About Us


Healthiz is a healthy-living blog for health, lifestyle, fitness, fashion, beauty and parenting articles for families, individuals and working women.

Founded and authored by Urvashi Tulsiyan. A copywriter by profession, Urvashi likes to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life and become the best version of themselves. By practising conscious parenting every day in her own life, she continues to learn, grow, and establish a deeper connection within. Her contagious enthusiasm and zest for life are reflected in her writing. She loves writing blogs, poetries, articles and narrating stories. She has several advertisements, websites, brochures, blog posts to her credit.

She cherishes the time that she spends reading and cooking. She took up reading as a hobby when she was quite young. Interestingly, she started writing so that she could remember what she read. And this is how she took writing as a profession. Her posts are easy to relate with as they are written from her own experiences.