and this might be the reason for frequent bouts of hiccups.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups Quickly?

Here are some home remedies to take care of bouts of hiccups. However, it is not necessary that these would definitely work. This is because it is difficult to cure hiccups without the definite knowledge of their causes. There are so many crazy ways that people use to get rid of hiccups. Every person will tell you something different that he or she did and the hiccups actually stopped. In fact, what I think is that doing something crazy is a sure-shot way to relieve the bouts of hiccups.

1. Breath

Shortage of carbon dioxide in your body is one of the reasons for hiccup-bout. So, increasing the levels helps to a certain extent. You can hold your breath for around 10 seconds and then release. Doing this continually might help relieve the bout.

2. Water

Hiccups are related to the diaphragm. So, quickly drink a glass of regular or cold water to stop the hiccups. Alternatively, place a glass of water with a straw inserted in it on the floor. Stand erect but just bend your knees to make your mouth reach the straw. Drink water in this position but carefully. This is one of the good tricks to relieve hiccups.

3. Castor Oil

So, hiccups are troubling you a lot and there’s a meeting in an hour. To cure them, take a spoonful of honey and mix it with an equal quantity of castor oil. To consume this mix, you need to use your fingers. Yes, you need to lick this mix and not just once but for a couple of times. Do tell us, whether this helped.

4. Lemon

Whether or not you are fond of lemon, biting on it might help cure the hiccups. You can even have a spoonful of lemon juice. I talked to aunties and grannies in the neighborhood, but I was not able to get the reason why the lemon works for the hiccup.

5. Gargle

Take some regular water and gargle for a couple of times. It is believed that gargling relieves hiccups. Some people even responded saying that gargling with ice water is a better option to stop the hiccups.

6. Salt

Smell some salt, any type of salt that you have. Even this can cure hiccups. Yes, this sounded absurd but people say it helps.

7. Sour Foods

If you come across sour foods during a bout of a hiccup, you can chew them to say goodbye to hiccups. Sour foods like olive work quite well in such cases. Even vinegar is an alternative. Take a spoonful with a glass of water. The taste is so pungent that you completely forget about something like hiccups troubling you.

8. Sugar

If you cannot scare the hiccups with cold water or sour foods, bribe them with sugar. It is believed that when one swallows sugar, it stimulates the nerves. And eventually, one forgets about the hiccups. There’s a knack to take sugar to stop the hiccups effectively. For this, you need a teaspoon of sugar which needs to be kept in the mouth for around 5 seconds. Do not chew the sugar but let it dissolve on its own. Post this, sip some water.

9. Peanut Butter

If it is your favorite, then what are you waiting for? Christmas, eh? The reason something like peanut butter works is the consistency. This gooey stuff intrudes the breathing pattern when you gulp it down. And eventually, Ms. Hiccup is a thing of past.

10. Ice Cubes

If you are in a hurry and cannot do anything mentioned above, just rush to the refrigerator. Hunt for the ice cubes and chew them. You can even apply ice cubes on the sides of the neck to get rid of nasty hiccups.

11. Cocoa

Try to swallow powdered cocoa or chocolate drink powder. It is quite difficult to do it. But, difficult things seem to work with hiccups, don’t they?

A Note of Caution

However funny they might seem, hiccups could signal an underlying medical condition. At times, hiccups can also be the reason for respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal ailments, ulcers or malaria. If your hiccups do not go away in a short period of time but persist for more than a day or two, you need to call a doctor and make an appointment.

Your hiccups should not interrupt your sleep or food habits. Meet an ENT specialist for persisting bouts of hiccups. To cure hiccups, doctors even prescribe medicines at times.