Quitting Social Media Does Not Help – Learn How to Stop Your Social Media Addiction

“I will stop going to this place” – often, we resort to complete cut-off instead of slowing things down. There are so many things that we stop doing – we stop talking to a relative, to a friend, to a neighbour. We stop going to some places. We stop eating sweets altogether instead of limiting it. And these days, people are quitting social media altogether instead of slowing down or limiting its usage. That the problem exists is the truth.

But many do not realize this and others do not know how to resolve it. While some quit the social media altogether, others remove the apps from their smartphones and there are only some who actually limit the usage.

Why quitting social media will not help?

There’s this simple analogy. Think that you are on a weight-loss diet. And social media is like unhealthy food. Viewing social media is like binging. You do not understand where to stop. And literally, one wafer leads to another and so on. So, if you hide that packet of wafers, will it help? It will always be on the back of your mind that it exists somewhere and calling out your name. This means you have not overcome the habit of binging.

To really overcome it, you need to grab that packet, eat just one wafer, and keep it back at the same place in the pantry. Similarly, not buying that wafer packet at all will also not help. Purchase it, keep it in the pantry and then do not binge. Yes, it is difficult. But this is the real test. Similarly, when you realize that you are binging on social media, do not quit. You stay put and decide not to check it multiple times in a day.

Quitting social media will not help at all. When everyone around you is on social media, you would like to stay in the loop, especially when you have not overcome the habit. It is just that you have deleted the account. You will be tempted to know what is happening but you will have to channelize that energy. It is very difficult, you know that, right?

The directly proportional relation

I will tell you a secret here. The lesser you check the updates the lesser there will be the need to. Did you get this? For instance, you were not able to check your Whatsapp account for some reason for the entire day. When you actually get to check it in the evening, there would not be much in there to check. The reason being, that you might have talked to the people if it was urgent. And similarly, other people would have also called you instead of sending messages. And when this happens constantly for a week, people will realize that you are not much online and hence, they try to get in touch with you through a call. This is true for Facebook as well. When you do not check the updates regularly, you just skim through the messages quickly instead of analyzing each one of them.

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How to begin limiting the use of social media?

The very first step is to find out how much social media you are using in the span of a day or even an hour if you are addicted. Every time you take your smartphone in your hand and click on facebook or any other similar social media account to check the updates, you need to strike one in your diary. This will really help you find out how much are you addicted. The limit is to use social media just twice a day if it is for leisure and pleasure. Oh, this does not hold true if you are Mark Zuckerberg’s assistant and it is your job to keep a tap on social media. Jokes apart (I have to write this because sometimes my one-liners are hard to understand) if you are using social media many times a day, then you should do something about it. Once again, I ask you not to quit.

What I will not ask you to do to cure social media addiction!

  • I will not ask you to quit social media
  • I will not ask you to join some classes
  • I will not ask you to learn to balance
  • I will not ask you to meditate

My approach to getting out of social media addiction

Yes, on a smaller level I was addicted to social media. I liked checking whether someone texted me something funny. I did not check group chats or jokes but I got addicted to personal chats. I wanted to find out people with whom I lost touch with and text them. This sounds interesting and weird at the same time, right! But this habit made me quite antsy. Now, let us see, how we can change ourselves in this pro-social media world, one step at a time.

Skim the contacts on social media

This is the very first and the very important thing that should be done. So, you met a lady in the supermarket and you two gelled instantly. Both of you add each other on the social media account. And it has been years today that you two did not chat. You need to set rules on whom to add to your social media account and give an access to your personal life. And even if you do, you need to skim the contacts on a regular basis as well. This is not just for curing the addiction, but also for your safety.

What will happen when you skim the contacts? – the likes and comments on your posts will decrease drastically. This means that you do not have to reply to them individually. Dadang!!! Time saved. Further, lesser the number of ‘friends’ on your social media account, the lesser the updates are, the lesser you will have to like and comment. Interesting, isn’t this? Ultimately, you are less antsy to check the updates. Further, please do not remove those ‘friends’ whose posts light up your day in some way, even if you are not much in touch. Also, please make sure that you do not accept the request of anyone and everyone (even if you know the person for a long time, you should judge whether that person needs to be on your social media as well).

Skim the platforms as well

There are so many platforms and groups and communities that you follow on social media. Every once in a while, you need to take out some time and remove them from the list. This will make you feel lighter and the burden of checking their updates as well is relieved. I just did that while writing the post. It feels better, believe me!

Decide the time and duration

This is slightly difficult to do. For those who are checking it every now and then, this is next to impossible. However, you will have to decide the time slot when you will check the social media. You will also need to decide the duration for which you will be socially active online. Now, the catch is you cannot adjust the timings. So, if you decide that you will check social media for half an hour every morning and suppose, there are no new updates at that point of time, by no means, you can postpone this time. You cannot check social media account in the afternoon again for the same time duration. This will be counted as cheating. You will have to check the account only in the next decided slot. Do not crib, that is the deal!

Number of posts allowed

This is quite subjective. There are some who do not post anything at all and even then they are addicted to social media; then there are others who post thrice a day, yet they are not active on social media. The point that I am trying to make over here is social media addiction is not judged on the basis of the number of posts you do in a day. But if you are one of those who yearn to see how many people liked your posts, then you need to limit the post thrice a week rather than daily.

Checking the forwards

Forwards – this is how addiction begins. In order to make social media work, the owners make sure that the forwards aka funny videos, messages and rumors spread like a wildfire. Make sure that you do not download every video, read memes and messages. Also, do not forward them like it is very important for others to see those. What I have done is made settings that videos and images do not download automatically. This has helped me in skimming the messages. It also saves my time.

Online and real social life

The problem is that people treat online social media and real-life social media quite differently. While people are cautious in making real-life friends, they add people instantly online. And this gradually makes such people a different personality altogether. The catch is to treat online social life on the same terms as the real-life one. Do you comment on every person you meet in your neighbourhood? The same holds true online. It is not your responsibility to like and comment on every pic. Likewise, one should not be rude even online or post nasty comments. It is easy to advise online. So, unless and until asked personally, you need not advise people.

Checking social media in public

Ahaan! This is very important, folks! Our smartphones are like our pets. They accompany us wherever we go. And nowadays, people even carry their smartphones to their loos – so a step further to the pets. However, I have a rule here. I do not carry it to the washroom, bathroom or kitchen. I do not carry my smartphones on outings. I make sure that I do not check social media updates when I am in the park – I watch people chat, kids play and birds chirp. I do not check the updates in the mall or while waiting for the taxi to arrive. I also do not check when I am travelling. I do not allow even my toddler to watch videos while she is getting bored in a cab or a restaurant. Instead, I observe people around me during such times and make sure that my kiddo gets in a similar habit. I also make sure that my phone is many yards away from me when I am with my family. All this will assure that you have a good time without your smartphone.

And Finally…

Happiness is just around the corner, waiting for you with open arms. Happiness does not result from people liking you online. It is all about quality friends that you make in real life. Just like you assure that your real friends are maintained, make sure that your online friends are, as well. Instead of stopping the bad habit altogether, take stock of your life. Quitting social media will be foolish. You need to take control of your life, withdraw yourself from addiction and move ahead!

Cultivate Happiness Quotient to Reap Benefits in the Office and Everywhere Else

Cultivate Happiness Quotient to Reap Benefits

Happiness is a scientific approach. Understand the nuances and apply them to your life. Voila! Now, you will stay happy, as much as you can.

Most of the kids have higher happiness quotient as compared to adults, I think. They are genuinely happy and the best part is that their happiness is infectious. As we grow up, this happiness gets lost somewhere in the daily grind. Competition and comparison takes the place of happiness many times. Not many people understand that happiness beats all the feelings. If you stay happy, you will not feel the need of anything else in the world. Here, I do not mean that you become a saint and renounce your belongings. I just want to make you aware about how happiness charges you up and changes the game altogether.

There exists a Happiness Quotient, which you might not be aware of. For the newbies, it is a basic tool that helps you to understand how you feel about various things in your life and whether it gives you required levels of happiness. It is not just work or salary but also includes relationships, health and wellness and several other things. In short, it is the satisfaction that you earn at the end of the day.

Happiness Quotient at Work and Office

Are you aware that there exists a country that measures the development not through Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but gross national happiness? The country is Bhutan. This is quite interesting. The country strives to make its people happier every year. People compete to be happy. And I think that this works in the favor of the country. This is because people who are happy tend to be more successful. They focus on work and are more productive than their counterparts. This is the reason companies around the world are now striving to keep its employees happy.

When the employees are happy, the clients are too. And this gets reflected in the profits. On the other hand, employees too are looking for jobs and companies that focus on happiness rather than business. People tend to hunt for jobs that inspire them to work and not instill Monday blues. The interesting part is that they are even ready to opt for lower salary packages if the work keeps them happy. The stress levels are quite low in such people. They even tend to healthier.

How to Stay Happy

Can happiness be measured and increased? Yes, it certainly can. Here are the ways that will help you to stay happy while going about your day.

Love Yourself

Often, you are the last person you choose to love. If you do not love your body, your weight, your existence, how will you do justice to others? Make a point to eat well, exercise, breathe good and feed your soul with all things good, especially thoughts. Watch your reflection in the mirror and say confidently, “This is me. And I love myself, every part of my body, every thought in my mind and everybody around me.” Things will start falling in place.

De-clutter Your Life

Clutter is the cause of stress. Be it your mind, your home, your workplace or even your relationships, it is time to de-clutter. Begin with your mind – do not think of things that bring sadness. Let go of all the grudges, heartaches, break-ups, traumas of the past. This will help you focus in the present. When it comes to your home, remove the things that you do not use on a daily basis. Do not save things, thinking that someday they will be of good use. When it’s workplace, keep your desk organised and your computer free of all unrequired files and images. With relationships, ditch those that you feel burdened with.

Progress Matters

And not perfection. Yes, things should be perfect and perfection helps in so many things. But, if you want to stay happy, let go of perfection at times. Perfection in every little thing induces stress. Instead of focusing on perfection, think of things that you have achieved – the progress that you have made. This way you can celebrate moments and enrich the journey of your life. However, this does not mean that you start aiming for substandard work.

Do What You Like

Always work for someone you like being with. This way, every morning when you wake up, you will be excited to go to the place of work. If you are not able to get out of the wrong organization, make sure that you do something that you love, in your routine. It can be anything, be it cooking, writing, watching sunset or it can even be jumping. These things will give you the much required satisfaction and help you sleep soundly.

Acts of Kindness

Help a person cross the road. Smile at that elderly lady. Or just spend time with kids. Random acts of kindness, expecting nothing in return, certainly help end your day with a satisfactory smile. Besides, spending time with people you love or feeding the deprived will make you feel grateful towards things in your life. Materialistic Happiness only lasts for a while, instead aim for Soulful Happiness to up your happiness quotient.

How Happiness Benefits Your Health

Happiness not only works for you at work but also in boosting your health. I think the reason behind this is a positive attitude. Happiness cultivates optimism and this helps you at several fronts. When you are happy, negative emotions get repelled and you attract just positivity from everywhere – meaning, that you are healthier.

Low Stress

Stress has been affecting people all round the globe. It is a lifestyle disease and can be combatted with proper attitude. To make sure that you are not affected by stress, try to develop a happy attitude. Keep your happiness quotient high. Try to inculcate habits that make you unhappy and forgo things that result in stress. When you are happy, you do not tend to take things to heart. This automatically lowers down the levels of stress, be it at work or anywhere else.

Immune System

The happier you are, greater is your immunity. Now, this is quite subjective. If you try to keep a fake smile on your face all day and expect that your immunity levels go up, then you will not get any benefits out of this act of yours. Instead, rather than focusing on immunity or other results, try to cultivate genuine happiness. Try to let things go and learn to be calm. And you will notice the difference. A cranky person gets sick faster as compared to a happy-go-lucky one, you might have noticed that. This is because when you do not mind, it will not matter to you. When you keep using sanitizer on every doubt of germ infestation, a different set of germs is waiting to attack you (this is just an analogy). People with positive attitude are less likely to develop cold or other such ailments.

High Endurance

When you cultivate happiness in your life and lifestyle, you will notice the results gradually. Not only your immunity levels be go up, but also your overall health. Stay in a good mood and try to focus on emotions. Strike out negative ones and let in happy thoughts. You will see that your mood does not go down as often as it used to be. Your health too will start improving. You will not suffer from ailments as often as you. You will be fit and your body will be strong.

Longer Lifespan

It is believed that people who are happy most of the times have a longer lifespan. In fact, it can even be noticed by observing people who have lived long. Such people are not grumpy and their immune system is quite strong. They do not fall ill regularly. Further, such people did not find the need to go to doctors or have not been admitted in hospitals as often as their counterparts have been.


Being healthy and happy is a choice. People who complain that their body is not strong or they have weak immune system or grumble of regular stress need to cultivate happiness. It is not a one-time affair but should be developed as a habit. Nothing is impossible and you can be fit as a fiddle if you avow to do so. Let’s begin today itself! So, what’s your happiness quotient now?

An Ultimate Guide to Look Beautiful, Happy and Alive in Just 10 Days

An Ultimate Guide to Look Beautiful, Happy and Alive in Just 10 Days

Nitara is a mother of two lovely daughters. She loves taking care of their skin. Nitara prefers only organic bath scrubs for her daughters so that they do not face problems later in their lives. She works from home and loves cooking. Her daughters prefer food prepared by their mom too.

However, Nitara does not get time to take care of her skin. While balancing all of these roles, she often forgets that time is running out and she needs to attend to her health. And as and when the festive season approaches, she knocks on the door of salons and asks them to make her look good.

Yes, they reply the same thing as you mumbled. ‘It is difficult to look good instantly.’ It takes time, right.

I can completely relate to Nitara. With so many things to do and just 24 hours in hand, it becomes difficult to look good instantly. I plan for making lifestyle changes before the festive season. However, I do not realize the fact that the time flies. The festival is just round the corner and the time to make changes is long gone.

In order to look good, you need to eat good, exercise and take ample rest. The current lifestyle makes this almost impossible. But, you should learn to sneak in skin-care in your routine and make healthy lifestyle a compulsion rather than an option. Now, what if I give you a 10-day routine so that you do not have to do anything but follow this to light up your face? Interesting it sounds, isn’t it!

Day 1 – What You Eat and Drink

By eating well, I do not mean eat everything that comes to your sight. If you desire to look good in just 10 days, you need to pay close attention to what you eat and drink. Yes, just in a matter of a week, your skin will start glowing if you make sure having a balanced diet and enough water to support it.

Water – If you feel that your skin seems to be dull and lifeless, then drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water acts like an elixir for your skin. The secret of most of the people with good skin is just water.

Detox Drinks – You can even opt for detox drinks to bring out the best in your skin. Plan to drink warm water with honey and lemon in the morning. Prepare homemade fruit based detox waters and drink it throughout the day.

Green Tea – You can even drink green tea once or twice a day. It will hydrate the skin due to the presence of flavonoids in it.

Diet – Eat more of fresh fruits and salads. Citrus fruits can become best friends of your skin. Chuck refined flour for at least 10 days. However, I prefer chucking it for good. Instead, eat whole grains. They are good for healthy and skin as well. Relish a piece of dark chocolate daily. It is full of anti-oxidants good for the skin.

Quit Fast Food – Yes, it is not only bad for health but skin as well. When you consume oily food, the skin bears the brunt. It is one of the common reasons of breakout and dull skin.

Alcohol – Hard drinks are the enemies of skin. Do not even think of them in these 10 days. Drinking and smoking have an immediate effect on your eyes. They lead to dull and lifeless skin as well.

If you eat and drink well throughout the 10 days, nothing can stop you from having a glowing skin. Team it up with other things that I am going to mention and you would definitely be a showstopper this festive season.

Day 2 – Physical and Mental Exercise

Physical and Mental Exercise

Exercising has dual benefits. It helps you get in shape and even makes your skin look good. This is because exercising helps flush out toxins from the body, resulting in positive skin benefits. There are so many things that you could do for exercising your body.

Walk – The most simple of all is walking. Walk for at least an hour every day. Choose to walk early in the morning, before the hustle and bustle of office goers begin. Pollution is almost nil at that time and even fresh air lightens up your skin and mood.

Posture – While walking, take care of your posture. Walking straight will make you look leaner and keep fit as well. Stay active throughout the day.

Yoga – Opt for simple exercises like climbing the stairs, jumping jacks, hula hoops and others. You can even opt for yoga. It is good for both mind and health. Do Pranayama or breathing exercises. They are very good for the skin glow.

Basking in the Sun – Take some time out after the sun rises. Sit under the sun for some time to get natural dose of Vitamin D. It helps boost circulation.

PuzzlesSolve some puzzles regularly. It keeps your mind active. Learn how to solve Sudoku, Kakuro and such other puzzles. They are quite interesting as well.

Day 3 – Sleep and Rest

You might be wondering that why am I asking you to exercise and rest in the same post. Actually, the key is maintaining a balance. While exercise is important, rest is too. Make sure that you take ample rest to let your body reorganize the brain.

When rest, you automatically keep dark circles around the eyes at bay. While taking a nap, your body helps reduce the chances of heart ailments. It even repairs the old cells. Your stamina increases and when wake up, you are in a happy space. However, make sure that your sleep schedule is regular and not erratic. Fixed sleep schedule is quite necessary, both for your body and skin.

Day 4 – Beauty at Home

CTM is very necessary for your skin. Cleaning the skin regularly, twice a day, makes sure that there are no breakouts. For this, you need to establish good skincare habits. While there are different products available for washing face and body, I still prefer homemade ones, especially for the face. The skin here is very delicate.

Home Remedies – I prefer using a mixture of raw milk, gram flour, turmeric and a couple of drops of lemon juice. You can replace raw milk with curd too. Make this a habit and notice a change in the texture of skin. When you want a pink glow, dry some rose petals and apply to your skin along with raw milk. I bet that your skin will blush. Using dried orange peels and fresh papaya peels on the skin are equally good. You can even rub potato slices to get rid of blemishes or tan.

Sunscreen – Do not underestimate the power of sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen lotion even if you stay indoors, let alone on cloudy days. UV rays do much damage to your skin and results in dark spots. Apply a good quality sunscreen lotion liberally over your skin before stepping out. Make use of umbrellas too.

Exfoliate – In these 10 days, exfoliate your skin 4-5 times. For exfoliating, use home-made scrubs by mixing half a cup of coconut oil with two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Make sure to wash your face before applying this. Do this before taking a bath for good results. Exfoliating helps you get clear, fair and blemish-free skin. It even removes dead skin cells.

Steaming – My mother recommends me steaming for several skin problems I narrate her. This is because she says steaming helps open the skin pores of the face. It even removes dirt, grime, grease and pollution that your face encounters on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can even use towel dipped in hot water after squeezing it properly. Cover your face with it for ten minutes.

Toning – Toning regularly helps remove bacteria and dirt from your skin. It even helps reduce dark spots or scars.

Moisturizing – Set up a routine to moisturize after a bath and also, before going to bed. The before- bedtime moisturizing works quite well as your skin will be undisturbed for the next 6 hours at the least. Choose a moisturizer that works well for different parts of your body. For instance, your feet require a thick foot cream while your face requires a light one.

Change Pillowcase – What are you talking about? How come this thing is included in beauty remedies! You will be surprised to know that your skin might face a problem if you do not change the pillowcase weekly. The oil from your hair trickles down to your pillow case and it sticks to the face, resulting in skin breakouts. Ewww!!!

Day 5 – Keep the Stress at Bay

Festive season for some is the scariest of all. They are bogged down by expectations and are not able to meet them. Such things take a toll on health and skin. This season, learn to keep stress away consciously.

Take a break from preparations and relax. Call your friends over for some detox drinks instead of coffee and discus the latest issue of cosmopolitan. Yes,you can do this. Do not take heed to people who cultivate negative thoughts or scare you. If possible, opt for a spa. Meditation is a very good thing if you know. Or better, learn to meditate and let your skin show how you feel.

Day 6 – The Cleaning Drive

A cleaning drive is going on at your house, right. You are cleaning your skin, the accumulated fat and even some kitchen ingredients by applying it on your skin. How about cleaning your wardrobe? Yep, it will not only make you feel good but also give you some exercise.

Before the festive season shopping, opt for cleaning your wardrobe. Try out different dresses that you haven’t wore in a while. This might pleasantly surprise you as some old dresses still fit you. Instead of buying new ones, you can mix and match the old ones. Yesteryear fashion trends keep on coming back. You might have some old outfits that have made a comeback. Mix and match with new-age accessories and voila!

Here’s a show stealer. However, make sure that the outfit you try is a proper fit. Do not wear oversized or tight fit garments. They make you look dull. In this cleaning drive, if you find something that you are never going to wear, please donate it to the needy ones. Someone somewhere might be waiting for such kind of clothes but might not be able to afford it.

Day 7 – The Cleaning Drive Again

Now, here I am talking about unwanted hair. Guys, it is time to go for a beard shave or trimming, whatever the style trends permit! Get a good haircut, people. Do not opt for completely new styles.

This is because you might end up with a wrong one just before the festive season. Whenever you want to try something new, get it done in off seasons, when there are no weddings or special occasions. Women, it is time for getting waxing and threading done as well. The correct shape of eyebrows will make you feel confident and beautiful at the same time. Choose an expert for getting your eyebrows shaped.

Face Packs – Opt for a facial or apply a face pack on day 7. You can make use of honey and milk powder along with lemon juice for your skin. Choose a pack depending upon your skin type. I like coco powder mixed with honey for my skin. You can opt for tomatoes, gram flour, wheat flour, rice flour, almond powder, walnut or apricot powder, coffee, yogurt, fruits, etc. Ask an expert how to use them for your skin type.

Smile – Exfoliate your lips and whiten your teeth. Smile is the best outfit you are going to wear this season. It is the key to look good instantly. No matter what you wear and how you look, there is nothing important than a good smile. Use lemon rinds and baking soda for whitening your teeth. The inside of banana peels too works well. You can even visit a dentist for professional cleaning.

Day 8 – Yayy! It’s the Trial Day

It has to be. If there is no trial day in your schedule, then you are in for a last-minute surprise, whether a pleasant one or an awful one, it’s still undecided. To save embarrassment or hassles, fit in a trial before the actual day.

On such a day, I take out the dress that I am going to wear. Also, keep the fitting lingerie aside. Try it in front of the mirror. Apply make-up and even wear the accessories. Try different hair styles that will look good on you. I keep all the required things for the right look together, segregated in different pouches.

This helps me save time on the final day. I even make sure that the outfit is ironed. The footwear is clean and sparkling. Ready the bag that you are going to carry. Add make-up hacks, tiny perfume bottles, hankies, a bottle of water and other important things in that bag. This activity is very necessary, especially if you have kids.

Day 9 – Dance it Out

Special occasions are quite daunting and demanding at times. For the last one week, you have been trying hard to look good, eat well and even exercise. Amid these things, you might feel stressed at times.

In fact, one of the points even mentions that. Now, the special occasion is just a couple of days away. Everything is ready on your part. You have made sure that you look pretty and handsome (for guys) on that day.

The next step is to put on some foot tapping numbers and switch on the loudspeaker as well. Call your friends over or just dance alone. Dancing will help you forget the pressure of looking good on that day.

Dancing helps build confidence and even helps reduce calories too. It helps boost your mood too. Your skin benefits as dancing helps flush out toxins and even repairs the cells. It keeps skin breakouts at bay by improving blood circulation.

Day 10 – Celebration Time

It is time to reward yourself for all the hard work you did for the past 10 days. Stick to this routine if you have noticed a positive difference in yourself. It is time to immerse in the festive mood and make the most of it.

Do not get bogged down by others – what are they wearing or how are they celebrating the festival. It is on you to set new trends. Stay confident and most importantly, smile. By the way, you look ravishing!