Embrace Late Motherhood – Benefits of Starting a Family After 30

Benefits of Starting a Family After 30

Benefits of Starting a Family After 30

“When I was your age, I was bringing up both you and your younger sister”

Blurted her mom to win the ‘Have a Baby Now’ argument once again. However, Vini and her husband had decided to wait for at least three years after their wedding to start a family. But since past one year, Vini was not able to handle the pressures from both sides of the family. She was not able to convince the elders that she was not prepared to even think of a baby at this stage of her career. Yes, she definitely wants to start a family. She wanted to assure her mom that she will not be in the category of ‘Double Income No Kid’ (DINK) couple. But, baby is not their priority now.

Just like Vini and her husband, there are many couples around the world who are delaying the joy of parenthood. There is a gradual increase in mothers who have babies quite later in their life. While earlier, mothers used to have their first baby anywhere between 20 and 25 years of age, now this age range has increased to 30 and 35 on an average. In fact, many women are embracing motherhood even in their mid-40s, without much ado.

Why A Shift Towards Delayed Parenthood

There are so many reasons why couples are opting for parenthood later in their lives. While for some, this is a conscious decision, there are many who do not have any other choice left. These are the probable reasons of delayed parenthood in couples these days.

Firstly, women are delaying getting hitched. Marriage has taken a backseat and women are concentrating more on their careers. In fact, women nowadays even begin their first jobs late as they opt for higher studies to improve their skills. This ultimately delays the choice of motherhood. It is easy to become a mother than to get a job, is the notion of many women.

Secondly, couples these days desire to give more time to their relationship. They do not want to unfold the layers of the character of each other by becoming parents. The priority is the relationship and then parenthood. This allows them to cope with the pressures better.

Further, even finances play a bigger role. These days parents desire to give their kids a dream life, wherein the kids have everything they want. In this bid to provide all, couples first need to be stable financially and then concentrate on parenthood.

What Do Doctors Feel About This?

Parents are opting for the blessings of children later in life not only because they want to, but also because they know that advanced medical science has made this possible. However, doctors are not of the opinion that one should have kids only after mid-30s. However, with the advent in medical science, women have the choice to do so. ‘Older’ couples are opting for procedures like ‘in vitro fertilization’ or surrogacy if they face difficulties. Women also have the option of egg freezing that enables them to become mothers at a stage when they are prepared to do so. Let’s delve into the benefits that women and children enjoy when they embrace motherhood later in their lives.

Benefits of Late Pregnancy to Women

Benefits of Late Pregnancy to Women

Many women are in the dilemma whether to choose career or kids. Above all this, women are worried whether having children later in life is a good idea. They are concerned about the upbringing of the kids, their own health later in life and similar other apprehensions. However, they need not fear. They can have kids later in life if they really want to, thanks to many researches that prove several benefits that ‘older’ mothers might have over their peers.

Older Mothers Better Equipped Emotionally

There is no dispute about this that people mature with age. When older women embrace motherhood, they are very much aware of everything they will require to do after having kids. Overtime, such women meet other mothers and come to learn about a thing or two. Further, they are emotionally equipped to handle the stress that comes with parenting. Such women are also quite patient with their kids. They understand that good parenting consumes time. They are exposed to different studies and the methods of upbringing. In such an environment, even kids of older mothers feel emotionally secured.

A Longer Life Might be in Waiting

Many older mothers feel that they will not be able to watch her children grow. However, they might be in for a surprise here. A study proves that women who opt for becoming mothers at a later stage in life might live longer. Having a child later in life, after crossing 30, may turn out to be a blessing to mothers as per a study. Such women may live up to ninety years of age or even more than that. Same goes for those women who become mothers after their 40th birthday.

A Family Blessed with Financial Stability

When couples choose parenthood later in lives, they are not worried about the finances and capital required for birth and education of their children. Such couples have made enough savings to make sure that their kids do not face any problems. They ensure the best of education and most likely, a premium lifestyle for their children. Another benefit is that such couples have a stable career and are not struggling for a foot in the industry. By the time they have kids they come to understand the calling of their lives. This enables them to know how they will grow in their profession. This ultimately helps the children in shaping their lives and careers at a later stage.

Benefits to Children of ‘Older’ Mothers

Not only mothers benefit out of pregnancy at a later stage, even kids get a fair share of advantages.

Upbringing by Brainy Moms

The brainpower of women shoots up after menopause. So, when women opt to become mothers at a later stage in life, after the age of 35, they might benefit out of this. Women also bask in many benefits of a later pregnancy. The chances of memory loss in such women decline sharply. Their brains start functioning magnificently and there is even a delay in the chances of memory failure. All this is due to hormonal impact. Without any doubt, hormones play a strong role in the life of women. Also, most of the women who opt for wedding and marriage at a later stage invest the time lap in education and learning. This helps children getting the benefit of a well-exposed and educated mother.

Chances of Higher Education Increase

Kids of mothers who opted to have them at a late stage are better exposed than their peers. A study proves that such children are more likely to stay in the education system for a long time. Such kids even performed better in tests and examinations. Children, who have older mothers as compared to their fellow students, are likely to opt for higher education as well. They are brought up in an environment where they are inspired to learn more and expand their knowledge through various means. This ensures a systematic educated upbringing, right from the beginning.

Nurture in a Stable Environment

The environment in which the kids are brought plays an important role in their grooming. When the parents are older, they are mature as well. They understand the significance of the ambiance and they make sure that the kids are exposed to right things at the right age. Parents are always the first teachers. When kids watch their parents’ behavior and how they tackle different situations, they imbibe the same nature. They learn tact and thoughtfulness and use the same throughout their life.

Women, Now You Have a Bagful of Reasons

Next time, when someone asks you regarding the reason you did not have kids, you can give them these. If you do not want to talk at length to such people, simply give them the link of this post. Women, you are the master of your own destiny – whether to have one child at present, two children later or none at all, throughout your life is ultimately your decision. There is no reason that you follow the footsteps of others or change your decision, based on the whims and fancies of others. Celebrate womanhood, lady!

10 Must-Have Foods that Every New Mom Should Have in Her Platter

10 Must-Have Foods that Every New Mom Should Have in Her Platter

There are so many foods that are advised during pregnancy. However, once the baby’s out, new moms think that they should stop eating the nutritious diet and go back to their originals. Now you are a mom, lady, you will have to think like a mom and eat like one too. Once you get pregnant, the entire game gets changed. You cannot skip meals ever in your life and you need to keep a check on your diet as well. And if you are breastfeeding, right nutrition is all the more important. Even after you stop breastfeeding, there will be drastic changes in your lifestyle. And hence, there is no looking back now.

Let me give you a peek into your life two years later. You have a super energetic baby who’s keeping you on your toes all the time. Even at that time, you will need right food and diet to match the energy levels of the baby. And that is the reason I am asking you to do a major overhauling of your taste and preferences when it comes to foods and nutrition.

If you want to teach your baby to eat right foods, you need to set an example by having them too. When your diet is right, the diet of your baby will be good too. I am saying this from my own experiences. I am quite lazy when it comes to fruits. My tot did not learn eating it. I have started gorging on all kinds of fruits consciously so that she gets a habit of the same.

Every food has a different effect on body and mood. Some foods are not only nutritious but also mood boosters. If pregnancy and postpartum has taken a toll on your mood and energy levels, gorging on specific foods will up your mood instantly. Initially, you can prepare a chart on what to eat over the week. After a couple of weeks of following charts, you will get into the habit of eating only good foods. Keep your refrigerator stacked with fruits, sprouts, yogurt and many such things. This will help curb your habit of binging on junk foods.

Eating frequently is the key for stocking on nutrition. You do not need to eat one food all the day to get the most out of it. Instead, you need to eat a variety of foods in limited quantities. Further, you also need to eat frequently and at regular intervals. This will make sure that you are neither overeating nor starving. Whether you want to increase weight or lose some pounds, eating frequently is the key. This even helps to maintain your levels of energy.

1. Bananas

Nothing comes close to bananas for a new mom. Bananas give all the required nutrition to your body and even lights up your mood. Loaded with different vitamins and essential minerals, bananas even help alleviate nausea. It is quite easy to eat a banana and so, keep it handy in your bag. Being a pre-biotic food, bananas help in digestion as well. They are great to treat both constipation and diarrhea in new mothers.

2. Yogurt

This is my favourite. I like yogurt as it is a meal in itself. Both I and my tot can finish off a bowl of yogurt without adding anything to it. The benefit of yogurt is that it has healthy bacteria that are good for the gut. A mom’s body requires energy to get going throughout the day. A bowl of yogurt not only provides sufficient energy but also several essential nutrients along with calcium. Yogurt is also quite healthy for building the immune system. If you are breastfeeding, then what you eat passes on to your baby. If you as a mom stay healthy, your kid will follow suit. What more – yogurt even helps improve the mood instantly!

3. Green Leafy Veggies

Packed with nutrition, green leafy veggies will make your diet complete. Their colour is a signal that they are high on several vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and nutrients required for new mothers. With green leafy vegetables in your diet, you ensure that you get natural folate to maintain your health and baby’s right development.

New moms often complain of digestive problems. By gorging on these veggies, your body gets required fiber that aid digestion. And the best part is that there are several kinds of green leafy veggies available. You can keep on experimenting with recipes without getting bored. Choose between kale, broccoli, arugula, spinach, and others. It is possible to prepare a salad with these veggies or you can even opt for a vegetable smoothie, toss it into stir fry or have it as a side dish. You might not be aware of the fact that these veggies pack a lot of calcium as well. They even help build the immunity and keep you away from postpartum problems.

4. Mushrooms

If you are fond of mushrooms, then it is the best time to gorge on them. Mushrooms are one of the best foods for nursing moms. They are full of nutrition and even help in building immunity of the baby. They are often useful in taking care of colic symptoms in new born babies as well (through nursing). Experts believe that nursing moms who consume mushrooms on a regular basis help prevent colic in babies. This is because mushrooms prevent passing poorly digested food through the digestive tract of babies, which is initially full of holes.

There are different types of mushrooms available. Every mushroom has a specialty. Packed with amino acids, mushrooms are also a good source of proteins. Interestingly, mushrooms even contain vitamin D, if they are exposed to sunlight. Both mom and baby require adequate levels of vitamin D. however, one thing that should be kept in mind is that mushrooms should be cooked properly. Thoroughly cooked mushrooms help the body to absorb all the nutrition present in them.

5. Oats

Relatively new to the block, oats have become quite popular. They are easy to cook and taste quite well. They are versatile as well. You can prepare them in milk or water, depending upon whether you want to have it sweet or savory. Oats or oatmeal is rich in iron. It prevents chances of anemia in new moms. For me, oats had with a bowl of warm milk has always been a comfort food. Plus, oats are packed with calcium and good amount of fiber to aid digestion in new moms. The presence of carbohydrates and protein in oats make them an ideal breakfast. To increase the nutrition in oats, fruits can be added with milk while preparing oats. If preparing savory oats, add fresh veggies. They do not only add nutrition but taste as well.

6. Seeds

Adding seeds to your diet will not only make it tastier, but also healthy. Make sure your diet is rich in carom seeds, fenugreek seeds and sesame seeds. These seeds are said to help nursing moms and the babies in several ways. Carom seeds help in relieving problems like indigestion in new moms. It even boosts milk production and helps contract the uterus. Fenugreek seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron as well. These seeds even promote supply of breast milk. Rich in Vitamin C, fennel seeds too help boost breast milk production and control colic in babies as well.

Cumin Seeds are rich in iron and prevent problems associated with acidity and constipation in new moms. They even help boost breast milk. Packed with calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and copper, black and white sesame seeds help regulate bowel movements. Abundant in protein, chia seeds are quite healthy for nursing moms. Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and quite good for lactating mothers. Though good for health, seeds should be had in moderation as they might result in adverse effects.

7. Nuts

Very popular for new moms, nuts are a rich source of several essential nutrients. Depending on the type, they have their own specialty. For instance, walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids while almonds are a good source of protein and calcium. Munch cashews to get adequate iron and folic acid for your body. Many argue that nuts are loaded with fat. However, the truth is that nuts contain monounsaturated fat that is good for health. Nursing moms can keep some nuts handy and snack on them to satiate frequent hunger pangs.

8. Legumes

If you are a vegetarian mom, then legumes should be your best friend. Packed with essential nutrients including protein, iron, zinc and folate, legumes like beans, dried split peas and lentils are very healthy for you and your baby. Lentils are also high in fiber, hence quite healthy. You can never get bored of them as you can prepare soups out of them, salads, sprouts, hummus and other dips, etc. Think out of the box and include them in your diet.

9. Finger Millet

Calcium, Iron, unsaturated fats, minerals are some of the essential nutrients that the humble finger millet boasts of. It can be nursing mom’s best friend. One of the highlights of finger millet is Vitamin D that helps in increasing bone strength in mothers, which is very important. It is also rich in calcium that helps reduce the risk of fractures. Finger Millet is also said to improve the production of breast milk in lactating mothers. What more – the breast milk is enhanced with amino acids as well, which is good for the baby. Minerals like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin are present in finger millet. Consuming it regularly helps fight postpartum depression and tackles anxiety issues in new moms. Finger millet even helps in maintain metabolism. Rich in dietary fiber, finger millet diet helps aid digestion as well.

10. Water

One thing that new moms should not miss out on is water. Water helps your body in several ways. While breastfeeding, new moms are prone to dehydration. This is a major cause of constipation too. To avoid such problems, make sure that you have sufficient amount of water at regular intervals. Keep a bottle of water handy to remember drinking it. Water even assists in breast milk production.


While all the foods mentioned above are good for health, make sure that you get your diet checked with your health provider. You might not be aware of certain allergies and it might cause a problem to you or your baby. Along with following a good diet plan, make sure that whatever you eat is fresh and healthy. Eat with gratitude and try staying in a good mood. All this reflects on your baby. And I am sure that you will be a good mother. Wishing you a happy and healthy motherhood!

How to Look Fab Post-Delivery and Recover Quickly from Giving Birth

recover quickly from giving birth

I was in a mess post-delivery. Being a first time mom is pretty tough. I had gained a lot of pounds in spite of eating just healthy food during pregnancy. I never gave into cravings and exercised during the entire time. Even after doing all this, I looked similar to a bloated balloon. In order to maintain myself, I started exercising twice a day, once my baby was 2 months old. However, in a bid to lose weight, I forgot about everything else – spending time with baby and husband, eating healthy food, reading books, et al. Here are some things that you can do to look fab post-delivery.

Begin with a Haircut

Your hair bears the brunt of postpartum problem that you face. You do not get time to eat well or care for the hair. This ultimately results in hair loss. I suggest cutting your hair shorter. This will help you manage your hair. It will even make you feel good. Whenever I am feeling low or going through a tough phase, I opt for a haircut. It works like magic on my mood. Ask your stylist for a postpartum mommy friendly haircut – one which looks fun, is manageable and makes you feel good.

Next is Hydration

look fab post-delivery

Whether or not you are breastfeeding, water works wonders on the skin. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water helps stabilize any hormonal problems that you might be facing. It even prevents mindless eating. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. My grandma suggested me drinking carom seeds water post-delivery. What you need to do is soak the some seeds at night in some water. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. It clears out the accumulated toxins in the uterus, also helping in digestion. Interesting, isn’t this!


I was so busy with the baby that I seldom got time to observe myself in the mirror. Once while brushing teeth, I noticed tiny specks on the cheeks. This was a red signal. I hurried to the dermatologist to make sure that there is nothing to worry about. I have become a little hypochondriac post pregnancy. And in this age of internet, I should definitely be labeled as cyberchondriac. While the dermatologist had only creams to prescribe, I promised myself a skincare regimen. The post-delivery difficulties will last only for a while. However, the skin will stay with you for lifetime. If you do not take care of your skin now, at this delicate stage, you might end up with grave problems.


Let’s begin with the night time. After a hectic day, you just want to hit the bed without even changing into your PJs. However, cleansing your skin is must at night. Just dab a little face-wash and let your skin breathe. The skin of your face attracts all the grime and grease while you cook, go out in extreme weathers and even when you just stand at the window. Hence, cleansing before bedtime will make sure that it breathes well throughout the night. Washing face twice a day is quite essential. It helps remove dirt and oil and prevents breakouts.

Night Cream

It is tough to make a baby sleep. She can play all night, without even blinking her eyelids. So, when I put her to bed, instead of struggling to make her sleep, I make use of this time. I begin with applying cream on my feet and hands. I use a good quality night cream that is not sticky but helps moisturize my skin. I feel good when I wake up. Just washing my face with water is enough when I wake up. There are overnight masks and light night creams readily available at superstores.

Good Sleep

I had the benefit of not resuming work immediately post-delivery. I used this to catch up on all the sleep I missed while working during pregnancy. When my baby dozed off, I first completed some of the chores and then slept closed to her. It was simply blissful. Sleeping helps maintain weight and even results in a good mood. It even gives you healthy skin.

Food Habits

Ah! The time of pregnancy is good to binge. Sadly, that time is over. Take care of your diet. Stop sugary diet. It is detrimental to the health of your skin. Include raw veggies and fruits in your diet. Cut down junk food. Eating foods that are high in anti-oxidants keep your skin youthful and fresh. While you keep a tap on your diet, it’s okay to cheat at times. However, practice portion controls.


Exercising improves the blood flow and gives you a glowing skin. Learn facial exercises and yoga. For instance, Suryanamaskar even helps in preventing hair fall. Also, practice breathing exercises. They are quite helpful. The best thing about exercise is that it even keeps your body fit. I have been exercising since I was 15. I am quite glad that seeing me practice yoga, my daughter is inspired to practice some asanas too. However, if you are not able to exercise at home, then go for walks regularly. Fresh air and sunshine will help you heal quickly.


Yes, it is the secret of staying alive and happy, once proved by a shopaholic. If you do not want to shop for clothes as you will shed the extra kilos in some time, then you can at least go for window shopping. It will make you feel good. You can buy some dark chocolates, scarves or even perfumes, what say? Ask your closed ones to look after the baby while you go out alone to enjoy some me-time.

Salon Time

I feel so much pampered at the salon. People looking after me and making me feel comfortable. And when I step outside the salon door, I feel that entire world is looking at me in wonder, as if I have been turned into a princess. If you feel the same, it’s time to make salon visits more often. Opt for manicure and pedicure and body massages. It will definitely make you feel better.


It’s like a dream to go to a library post-delivery. However, if your husband arrives early from work and if you have some time at hand, grab the keys and head to a library. Read a magazine if not a novel. I am in love with magazines. The bright colours, smell of the pages and some fancy words heal my bad mood instantly.


Yes, it is difficult to fit into the old denims right after giving birth. It seems to be forever till we are able to wear that favorite piece of clothing. However, if you have been creative with your dressing, then it’s time to put it to use even now. While you are not able to fit into the old clothes, it is not necessary that you wear only loose clothes. Mismatch your outfits to hide the weight gain. Play with colours and accessories. And believe me when I say that no one is going to notice you much, hereafter. As now onwards, your baby will be the star and the conversation starter when you venture out.

Stay Positive

I felt quite lonely during pregnancy and post-delivery. Watching friends going out and having fun made me all the more depressed. My husband counseled me. He used to brighten up my day saying that this is a temporary phase. Once the baby is slightly older, it would be fun to go out together as a family. Staying positive and attracting happiness should be on your mind rather than depression and loneliness. If need be, chuck social media for some time and concentrate on reading books and taking adequate rest. Your happiness will be passed on to your baby too.

Above All

Giving birth is the best phase of a women’s life. However, it takes a toll on both physical and mental health post-delivery. Your life will not change immediately in a day or two. It will take a couple of months to recover from pregnancy and post-pregnancy hassles. The best advice is to take one day at a time. Let the time heal you. Spend time with your baby; you will not even realize how time flies away. You will miss the infant more than any other stage. You are one awesome woman and I know you would quickly recover from post-delivery woes.

How New Moms Can Avoid Postpartum Depression and Stay Happy in the World of Social Media

New Moms Can Avoid Postpartum Depression

Shanon is a mother of a 2 year old. Being a working professional, she was not much active on social media earlier, but the last phase of pregnancy made her addicted to it. She had not much to do and hence, most of her time was spent either on Facebook or Instagram. Earlier, she used to stalk new mothers and how they were spending their time. However, gradually stalking became a habit. The situation aggravated when she delivered. The more she checked out other people having fun on Facebook, the more she felt bad about her situation. She started thinking that she would be left out of fun if she is not able to match her steps with the world. This made her a prey of postpartum depression. Not only she, but also her daughter faced the consequences.

Earlier, pregnancy and delivery was not quite taxing. With many families staying together, new mothers had lots of mental support. They could vent their feelings to other mothers, who in turn explained their phase and the hardships they faced during motherhood. Moreover, new mothers did not even get much time to rest due to the burden of work. This made pregnancy and delivery just a part and parcel of regular life. The most required thing that new mothers need is attention, not just physically but even socially. This thing is missing in today’s life, when most of the people get busy with social media, the moment they have some time in hand. Hence, postpartum depression has become a reality.

In this world of social media, how can a new mother stay away from negativity and hurt? Here are some revelations and ways that will help you cope better.

1. Think About the ‘Real Picture’

If you are asked to post a picture of your baby on ‘Facebook’, what would be the post about? Probably, it would be about her ‘first smile’, her ‘first step’ or how she winks. Will you post the pictures wherein she pooped while you held the camera? Without a second thought, no. Then, how can you expect other mothers to post about sad things. Social media has the idealized versions of real people. There is nothing bad it seems when we see their pictures. They are roaming around the world with the baby; their baby seems to be eating everything that the hotel has to offer and many such good things. However, while scrolling the accounts of these ‘happy mothers’, new mothers are not aware about their lives and the hardships they might have faced. Here, I do not mean that you start finding faults in their lifestyles. It is just a reminder that life is not perfect and comparison steals away precious moments of the present.

2. Too Much Exposure is a Bad Thing Too

Do you know everyone personally on your social media account? Most probably, you do not. However, you are aware of everything that is happening in their lives. You might have just bumped into that pregnant lady while travelling in a train. You befriended her on Facebook because you two had something in common. After this, you ‘friends’ never met again. In spite of this, you know everything that she does or eats or watches. At times, too much information about somebody too poses a problem. You should not delve deeper into the lives of others. Keep your scrolling to minimum. But the main advice is ‘not’ to befriend anyone or everyone you know, on Facebook. The limited friends will not fill your life with extra information, giving you extra time with your baby.

3. Expectations is the Root Cause of Misery

Your best friend is a new mother, just like you. The other day she posted a pic of the celebrations of first monthly birthday of her baby. Her husband surprised her with cake and they all had fun (or that’s what it seemed from the pictures). This incident made you expect the same from your husband. On your son’s first ‘monthly’ birthday, you waited for your husband to surprise you with a cake. Nothing of this happened. And this was the root cause of misery and sadness. Such incidents could lead you to postpartum depression. I know the other side of the story. The friend who shared a picture of cake with her one-month old daughter had herself ordered a cake, but described the picture as a ‘surprise’. What say? I remember the climax of ‘The Necklace’ story by Guy de Maupassant. Do not go by the ‘descriptions’ or the ‘happy pictures’ on the social media. You are not aware of the other side of their lives.

4. ‘Unfriend’ those Who Demean You

‘You look so fat in the pictures with your baby’ or ‘Ah! You got acne post-delivery!’ or ‘Your baby doesn’t look as beautiful as you’. Such comments are so common when you post pictures of your baby. While your ‘friends’ will say good things in the comments below the picture, they will personally message you to give you ‘honest’ reviews. Firstly, it is common that mothers put on weight post pregnancy. Many celebrity mothers have too. Do not feel bogged down by weight issues. When you deliver a baby, your skin, hair, nails, and overall health face issues on one level or the other. And initially babies do not look picture perfect. They are like a bud that is blossoming at its own pace. A bud cannot be termed ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. So, do not pay heed to what other people have to say about you or your baby. All this is a trap to make you fall into postpartum depression.

5. Self-care is More ‘Important’ Now

This precious time will never return. You will not be able to hug your baby as much as you do now. Indulging too much social media drains away your time and energy. Invest this time instead in your baby and self-care. Social media is quite addictive. If you plan to spend just 15 minutes, it turns into a pretty half an hour, without you realizing it. Stop staring at that small screen and grab some essential oils and massage your hair. Next day, warm some water and soak your feet. You could do so many things if you chuck social media on some days. If you do not want to indulge in taking care of your beauty, just sleep close to your baby. You will love this time. It even minimizes your anxiety and keeps you miles away from depression.

In the end

I am not asking you to chuck social media all together. But, I am advising you to do it consciously. Keep a tap on your feelings. Do not get over-excited or over-hurt by others’ posts. Remember that social media is ephemeral. If you really like the picture of your friend’s baby, call her and enquire about her health. Plan a rendezvous and talk about your babies. There is nothing like face-to-face chats. Happiness is just a call away. You can be the support system you expect from others. Be the ‘happy mother’ you always desired to be.

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s discuss it on the comments section.