Beard Care: Most Effective Beard Growth Tips and Tricks to Make it the Best

Beard Growth Tips

My husband is quite fond of beard. And luckily, he is able to grow it too. However, he is quite lazy to visit the salon for beard care and grooming. Once I returned from a week-long office tour and was surprised to see a man who did not look like my husband at all. Instead, I found a caveman with a long beard, which was being scratched every couple of minutes.

Guys, you cannot just stop caring after growing a beard. Please take care of it if you do not want to look like a primitive man. To make it easier for you, I have researched on ways that can help you in styling the beard and taking care of it at home, without any hassles. Here are some irresistible beard care tips that will help you to maintain it easily.

While You are Growing Beard

Patience is the Key

When you decide to grow your facial hair, resist the temptation of trimming it even before it grows completely. Let your beard grow at its pace. You need to be patient for this. If you start snipping the beard hair now, it will be difficult for you to get the desired shape. If you are into corporate, you will have to manage a shabby look for a while now.

Resist the Temptation

Initially, you need to resist the temptation of pruning, now you need to resist the itching. When the facial hair is growing, it might itch now and then. If you itch, you might tamper with the growth of your beard hair. You might not believe this, but you might end up with split-ends in your beard hair.

Select the Right Shape

You need to research on new styles and shapes of the beard while it is still growing. For this, first, consider the shape of your face and even your hairstyle. Even keep moustache into consideration. The right shape, style, and size are quite important, as it is difficult to change it at the later stage.

Follow the Right Technique

Once the hair is fully grown, learn how to prune it regularly. Decide on the technique and style. Perfect trimming will give you the desired shape and size. If you are afraid of trimming beard on your own, let a professional do it initially. Learn from him and then, you can do it at home when required.

Do Not Trim When Wet

When the beard is wet, it looks a little longer. This way, you might end up trimming more than required. Hence, let it dry completely before trimming. Make use of good quality equipment – scissors or trimmer for pruning.

Symmetry is the Key

Both the sides of your beard should look exactly the same in size and shape. Start with one of the sides. When it is completely done, only then begin the other side. Balancing the sides will make it look good.

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After You Have Grown Beard

Beard Care

Wash, Wash and Wash It Again

While you have a habit of washing your face regularly, you will also need to cultivate a habit of washing your beard separately. You can miss washing your hair, but you cannot afford to miss washing your beard. No, your regular face wash will not do for the beard. Get a mild shampoo for your beard or use the regular one that you have for your hair. Avoid using soap as it is quite harsh.

Conditioning Will Do Wonders

Ah! This is something new. To keep your facial hair tamed and soft, make sure that you are using a good quality conditioner for your beard. Experts recommend using leave-in conditioners for the beard if it is longer than stubble. The purpose of using beard conditioners is to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Have You Heard of Beard Dandruff?

Ewww… Exactly. If you do not take care of the long hair that hangs from your chin, you might end up with dandruff. Here the age-old grandma secret will work for you – oiling. Oil your beard, just as you do your hair. It will not only soften it but also keep dandruff at bay. What more! You might end up with a good smelling beard. This does not mean that you stop applying deodorant.

Sanitize Your Beard

This might sound new to you, but it is quite essential. If you suffer from dust allergy, just as my husband does, then disinfecting your beard is a must. The beard hair is quite adept at attracting dust, grime, bacteria et al. You can either use antibacterial liquid soap or even beard balms for this.

Make Use of a Beard Brush

Yes, you get these too in the stores. Get one that matches your need and size of the beard. Brush your beard often during the day. It will keep tangles away and even make it look organized.

Regular Beard Care

Do Not Rub It Hard

Yes, you want it to dry up quickly. But this does not mean that you nearly scrap it off while drying. After washing your beard, pat dry it with a soft absorbing towel. Just like you should not comb your wet hair, you should not comb a wet beard. Let it dry at its pace and then use a comb.

Tame the Beard

Instead of trimming the flyways in the beard, tame it using a comb. This will help you maintain the growth and shape of the beard. Maintain the direction while combing.

Resist Touching

You might be tempted to touch your beard to make a point in the meeting. But, believe me, that it is not required at all. Make a good point and people will listen to you, instead of using your beard to do so.

While Eating Food

My husband looks funny while having cereals in breakfast. He always has a drop or two of milk, peeping out of the beard. Make sure that the food that you eat or drink does not get stuck in your beard, as it does in the case of my husband. Before rushing to office, check your beard in the mirror minutely. There’s no need to wash the beard after every meal, just wipe it off clean.

The Night Ritual

Massage some warm castor oil or olive oil or a mix of both in your beard before you retire to bed. This will not only prevent split-ends in your beard but also ensure healthy growth and good shine.

A Balanced Diet

Make sure that your diet is rich in protein, B-vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc as well. Orange juice, Brazil nuts, potatoes, and raisins are good for a healthy beard.

Phew! Now you know that growing a beard is not a child’s play after all. And maintaining it is sure a difficult task. But once you start receiving adulation for your facial hair, then there is no looking back. Are you beard-ready, now?


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