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Skin is the first thing that people notice about you. People with radiant and happy skin find it easier to establish an instant connection with others whom they meet. My skin has always been a conversation starter for me. People ask me what do I do to my skin that keeps it shining and bright. And I reply that I am happy inside and that is what reflects outside.

Definitely, my radiant skin is not just my inner happiness. I have a habit of pampering my skin with home remedies. When I was young, I use to read skincare articles in newspapers. I used to save the cuttings and paste them into a notebook. Yes, I still have this notebook from my childhood.

I used to go out of my way to prepare all those pastes and powders that were mentioned in the articles. I remember once I had dried orange peels in the sun, ground them, and saved the powder in the refrigerator. I mixed this powder with honey and apply it to my face. I had even dried rose petals that we received in temples and ground them for face pack.

During the early months of motherhood, I did not get enough time to take care of my skin. I remember a funny incident I had with my daughter. I had heard great reviews of applying coffee on the face for brightness. My daughter was supposedly two at that time. When she was sleeping, early in the morning, I applied coffee on my face and carried on my routine. I had forgotten that I had applied something to my face. When she came to hug me in the morning, she started crying and went to her papa. I felt strange. That is when I realized that she was scared of the coffee on my face. In spite of all the drama, I still remember that the results were awesome.

However, home remedies scarcely work these days. due to rising pollution and grime that we encounter on a daily basis, home remedies only help for basic skincare. in order to attain the lost glow, I was looking for a reliable brand. that is when I came across Lotus Botanicals. After hearing great reviews, I bought four products to test them on my skin.

Vitamin C Skin Brightening MatteFLUID Sunscreen

Once when I visited my dermatologist, she asked me to apply sunscreen right in the morning and reapply it in the evening. I retorted that I work from home, then there is no need to apply sunscreen. She advised that even if we stay indoors, UVA and UVB rays affect our skin as soon as the sun rises in the morning. Hence, it is important to apply sunscreen in the morning. it should be a part of the post-shower routine for everyone. I invested in Lotus Botanicals Sunscreen.

What I liked about this sunscreen is that it is light and absorbent, unlike the sunscreens of other popular brands. The powerful blend of Vitamin C and SPF 50 is great for the skin. I had taken my picture before using the sunscreen and after using it for 15 days. I noticed that there was a gradual reduction in pigmentation and photo-ageing. My skin was radiant and bright as well. This sunscreen is water resistant and does not contain sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, silicon, preservatives, and toxic chemicals. It is 100% vegan to my relief.

Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Scrub

As a teenager, I used to scrub my face on a regular basis. I did not suffer from any kind of skin problems then. However, with time and age, I totally forgot all about scrubbing my face. Recently, when I was observing my face, I noticed dull facial skin. I felt so bad about it. I started thinking about how should I take care of the dull skin. Then I came across this Vitamin C-enriched face scrub by Lotus Botanicals. And I knew that everything is going to be alright again.

What I liked about this scrub is that it is gentle compared to some other products that I tried earlier. I could feel my skin getting exfoliated. I imagined all the dead skin cells bidding goodbye to my face. It helped improved my skin texture and toned my skin. Just Wow!

Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Wash

We live in a locality that is developing at a fast pace. development results in the construction of buildings. and this construction means you would be greeted by cement and sand throughout the day. Pollutants took a toll on my facial skin. I started noticing dark spots on my cheeks. I tried this face wash by Lotus Botanicals and the results are quite good.

What I liked about this face wash is that it has this delicate and hydrating gel-based formula. In comparison to soap, this face wash preserved the natural moisture in my skin intact. It has Vitamin C that deeply cleansed my face. My skin felt fresh and energized and ready to face the world again. Just like other products, it does not contain sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, silicon, preservatives, and toxic chemicals. It is 100% vegan to my relief.

Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask

I am blessed with curly hair. I love the day when I wash my hair as my curls are intact only for a few hours. Then they bid goodbye until another hair wash. I wanted them to last longer and that is when I started applying hair masks by Lotus Botanicals. Hair masks are required to moisturise the hair. Just oiling and serums are not good enough for the hair.

The hair mask comprises red onion and ginseng, two very popular ingredients that help prevent hair loss – a universal problem nowadays. In just one or two hair washes, I could feel the difference. I did not have to walk on a bed of fallen hair after a hair wash. in fact, the mask felt like therapy. The aroma made me feel fresh. What more! my curls too were preserved.

There have been times when I felt so bad about something that I did not want to get out of bed. My sister used to pull me out and take me for a haircut. And it solved most of my problems. With so many stress inducers these days, it is not possible to get a haircut every now and then. So, what I do is indulge in skincare at home. I smell some beauty products, scrub my skin, wear a pretty dress, drink some coffee, and smile. This helps me get on with my day.


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